Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Dove with Olive Branch

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Library – A.R.E. Timeline


The Library – This is a vintage article about the hopes and dreams for a library. A.R.E. Bulletin VOL. VII No. 12 August, 1938 (pdf)


Vintage photograph of the A.R.E. Library. The A.R.E. Library started as a reading room in the Cayce household. Photograph of David E. Kahn, Hugh Lynn Cayce and Harold J. Reilly in front of the bookshelves at A.R.E. Headquarters.

Edgar Cayce at A.R.E. Library


The Book Brigade In 1975, over 200 staff and volunteers spent their day moving 16,000 books from the Cayce hospital building to their new home on the second floor of the newly built Visitor Center.

book brigade


Library purchases Andrew Jackson Davis Collection A.R.E. News July 1977 (pdf)

Andrew Jackson Davis


Library Purchases the Egerton Sykes Collection

Egerton Sykes


 The Card Catalog changed from paper to digital

Card Catalog changed to digital


The Alan M. Smith Media Lounge was created

Alan M. Smith Media Lounge


Virtual Library launched