Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Dove with Olive Branch

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On Demand Webinar: Edgar Cayce’s Messages for You Today

Featuring John Van Auken

Using his deep connection to the Universal Consciousness, Edgar Cayce was able to view the river of time from high above. At this level, connections and outcomes can be seen, allowing the future to be known. Our world is changing so rapidly that it is natural to wonder what this all means to us as individuals and to ask “Where is this river of time taking us?

In this webinar, longtime Cayce researcher and teacher John Van Auken shows us Cayce’s visions into our future, as they relate to our times. He will also share:

  • Insights from other visionaries that complement Cayce’s views
  • How free will can alter the flow of events—are they inevitable or changeable?
  • What can happen in the future if nothing changes in the hearts and minds of human beings
  • Details about potential future events, including physical changes to our planet and astrological changes in the sky above us

John also shares what Cayce encouraged us all to do in order to move these shifting times into a new, golden age when all darkness will be banished from our world. Come see what the future may hold for us in this powerful program.

Moderated by Cara Blume.




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