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History of the Prison Outreach Program

Established in 1972 as the “Over the Wall” Prison Program, focusing on the A Search for God Study Group material, the Prison Outreach Program has been serving inmates for 50 years. This important program provides inmates with free books related to the principles outlined in the Edgar Cayce readings, plus parallel and alternative material.

The Prison Outreach Program receives hundreds of letters from inmates and family requests each month, more than all of the other A.R.E. departments combined. We continue to see a growth in the number of requests for this invaluable material, to connect with A.R.E. Mentors and to begin ‘A Search for God’ Study Groups.

This program is funded solely by donations, which means that each letter, book, library box, study group package, postage and shipping materials are directly impacted by the number of dollars given each year. We hope you’ll be inspired to Support our Work today!

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Read Reaching Over the Wall (PDF)

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