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Family Happiness Lab

Put remedies from the Readings to Work in Your Family

LAB 1: Working with strong emotions and challenging behaviors in our children.

Right now in America, one in six children between the ages of 6-18 experience a serious mental health issue each year. This is true for one in every five adults. The Edgar Cayce readings provide holistic resources for parents and family members to address stress, anxiety, depression, fear and anger in their children. The Readings most frequently offered four tools to work with strong emotions- and the resulting challenging behaviors- in children. They include pre-sleep suggestion, castor oil packs, spinal massage and the radio-active appliance.

Making It Easy: Click on the remedies numbered below for in-depth descriptions of the remedies, step-by-step guides for integrating them into your family’s routine, and explanations on why they were suggested in the Readings.

  1. Pre-sleep suggestion – Click Here to listen to examples
  2. Castor oil packs
  3. Spinal massage
  4. Radio-active appliance

Support: As with most, if not all, holistic health remedies a key to success is consistency and repetition. Basically, a willingness to commit to working with the remedy every day. Which, for most families, is incredibly challenging! Often we are struggling to just keep on top of the daily to-do list. We can support you in integrating any or all of these tools into your family’s daily life.

  • If you would like direct assistance or have any questions, please contact Corinne Cayce at cayce@edgarcayce.org.
  • If you would like to join other parents working with these remedies in a support group, please fill out this form.

Dive Deeper:

  • Read about a study the A.R.E. conducted in 1976 with parents and children into the effectiveness of these remedies in working with challenging behavior.
  • Listen to a sample pre-sleep suggestion recording: Click Here to listen to examples
  • Purchase the wool flannelcastor oil and find additional information on castor oil packs.
  • In general, support we can offer our children include:
    • Talk with your children about their feelings
    • Spend time outside
    • Cultivate a rhythm and structure to your days that your child(ren) can rely on
    • Eat a balanced diet, with healthy, fresh foods
    • Create time for quiet and ‘not-doing’ away from the screen
    • Socialize with friends and loved ones who are easy to be with
    • Exercise and move your body every day
    • Find outlets for creativity and self-expression that are fun (painting, dancing, baking, singing)
    • Hold your child(ren) now matter how old they are, if they are comfortable with it. Hugging and cuddling- touch that allows your nervous system to regulate with your child’s is calming.
    • Take a few minutes (even a few seconds!) to just breathe together or practice a bit of mindfulness
    • If stress and anxiety levels feel unmanageable, seek professional support from therapists, psychologists, and family physicians.

Listen to Dr. Arlene Dijamco and Corinne Cayce talk about working with strong emotions in their holistic parenting podcast, Creating Calm