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Edgar Cayce on life’s purpose and challenges

According to the Edgar Cayce philosophy, each person living on the earth is here for a specific soul purpose; a purpose that no one else can fulfill. While for some people, their purpose might be directly related to a profession or vocation, for others it could simply be a particular way of living day by day. Finding and then understanding and living your soul’s purpose is actually a life-long process. As your knowledge grows and deepens, you will find greater and greater opportunities for fulfilling your life’s mission.

To discover clues to your own life’s purpose, ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes my heart sing?
  • When in my life do I feel a sense of wonder?
  • In what ways do I feel called to be of service to others?
  • When do I feel closest to God?

The Cayce readings suggest that we are closest to living our soul’s purpose when we feel joyful, when we are in awe of the wonder of life around us, when we are being of service to others, and when we are deeply aware of our connection God.

In your contemplative or meditation time, ask your higher self, “What is my soul’s purpose? Why am I here in the earth at this time?” Then become aware of the answers that will come to you through that “still, small voice” from within, or through synchronous events, or even through your dreams. Your soul is communicating with you all the time, and its greatest desire is for you to fulfill your purpose for this life experience.

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