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Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We are now accepting new volunteer applications.

“Volunteers are priceless because they have a genuine desire to serve. We are deeply grateful for the support they’ve given us which over time has enabled us to reach out to others, transforming their lives for the better through his {Edgar Cayce’s} great work!”

-Charles Thomas Cayce

Our Purpose and Mission: Helping people change their lives for the better through the ideas in the Edgar Cayce Readings

Our Ideal: Universal Christ Consciousness

Our Mission: 

  • The A.R.E. facilitates personal transformation and ultimately global transformation on the basis of the information contained in the Edgar Cayce Readings.
  • The A.R.E. fosters the study, research. application and dissemination of the information contained in the Edgar Cayce readings. The A.R.E. engages in a variety of activities which, taken together, form the foundation for meeting the mission of the A.R.E.
  • The A.R.E. maintains adequate physical and staff resources to enable it to support the activities of the organization on a fiscally sound basis.

Have questions? Contact us at 757‐457-7209.

Volunteer Benefits

Hugh Lynn Cayce (1907-1982) was the eldest son of Edgar Cayce and years ago wrote a beautiful letter to our volunteers, expressing a timeless truth that is just as relevant today.

Beginning January  2023, Volunteer hours are accumulated by calendar year and are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Below are the benefits to being part of our community.


Discounts for the Bookstore & Spa

  • January thru March 120 Hours or greater in the previous calendar year
  • April thru June 30 Hours or greater as of March 31st
  • July thru September 60 Hours or greater as of June 30th
  • October thru November 80 Hours or greater as of September 30th
  • As of December 31st 100 Hours or greater

Additional Benefits

  • 1 Year Complimentary Membership 145 Hours or greater
  • 1 Free Workshop 250 Hours or greater
  • 1 Free Conference 400 Hours or greater

Recognition Reward

  • Each Quarter, we will recognize our most outstanding Volunteer with a Gift Card.

How to Volunteer

Anyone interested in becoming an A.R.E. Volunteer on the Virginia Beach campus is required to complete an application through our online Volunteer System Volgistics.

Once your application is received, we will contact you to set up a meeting and review your application and answer any questions you may have.

If you are not local to Virginia Beach and wish to volunteer in one of our regions around the country, you can contact your areas Region Representative by clicking here to bring up a directory.

In order to become more familiar with our campus and material, it is recommended that you participate in our free daily activities that include staff led meditation, a tour of our Visitor Center, the Edgar Cayce Legacy film, an afternoon Survey Lecture, and time in our Library.

Volunteers are sent communications when opportunities are available; some appeals may be a onetime event and others, an ongoing dedicated day/time. Positions range from assisting in putting together mailings, event packets, filing, straightening out Library book shelves, handling mail and correspondence, laundry at the spa, kitchen duties, and specific department projects and assisting conference attendees.

If you are interested in becoming an A.R.E. Volunteer, we would love to meet with you. However, before we do, please read the requirements below to ensure you will be able to keep this commitment to our wonderful organization.

  • As a Volunteer for the A.R.E., you will be required to pass a background check
  • The recommendation is to provide a minimum of ten (10) hours, in service, per month
  • You are responsible for tracking your hours and/or submitting them for entry
  • You are required to attend a two-hour Orientation which will include a viewing of the Edgar Cayce Legacy Movie and a Tour of the buildings and grounds
  • You are required to be respectful, courteous and kind

If you have any questions regarding our program and/or process, please contact the program Manager, Karen Bolognese at Karen.Bolognese@edgarcayce.org.

Download our free flier on the topic of Spirituality!

Spirituality generally deals with an individual’s application of his or her own personal knowledge or awareness of Spirit. Since our natural state is Spirit, reawakening to full spiritual awareness is one of the purposes we all have in common. To learn more about this topic, download our free flier (PDF).