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Keys to Inner Transformation and Healing

Awaken to Your Authentic Self
With Mary Elizabeth Lynch, JD & Mark Thurston

Date: 08/11/2024 - 11/03/2024



 A Tarsia Center Program

Session Dates: Zoom Meeting: 2:00–4:00 p.m. EST
August 11, August 25, September 8, September 22, October 6, October 20, November 3

“The Keys to Inner Transformation and Healing” is a home-based learning community program that calls upon the teachings of Edgar Cayce, along with other ancient and contemporary traditions. This online program encompasses holistically rich spiritual traditions in order to support you and inspire you in your journey to:

  • Make a deeper connection to your spiritual ideal, your authenticity, and your wholeness.
  • Enrich your meditation and mindful living practices.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence, somatic wisdom, and intuitive insights.
  • Gain clarity through a new perspective on personal obstacles and blocks.
  • Connect with an enhanced capacity for resilience.
  • Commit to self-care as a spiritual path and create a set of self-care practices for deep personal change, attunement, and healing.

The program will include:

  • Virtual community teaching sessions that will draw from principles in the Cayce readings and parallel wisdom sources.
  • A set of learning materials to be completed at your pace.
  • Practical application exercises to make the concepts about inner transformation and healing come alive for you.

The Guiding Vision

All aspects of the program are designed to help you build capacity for greater courage, creativity, and positive engagement in the uncertain, ever-changing landscape of our times. Capacity-building is a journey toward wholeness with two intertwined pathways.

  • The first pathway is an inner journey to discover your authentic self and intentionally incorporate it into your way of being, becoming integrated and whole.
  • The second pathway is an outward facing journey. With your authentic self as your foundation, you can more confidently share your gifts and talents through unique, positive contributions.

These journeys are not separate. They build upon one another, allowing you to see yourself, other people, and the world in new ways, and to act on discovered insights.

Through enhanced self-awareness, creativity, and joyful service, you will find that you can confidently meet life’s challenges and opportunities. Not only that, but as you connect with your authentic self and grow into your full potential, you will also become a guiding light to others. In your work life, you will be more effective and productive. In your personal life, you will be healthier and live more whole-heartedly.

There are many paths to transformational change and healing. Some focus on the physical, while others focus on attitudinal healing or on emotional healing. A special feature of the Cayce material is the emphasis on all levels of transformational change and how they can be integrated. The “Keys to Inner Transformation” program integrates the modern science of well-being with the ancient wisdom of holistic living. This powerful blend of teachings will deepen your understanding and experience of your cognitive abilities for both analytical reasoning and intuitive insight.

The course is structured around seven principles, or “keys,” for inner transformation, all of which serve to promote personal healing and bring greater clarity about one’s own role in building health and healing for the world at large. The 14-week program includes two-hour Zoom meetings conducted on Sunday afternoons every two weeks to kick-off a new Module. Online learning materials are supplied for the following 13 days, completed at your own pace. If you need to miss a Sunday Zoom meeting, you will be able to access it later as archived material.

What are the 7 Keys?

What are the 7 Keys?
The 7 course modules will follow the sequence of the following core principles about the way in which Inner Transformation prepares in you the necessary foundation for future betterment.

Key #1: Changing or healing anything in your life starts by transforming something within.
Key #2: Identifying and acting upon a spiritual ideal that sets in motion transformational forces.
Key #3: Meditation and mindful living are indispensable practices for inner transformation and healing.
Key #4: Self-care that promotes well-being is an inherently spiritual practice.
Key #5: The energy making us unhealthy is the same energy that can potentially heal us.
Key #6: The body’s intelligence is a reliable guide and support to healing at every level.
Key #7: Moving from “willfulness” to “willingness” promotes a healthy, transformative will-force.

Who is Likely to Benefit?

  • You are going through a transition in your life now – starting a new career, entering into marriage or parenthood, moving to a new home. It takes wisdom and support to navigate a transition skillfully.
  • You are struggling with some type of “dis-ease,” such as a physical health problem, an attitudinal difficulty, an emotional woundedness and feeling of being “stuck,” or even a spiritual crisis.
  • You feel ready for “transformational change” in your life, which is opening to a broader way of knowing and experiencing yourself and your place in the world with others.
  • You are at a time for constructive reflection about your life – a purposeful pause to reassess and recalibrate what comes next for you.
  • Date : 08/11/2024 - 11/03/2024
  • Venue : Array


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Non-members: $649


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Date: 08/11/2024 - 11/03/2024



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