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Join us in continuing the legacy of the A.R.E. by making a donation. Your financial gift allows others to experience the love, the light, the wisdom, and the healing that you found within the Cayce Work.

Educational Opportunities

Conferences awarded over 40 scholarships to students from across the globe, allowing them to attend an enlightening workshop, insightful conference, or life-changing training in person at Headquarters or virtually from as far away as Brazil.

Edgar Cayce Foundation

  • Preservation in archival storage of approximately 100 linear feet of audio-visual materials: videos, audio recordings, and slide photographs that document the work of Edgar Cayce and the research projects inspired by the Cayce Readings
  • Digitization of fragile and rare recordings, making them newly accessible to the public
  • Ability to connect researchers from around the world with the Cayce Readings and other archival collections at the Foundation through remote and in-person research visits, for both personal research and professional academic articles and dissertations

A.R.E. Library

  • Purchased eBooks and audiobooks for library digital resources launch in October of 2022
  • Processed special collection materials from the Egerton Sykes collection into acid-free boxes for long-term preservation
  • Created new circulating file topics to add to our ever-growing collection

Audio/Visual Department

  • Purchased new lighting, dimming equipment, and ceiling tiles

Prison Outreach Program

  • Continued mentor correspondence program
  • Inmate led “A Search for God” Study Groups
  • Sent Cayce-related books to prison and jail libraries
  • Developed booklets on core Cayce topics
  • Provided one-year gift memberships for recently released inmates

A.R.E. Health Center and Spa

  • Purchased a new state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy machine and new chiropractic table
  • Offered discounted services to veterans

Atlantic University

  • Course updates, revisions, and improvements to all MA in Mindful Leadership Courses, all MA in Transpersonal Psychology Courses, and all Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis Courses
  • Student scholarships
  • Updated student writing center

Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage

  • Major advertising campaign to local Veterans
  • Student scholarships
  • Massage table packages for all new student

Study Group Program

  • Sent Study Group packets to approximately 60 inquirers per month and 64 Starter Kits for starting new Groups
  • Initiated two new research projects to deepen the experience of Group members:
    • Biblical information for ASFG, Book 2 now being pilot-tested
    • The Four chapters of ASFG, Book 3 are being readied for printing in a spiral bound form
  • Bringing back four former hardback auxiliary reference books in paperback form to deepen the study experience: the original and complete 130 readings of ASFG, Vol. 7; the Expanded ASFG, for Book 1, Vol. 16; the Expanded ASFG, for Book 2, Vol. 17; and the 281 series Prayer Group, Revelation, and Endocrine Gland readings, Vol. 2
  • Reprinted the meditation booklet, Edgar Cayce’s Meditation for Everyone, sent free to all who request it and used by all other departments of A.R.E. for their outreach
  • Pilot-tested a health study group, using Dr. Reilly’s Handbook for Drugless Therapy and a “Good Grief” study group for those who have lost a loved one, using appropriate Circulating Files and the 281 series

Prayer and Meditation Services

  • Postage and printing costs to handle Glad Helpers prayer requests for over 700+ people per month, more than 3,000 prayer partners (pray-ers) around the world joining us in prayer
  • Reprinted and updated the Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group Handbook for those interested in starting Prayer Groups
  • Reprinted information on the laying on of hands

National Outreach

  • Developed 8Hx11 and 12×18 posters for use in the Field by Teams, Area Reps, and Study Group Coordinators, for programs, introductory and inquirers meetings, and member gatherings
  • Created two DVDs for Field use: The Edgar Cayce Legacy and An ASFG Meeting Step by Step
  • Quarterly informational-sharing meetings on Zoom to keep staff and volunteers up-to-date on programs, and various new materials being developed
  • Sent new books as gifts to approximately 125 Teams, Area Reps, and Study Group Coordinators in appreciation for their volunteer service
  • Planning additional driving trips to nurture existing Teams and Groups, and to start new Groups and Teams