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planned giving with A.R.E.

For nearly 90 years, the Cayce Work continues to provide tools for Wellness, Personal Empowerment, and Spiritual Growth.

There are numerous ways that you can help A.R.E. achieve its mission and goals. In addition to outright contributions, your gifts through estate planning also contribute toward the Edgar Cayce legacy.

Scroll down for various giving options that will enable you to align your needs and goals with A.R.E.’s plans for the future.

Questions? Want to discuss your giving opportunities?


Gifts of Retirement Assets

Retirement funds, such as a 401(k) or IRA, can be a great asset to leave to the A.R.E. 

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Gifts of Real Estate

A gift of real estate, whether it is a residence, vacation home, or farm, can allow you to make a significant contribution. 


Gifts of Stock

Securities are among the most popular assets used in making charitable donations today, especially since selling these assets often incurs capital gains taxes. 


Gifts of Life Insurance

Consider making A.R.E. the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of a life insurance policy. This can be a good way to make a sizeable future gift with little or no cost to you.


Gifts of Trust

Name A.R.E. as the beneficiary assets in a living trust, to both maintain control of the trust for your lifetime and have your gift be exempt from federal estate tax.


Add A.R.E. to Your Will

With this type of gift, you direct in your will that certain money or property be transferred to A.R.E.


Edgar Cayce Legacy Society

The Society honors those who have provided for the future of the Cayce Work through a planned gift.


Property Donations

Books, jewelry, or other personal property

Health & Healing

Other Donation Types

In Honor Of; In Memory Of; Company Matching Gift