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CayceConnect App

Now it’s easy to access the body-mind-spirit content offered on EdgarCayce.org!

The CayceConnect app is like a road map to spiritual discovery. You’ll have instant access to articles from the blog, newsletters, and magazines; plus videos that include the monthly Reflections radio show; member-exclusive content like the Cayce readings database, and the Enlightenment Series: Monthly Practices for Your Soul, plus so much more!

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dream dictionary app

Dream Dictionary App

Along with an easy-to-access index of more than 1,000 dream symbols and their possible interpretations, you’ll find information on the late psychic Edgar Cayce and his tips on remembering and working with your dreams, and a dream journal perfect for late-night access or early morning dream memories.

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Cayce cocreation app

Edgar Cayce Co-Creation App

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. has partnered with Beauty Everywhere (formerly known as Oceanhouse Media) to bring you Edgar Cayce: Co-Creation App featuring wisdom from the Cayce readings delivered in an audio format. Pulled from hundreds of concepts and ideas in the Edgar Cayce readings, the app selects three “ideals” for each week or day. The app is free when set to weekly thoughts; VIP members can receive new ideals daily. Listen to a sample Ideal.

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Reflections podcast app

Reflections Podcast App

The most convenient way to access our Reflections Show on your phone is with this app! Stay connected to the latest episodes in audio and video formats. You can also star your favorite episodes and save them to a list so you can easily enjoy them over and over! This app gives you complete access to our Reflections Podcast and if you’re a fan of the show you won’t want to be without it!

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