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Jaffin Family Archives and Research Project

This special collection is the culmination of one family’s research. It includes the insights gained by exploring 34 family members and friends who had psychic readings from Edgar Cayce, several articles published in Venture Inward magazine, and reports of land expeditions into Bimini in search of the lost Atlantis.

We hope this material will inspire individuals around the globe to examine their own family’s history.

The Jaffin Family Readings Research Project

After reading Sidney Kirkpatrick’s suggestion that A.R.E. members explore readings in their own family history, Ann and Stan Jaffin were stunned to find out that several members of Stan’s extended family had Cayce readings! Through their years together, they identified readings for 20 family members and 14 friends and interviewed the recipients all over the U.S. and in Europe.

Read the full story of the discovery, research, and conclusions of this Cayce research project.

Articles from Venture Inward Magazines

  • The Christ Presence Is with Us Always- The Origins of the Christ by Ann Jaffin
    (April, May, June 2015)
    The Christ-Consciousness is the Word, present since the Creation. The Cayce Readings tell us that the Master Soul has frequently incarnated on Earth during low points in our struggle to evolve.
  • The Spirit of Cayce’s ‘World Affairs’ Readings by Ann Jaffin
    (July, August, September 2012 )
    During the dark days of the Great Depression and World War II, Edgar Cayce gave some of his deepest and most riveting psychic discourses. They are now called the World Affairs readings and are filled with questions about the challenges and turmoil of those decades. Their guidance is universal, profound, and very relevant to our world today.
  • Stan’s Messages from the Borderland by Ann Jaffin
    (July, August, September 2011 )
    A beloved husband and helpmeet gives encouragement from the other side. Stan’s encounters with the deceased as well as his research helped prepare him for his transition, so it’s not surprising that he started communication soon after he died.
  • Cayce on the Borderland by Stanley Jaffin
    (April/June 2010)
    To alternate between the visible, or earthly life, and the invisible existence, or Borderland, is the normal sequence of a soul’s development. Knowledge of the rewards and dangers of the Borderland, also called the Inter-between or Shadowland in the readings, will help us navigate through this transition with greater ease and opportunity for soul growth.
  • Salem Witch Trials Revisited by Stanley Jaffin
    (Sept/Oct 2008)
    A family history reveals kin on both sides of the witchcraft scandals. One cousin was a perpetrator and another a bystander both were significantly influenced in their present lives by their Salem experiences.
  • Cayce’s Presidential Candidate by Stanley Jaffin
    (May/June 2007 )
    In the midst of World War II, a Cayce reading declared that a certain senator would win the presidential election if he chose to run – no matter which party he affiliated himself with.

Land Expeditions in Bimini

Dr. Stanley Jaffin, called Indiana Jaffin by his wife, Ann, was an Atlantis adventurer. The impact of his work is important because the quest to find Atlantis still continues today.

About Ann and Stan Jaffin

Ann was introduced to Edgar Cayce when her mother gave her a copy of the book The Sleeping Prophet in 1967. She first came to Virginia Beach for an A.R.E. conference in 1969 and joined A Search for God study group in the fall of 1971. Ann and Stan Jaffin met in 1971 through a computer match. After dating for four years while Stan worked on his Doctorate in IT, they married in December of 1975. Ann introduced Stan to the Edgar Cayce Readings and both became members in the 70’s and life members in the 90’s.

They frequently vacationed at the Marshalls Hotel, which had been located across the street from the Virginia Beach headquarters of A.R.E. where they attended Conferences, Egypt being one of their favorites. Stan was primarily interested in health and Atlantis and his passion for exploration took him to Bimini. Stan passed on July 13, 2010.