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The Edgar Cayce wisdom has been transforming lives for nearly 100 years. Explore topics such as personal spirituality, holistic health, dreams, finding your life’s purpose, reincarnation, intuition, meditation, astrology, mindful living, ancient mysteries, and so much more. No matter where you are, you can find wisdom and inspiration from the work of Edgar Cayce.

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I LOVE the wisdom, guidance and kindness of the A.R.E. I learned so much knowledge over the years. It brought and brings to me continued better health and spiritual awareness. The people who belong are amazing.

~ Robin Reed

I believe the A.R.E. books, magazine, and programs have helped keep me alive and active at 94 and I continue to use the holistic methods you teach.

~ Lawrence Cosgrove

In my humble opinion The Edgar Cayce material is the most valuable and important information available to our world and humanity. It has been a blessing and life altering to me. As I study and apply the lessons, I have become much more spiritually minded.

~ Vincent Blackmore

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  • STREAM LIFE-CHANGING VIDEOS NOW! Thousands of hours of lectures, workshops, conferences, classes, digital publications, webinars, archived events, eBooks and more – from top Cayce experts, scholars, researchers, and authors from past to present! Handpicked from the archives, just for you!
  • Access 14,000 Original Edgar Cayce Readings in an online searchable database.
  • Search Cayce Health Database a wonderful encyclopedia of health information from tips on diet and nutrition to treatments for a variety of health concerns—from acne, diet, and cancer to arthritis, mental illness, and psoriasis.
  • Venture Inward eMagazine—Full of Cayce-Inspired Articles and Information – Nurturing Your Body, Mind, Spirit. (Three digital editions per year)
  • Conversations—Courtesy of the Board of Trustees and CEO, this quarterly update is offered to inform and provide insights into the happenings at A.R.E. Headquarters.
  • Exclusive Members’ Only Weekly Emails: Featuring reading Interpretation by Cayce Experts, Historical Articles from the Archive, Cayce Health Remedies, Podcast Exclusives, and More!
  • Learn: Enlightenment Course – 12 FREE Monthly Practices ($365 value): Videos, blogs, lessons, current event correlations, articles, and more. Taught by Cayce scholar and author, John Van Auken.

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  • Up to $40 off Selected Conferences and Online Events
  • $100 Off Tours and Travel and Certificate Classes
  • 20% Off Books and Catalog Products from our Online Store
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  • 20% Off A.R.E. Press items at the Bookstore & Gift Shop
  • Discounts on Readings at Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs
  • Discounts on Spa Services from our Health Center and Spa
  • Discounted Massage and Reflexology services given by a student of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage

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  • Access to the A.R.E. Library, the second-largest metaphysical library in the world (after the Vatican), with the ability to borrow books and circulating files (in-person only)
  • Full access to the 14,000+ physical readings of Edgar Cayce in the A.R.E. Library
  • Free Afternoon Daily Lectures
  • Free Daily Meditation
  • Glad Helpers Healing Prayer
  • Weekly Study Groups
  • Tour Edgar Cayce Foundation Archives
  • Access to the Meditation Garden
  • Walk the Labyrinth

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Has your life been enriched by the information found in the Edgar Cayce material? Do you have a family member, friend, or coworker that would benefit from these life affirming readings, lessons and webinars? Give a gift more meaningful than a gift card. Give the Gift of A.R.E. Membership and profoundly change a loved one’s life for just $44!

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