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Edgar Cayce readings dream dictionary

Use this dictionary as a resource. It contains only those symbols which were clearly interpreted in one or more of the Cayce dream readings. For many of the symbols there are other possible interpretations listed as well. Based on your own personal associations, you may want to add other likely meanings for certain symbols.

This dictionary may be used as a starting point for assembling a more complete reference. One way to do this is to devote one section of your dream journal notebook to a personal dictionary. Whenever you dream of a symbol that does not appear in this dictionary of symbols from the Cayce readings, add an entry to your own, personally compiled, reference list.


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help for the physical body, which can be brought into play (137-6). Other possibilities: Impending emergency.
staying in one spot in understanding (i.e., “taking up anchor” means starting to learn) (900-158, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. tied down. 2. stability. 3. power of determination and resolve from deep within. 4. desire to settle down.
the light of truth (262-9). Other possibilities: 1. wisdom. 2. guidance. 3. a coming birth or death (literally or figuratively)
“the armor of the Lord” that can protect a person from difficulties and temptations (294-185). Other possibilities: 1. rigidity. 2. barriers we put up to people in self-defense.


1. a new venture ( 538-24). 2. a new interpersonal relationship (551-12). 3. that which appears to be small or of little account but may be of the greatest value (294-139, A-5). 4. the spiritual truth (294-159, A-6). 5. that which requires teaching, guidance, and direction (900-98, A-2). 6. the harmonious union of two people (dreamed that he and wife had triplets; Cayce Interpreted as harmonious relations between the two at physical, mental and spiritual levels) (900-183, A-2). 7. becoming open and unafraid, in the sense. that Jesus spoke. “except you become as little children…” (900-386, A-12,-13). Other possibilities: 1. undeveloped, immature. 2. something just getting started. 3. free of responsibilities. 4. something needing nurturing and encouragement.
1. the “perfect sphere”-some Ideal or concept of wholeness (900-104). 2. the forces of this world as they relate to the Universal Force (900-128, A-3). 3. a whole, or well rounded, approach to things (900-140, A-6). 4. the oneness of purpose (900-142, A-1). 5. childhood games (137-61, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. completeness. 2. competitiveness.
1. cleansing and freeing from old ideas (900-189). 2. a cleansing and strengthening of the outer self, which should not be confused with the inner strengthening that comes from God (900-110). Other possibilities: 1. physical cleansing. 2. letting go of opinions and prejudices.
that which has two sides: one destructive and the other playful, caressing, and loving (294-87). Other possibilities: 1. grumpy. 2. over protectiveness. 3. failing stock prices (“bear market”). 4. hibernating, retreating.
1. sexual activity (136-4, A-2). 2. dirty conditions in the bed-care must be taken that by moral standards one’s life appears to be clean and open (294-56, A-2). 3. closeness to another or intimacy (discarnate father In bed with the dreamer Is Interpreted as actual soul-to-soul Contact) (900-159, A-2). Other possibilities: I. rest or sleep.2. unconsciousness.
1. the bearer of a message (900-37). 2. canaries- idle talk (like chirping and twittering) that is a hindrance to self (281-7). 3. an eagle-the highest elements of power and might in action (900-117). Other possibilities: 1. freedom from materials ties. 2. the soul. 3. spiritual knowledge. 4. the heart chakra.5.aspirations, thoughts, and Ideals. 6. telepathy. 7. the higher self.
Black man
a truth which is submerged and still in one’s own unconscious (dreamer was a white female, age 48) (106-10, A-2).
Blanket, quilt. bed cover
1. the “cover” or mode of conduct in the home (900-142). 2. helpful attitudes to make the best of or to cover a difficult situation (900-180).
1. the physical forces of the body itself, indicative of relative level of health or Imbalance (900-262). 2. the Ideas and Ideals of a person (e.g., a blood transfusion representing their transmission) (900-271). 3. life-giving, vital force (136-83). 4. strength (i.e., as In the strength which comes to use through the blood shed by Christ) (900-327). Other possibilities: 1. kinship, as In “blood ties.” 2. the sacrifice of Christ. 3. “bad blood” meaning animosity.
1. the voyage of life (136-41). 2. a body of thought which one can enter into and travel upon (900-102, A-2). 3. something that comes from a foreign source (i.e., from across the waters) (900-142, A-7). 4. a forthcoming trip (136-67). 5. a message about spiritual truth to be carried abroad (900-267, A-4). 6. ferryboat separating from a pier-a voyage into the afterlife, the separation into a new realm (900-370).Other possibilities: 1. having common problems or challenges as those other people depicted in the boat (i.e., “in the same boat”). 2. an adventure. 3. beginning to explore the unconscious mind. 4. an opportunity (e.g., “missing the boat”).
1. knowledge (900-196, A-5; 900-156,A-15). 2. lessons gained (900-217, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. memories. 2. Ideas. 3. Akashic records.
1. that which holds and protects (257-130 Supplement). 2. the conditions surrounding a person’s life (900-97, A-1). 3. hedged in or boxed in (900-216, A-3; 900-17, A-3). 4. being hemmed in by the cares of the world (900-178).
1. the most basic sustaining force of life; the staff of life; that which permits development (“morally, mentally, spiritually, financially”) (136-16, A-2). 2. positive efforts invested in the present which may have future benefits (i.e., Biblical metaphor: casting bread upon the waters, and “it shall be returned to thee”) (900-257, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. that which has been learned from life. 2. money.
little words or little deeds that can slowly be built up (900-376, A-4).
1. our way of passing through material life (900-64). 2. the foundation for a way of life (900-112). 3. a transition (288-14). Other possibilities: 1. a link between opposites. 2. a way of overcoming a difficulty.
1. hardheadedness or stubbornness (i.e., “bull- headed”) (294-36, A-2). 2. bull market (i.e., dreamer was a stock investor) (137-113).Other possibilities: 1. sexuality or sexual appetite. 2. the first chakra or spiritual center.
attuning to one’s ideals or goal (900-106, A-1).
a warning about someone who may try to take advantage of the dreamer (195-51, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. negative attitude or emotion that is stealing one’s energy or vitality. 2. guilt about having taken something (literally or metaphorically) from someone. 3. desire to take something from someone (e.g., power, prestige, etc).


aggrandizement of physical appetites (900-94, A-6). . Other possibilities: 1. something luxurious or not practical. 2. reward. 3. celebration.
1. singleness of purpose and heart (900-322, A-1). 2. stages of development (900-252). Other possibilities: 1. personal physical re- sources (e.g., “burning a candle at both ends”). 2. enlightenment, wisdom.
1. one’s own physical satisfaction; self-indulgence (136-23, A-7). 2.improper,indulgent eating (136-60, A-3). 3. a luxury (900-230, A-1). 4. sweets- diet reference to amount of sweets (136-21).
that which provides aid or assistance (especially in a physical way) but which can be used either as mere ‘show’ or as genuine and understood help (i.e., some people carry a cane only for show, others really need It to walk) (137-63, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. support. 2. discipline. 3. male sex organ.
the one in charge (e.g., boat captain) and accountable for the lives and well-being of Others (900-267, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. higher self. 2. Intellect. – 3. source of guidance. 4. authority, power.
1. the vehicle or means by which we move through the journey of life (294-159, A-4). 2. automobile stock (dreamer was stockbroker) (900-209). 3. car accident-general warning about upcoming period of being accident-prone (not necessarily a car accident) (136-21, A-5). 4. speeding car-hurrying or forcing an Issue (900-115, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. physical body. 2. etheric body. 3. one’s Ideas or mind-set. 4. ambitious and driven. 5. status or social standing. 6. self- control or lack of It (who is driving?).
a subservient state; being walked on (294-36, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. Insulation against u)worldly Influences. 2. softness, comfort. 3. the handiwork of God. 4. hiding or covering up some- thing.
1. sexuality (900-308, A-8). 2. kitten-prankster (900-259, A-7). Other possibilities: 1. Independent. 2. gossipy.
Chewing gum
that which must be chewed upon as a message or lesson in order to be understood (900-159, A-2).
1. hope (262-8). 2. Simplicity (900-313; 900-302). 3. that which is undeveloped (i.e., “when I was a child, I thought as a child, but now…”) (136-7). 4. responsibilities (i.e., children require that adult parents assume responsibility for their well-being) (900-72). 5. those who will ask and seek to learn (900-189). Other possibilities: 1. childishness. 2. some personal endeavor that Is about the same age as the children.
1. safety and security and strength in the spiritual forces (195-33). 2. conditions related to both daily life and spiritual life (341-15). Other possibilities: 1. one’s religious beliefs. 2. childhood associations with religion. 3. one’s entire being (physical, mental, and spiritual).
1. the physical, material body as a whole (i.e., the soul “clothes” Itself in a material body) (900-18). 2. the outer personality patterns of someone (i.e., his/her attitudes and behavior) (294-136, A-5). Other possibilities: 1.your occupation, the vocational role you wear. 2. reference to a part of the physical body that piece of clothing covers. 3. the persona or face we show to the world.
1. that which grows and develops in a well rounded way (900-120, A-2). 2. four-leaf clover- seeming “good luck” that really has a spiritual cause (136-12).
1. thoughts and attitudes (137-73). 2. raincoat- recommendation regarding physical wealth: to stay dry in order to avoid a virus cold (137-24, A-8). 3. attitudes (w4th color of coat giving clue as to type of attitude) (294-136, A-3). 4. fur coat- wintertime (i.e., predictive dream about some- thing that would happen In the winter) (900-74, A-3). Other possibilities: raincoat-protection from one’s own emotional upset or that of others.
1.the nature of the death experience (900-99, A-2). 2. a state of consciousness which is attuned to the unseen spiritual world (900-241, A-7). 3. a weakened state, total lack of vitality (294-50, A-1). 4. a deadened, dull, unawakened state of consciousness which is lacking in spiritual insight (294-50, A-1).
  • Black obstructions (900-77, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. Ignorance. 2. mystery. 3. unconscious.
  • Blue  truth (136-14). Other possibilities: 1. religious or spiritual feelings. 2. calm, contemplative, peaceful. 3. will–personal or divine. 4. healing
  • Golden  truth for the mind (136-15, A-1; 136-24, A-10). Other possibilities: 1. valuable. 2. powers of the soul.
  • Green development, growth (136-15, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. nature. 2. receptiveness. 3. envy.
  • Red  1. desires of the heart (900-87, A-4). 2. meaningful, important to be understood or grasped (e.g., red underlining of a written pas- sage) (900-89, A-2). 3. blood (900-166, A-10). 4. trouble or misunderstanding (487-6). S. red hat-higher attributes of mind development (900-101, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. passion. 2. anger. 3. physical desire. 4. energy. 5. stop.
  • White Purity (136-26, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. Innocence. . 2. the Ideal of completeness
a source of guidance (294-74, A-3).Other possibilities: 1. the most fulfilling direction in life. 2. the ability to persist In the face of op- posing outer events.
r 1. saucer-all that is currently held in the conscious mind (900-163, A-1). 2. received like a trophy cup-the attainment of a union of knowledge and understanding, which brings happiness, joy and peace (900-109). Other possibilities: 1. receptivity. 2. female sex organs. 3. all one’s Inner contents-the soul.
Court-martial/court trial
criticism (from others or Self) (195-42, A-1). Other possibilities: measuring one’s own recent behavior against universal laws.


Dawn (morning)
the awakening of new forces (900-37). Other possibilities: 1. a healing. 2. a fresh perspec tive or new approach. 3. a breakthrough in understanding.
Death (dying)
1. birth of new thought, an awakening from the subconscious mind (136-6). 2. the coming of a condition that will test one’s abilities (294-50). 3. trials and tribulations which provide lessons in spiritual truth (900-178; 341-20). 4. death of dreamer’s brother-the death of the Christ, the Elder Brother, and Its significance to the world (900-189). 3. loss of a talent because of defects, imbalances, or weaknesses in the physical body (294-70). 6. the equalizer (i.e., that which brings all people of different social standing to one level) (136-70). 7. one’s own after- death state-the consciousness and understanding you experience In the after-death plane is available to you now as a way of under-standing and comprehending in the physical Plane (140-10). 8. the loss of a characteristic from one’s own life which is also a characteristic of the person who has died in the dream (900-189). 9. the need for more attention, sympathy, and love for the one who dies in dream (900-246). 10. transition or change (900-375, A-3)
great truth (900-280). Other possibilities: 1. the eternity of the spirit. 2. spiritual consciousness. 3. hardness. 4. something of great value. 5. money, financial security. 6. love or being loved.
Dining table
1. attention to physical food; diet (900-264, A-1). 2. what one is feeding the mind (900-170, A-16).
1. something unbecoming or improper with oneself that needs to be corrected (900-375,A-3). 2. fear or “dirty attitudes” within oneself (900-160, A-1). 3. Improper or unclean state of mind (133-27, A-1; 137-73, A-:t). 4. warning to keep life clean” and avoid any appearance of question- able moral conduct (294-56, A-2). 5. grease soils clothes-too much grease in diet is currently harmful (294-138).
jumping into a new life experience, perhaps not as carefully as It should be done (137-87, A-2; 136-22, A-1).
1. a nature or disposition that may not always be trusted (294-87). 2. that which is faithful and unfaithful (288-17). 3. that which is friendly or, if aroused, an enemy (294-97). 4. things going downhill-going “to the dogs” (294-97). Other possibilities: 1. aggressiveness. 2. Instinctive knowledge. 3. obedience.
1.an honor (e.g., Jesus’ ride on Palm Sunday) (307-15). 2. a lowly position, indicating dishonor or, instead, humbleness (307-15). Other possibilities: 1. stubborn and unyielding. 2. bearer of a heavy load.
1. openings, ways, or avenues of personal expression (137-109, A-1). 2. locking back door-wanting to avoid unpleasant conditions (294-48). 3. front door-the place of meeting that, which is newly coming into one’s life (294-46). 4. trap door-a coming and unexpected new disclosure (900-265, A-10). 5. trap door- traps or pitfalls into which one can fall (294-138). 6. closing doors-counted-on opportunities will be shut, causing consternation (900-239, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. a barrier, which potentially can be removed. 2. death.
fear (900-230, A-12). Other possibilities: 1. materialism. 2. repressed emotion. 3. the power of the unconscious.
the acts of the play are phases in the dreamer’s own life being symbolically replayed (900-308).
that which covers or hides (900-156, A-15). Other possibilities: 1. adornment. 2. privacy or the desire for it.
1. (new) one being tried on, new thought, new ideals (136-15). 2. one’s appearance in the eyes of others (136-21, A-4). 3. the identity or the self- image one has adopted or is “wearing” (136-26, A-1).
actual drugs taken by the body (900-322, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. heating. 2. reliance on phys- ical means to stimulate change.
beating-undiplomatic or untactful,”beating the drum” of one’s own point of view (900-395). Other possibilities: 1. heart, pulse. 2. rhythms In one’s life.
word–verbal argumentation with another person (900-313, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. Internal fight between two sides of oneself. 2. self-criticism or self- condemnation.
1. warning about getting involved with dim- witted individuals (137-97, A-3). 2. that which is controlled or yanked around by outside forces (900-260, A-11).
temper (900-135, A-7). Other possibilities: 1. material force. 2. explosive emotions (including fears).


Electric power line
the driving force that energizes a situation (900-158, A-2).
1. power and might combined with heightened knowledge and cunning (341-15, A-3). 2. knowledge and power (900-90, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. sexuality. 2. the great Inner power of the unconscious. 3. strength of will. 4. long memory, forgetting. 5. thick skinned.
changes, ups and downs (900-209, A-1; 900-241, A-1; 137-74, A-2). Other possibilities: altered states of consciousness.
1. warning of turmoil or change (136-41). 2. harsh responses likely to come from others due to recent behaviors of dreamer (288-20). Other possibilities: 1. Impending health crisis. 2. something, which has been repressed coming to the surface.
1. one’s outlook or vision (900-285, A-11; 900-308, A-4). 2. large eyes–an all-seeing, clairvoyant vision of things (137-45). Other possibilities: 1. Intelligence. 2. curiosity. 3. personal identity (i.e., “I”).


1. conditions (could be physical health, financial, attitudinal/emotional state, etc.) that are failing or may soon go down; can be produced by conscious life fears rather than predictive guidance (900-216, A-8). 2. disappointments in life (538-22, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. lack of support. 2. getting caught up In something (e.g., failing in love). 3. fear of not being in control. 4. fear of suffering a moral lapse. 5. fear of failing from or losing a position of prestige.
1. flying feathers-disrupted conditions (294-36, A-3). 2. plucking feathers-things to be removed so that a new stability can emerge (137-37, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. an achievement. 2. a thought or aspiration.
1. the pathway one is on (900-37; 294-136, A-4). 2. defective feet-flawed pathway one may be following (551-12). Other possibilities: 1. understanding. 2. basic assumptions. 3. relationship to the ground, to the earth.
1. confining yourself by your own conscious, limited Interpretation (or understanding) of things (341-11, A-2). 2. an enclosure that limits or hedges in (294-87, A-1).Other possibilities: 1. undecided (i.e., “on the fence”). 2. barrier. 3. difficulty within self, barring progress or expression. 4.protection from outside threat.
1. fear, which creates a hellish experience (900-282). 2. a trial that makes things perfect (136-4). 3. ire (i.e., anger or irritation) (136-4). 4. that which can burn and reduce something (or someone) to nothing (288-15). 5. detrimental conditions in the physical body, which are consuming (900-216). 6. temper (900-143, 900-253). 7. physical conditions that would mar or cause physical distress (106-9). Other possibilities: 1. passion. 2. pain.
public acclaim (900-53). Other possibilities: achievement and celebration. 2. dramatic, outer demonstration of one’s Inner state.
1. the Christ (294-15). 2. a geographic location near water (i.e., where fish can be caught) (294-44). 3. that achievement to which you may attain (341-13). 4. a lesson that can be drawn out (like a fish is drawn out of water) (294-34). Other possibilities: 1. something not quite right (i.e., “fishy”). 2. prenatal experience (i.e., life in the waters of the womb). 3. Ideas and feelings from the inner life. 4. dietary recommendation regarding seafood.
1. national or international affairs/issues (note what the flags are) (257-74,A-34). 2.the standard by which one judges self (900-69, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. patriotism. 2. self-identity. 3. call to greater attention toward something.
1. hope (262-8). 2. lily-spiritual development, growth, and beauty that grow out of unsightly “muck” (i.e., the lily grows in water and mud) (137-63, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. beauty. 2. something in one- self about to blossom. 3. love. 4. growth. 5. center of consciousness. 6. virginity.
l.mastering physical laws and overcoming them wakening to higher, fourth-dimensional understanding (900-159, A-4). 2. traveling to be done in the waking state (2310-2). Other possibilities: 1. astral travel or precursor to becoming lucid in a dream. 2. desire to avoid something. 3. desire to rise above things. 4. idealism. 5. fantasy or wishful thinking.
1. that which nourishes us spiritually (e.g., truth) (281-6). 2. anything that sustains us physically 3. that which sustains and nourishes us mentally (i.e., new ideas or knowledge) (900-294; 900-152). 4. anything, in general, that gives sustenance to the physical self (136-18,A-4). 5. that with which one feeds the mind (900-239, A-1). 6. the truth which the mind needs in order to grow (900-294, A-1).
(of a building) 1. the physical body of the dreamer (i.e., the “foundation” on which rests the capacity to get anything done) (294-10). 2. plans (i.e., on which the possible accomplishments rest) (294-72). 3. that which is trusted and gives stability to one’s life (39-3). Other possibilities: 1. ideals. 2. assumptions.
source from which greater knowledge may be obtained (195-42). Other possibilities: 1. the source of supply. 2. the water of life.


1. croquet-pleasure or enjoyment in a worldly way (900-120, A-1). 2. physical efforts or challenges with goals (i.e., “wickets”) to be made (900-128, A-3; 900-116, A-8).
1. people or conditions, which ridicule or are oppressive to Self (900-313). 2. conditions, which seem to be a hindrance (137-38). 3. foreboding of distressing or disagreeable conditions (137-38). 4. the forces of ridicule (i.e., what belittles one or makes one feel small) (900-313, A-1). Other possibilities: strength without wisdom.
(for eyes) that which enhances comprehension (538 -19, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. clear-sightedness. 2. mind-set (e.g., “rose-colored glasses”). 3. something, which aids inner vision.
1. that which keeps the body warm and healthy (e.g., loss of gloves indicating need to take better care of health) (137-38). 2. protection (900-419, A-3).
fabric truths being shown (137-35).
1. exercise for the physical well-being of the body (900-79; 900-85). 2. golf ball–the person or the person’s own life; the word of the spiritual forces (900-99). 3. golf club-the way one goes about life (900-99). 4. golf course-the world in which we make our way (900-99).
troublesome conditions along the way (294-159).
1. pistol-aggressiveness, harshness (288-20). 2. the source of injury (not necessarily bodily; in this case, financial) (195-27). 3. a way of defending oneself (294-101). 4. aiming a gun- keeping properly focused on target or goal (900-106, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. male sex organ. 2. fear.


1. reasoning process (137-41, A-2). 2. thought (136-7, A-4; 900-99, A-4). 3. knowledge (900-156, A-3). Other possibilities: physical or spiritual strength (e.g., Biblical story of Samson).
the driving force in a situation (294-36, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. power. 2. desire to have an impact. 3. building something.
1. the active conditions (i.e., what is currently going on in the life) that exist with an individual (900-122). 2. the nature of a person’s thoughts (136-18). Other possibilities: occupation or job undertaken.
1. functioning of the brain (294-56). 2. an attitude, orientation or way of approach (e.g., dream character with head on backwards means approaching things in backward fashion) (294-131, A-3). 3. headless-inability to reach that person through normal, physical, conscious means-can only be contacted through spiritual means (900-355, A-1). 4. headless – warning not to lose your head in daily duties (137-36). Other possibilities: conscious intentions.
1. condition and effects created by one’s current work in life (294-50). 2. a specific station in the thought and action of a person (538-20). 3. the “place” in which one dwells in consciousness (i.e., one’s state of consciousness) (900-53). 4. the mental state of an individual (900, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. spiritual home. 2. domestic life. 3. the body. 4. the personality. 5. front of house-the facade shown to the world. 6. basement-unconscious or instincts.
Hornet, wasps
1. troublesome obstacles to be overcome (341-13). 2. warning about dangerous condition (i.e., may be painful) (294-67).
1. the messenger (294-136; 262-15,137-89). 2. the message and the messenger (900-98; 900-336). 3. the nature of the message may be represented in the kind of horse (e.g., a charger, a slow workhorse, a race horse, etc.) (294-85). Other possibilities: 1. making progress. 2. unbridled emotions. 3. instincts.

I  J  K

1. breaks into home-the breaking of a law, the breaking of a spiritual law (because the home represents the spiritual home) (136-60). 2. self-indulgent attitudes or behaviors (136-24, A-12). Other possibilities: 1. a threatening and avoided side of self. 2. the “shadow” or ignored side of self.
1. the conscious knowledge necessary to understand more of the Universal Laws (i.e., the “lock” represents the mysteries of living things in a material world) (900-84). 2. safety or that which provides safety (137-99, A-2). 3. the solution or answer to a situation (900-280, A-1).
1. the attainment of a high goal (900-261, A-7). 2. help, assistance, and aid that can come from beyond oneself (900-208, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. your own father. 2. what you are ruled by. 3. God. 4. the dominant idea in your mind. 5. the side of yourself you consider most majestic.
1.a “two-edged” tool that can be used for defense or to force one’s own way upon another (900-270). 2. forces exerted in the material world for destruction (900-37). Other possibilities: 1. male sex organ. 2. aggressiveness, hostility. 3. piercing mind.


1. the Way (i.e., the ladder to heaven) (281-19). 2. any kind of ascent (900-128). 3. descending a ladder-doing something in life that is a “step down” from what was previously done (900-314, A-6). 4. missing rung of ladder – a hardship along the way of life (281-19, A-7). Other possibilities: 1. success. 2. improvement which comes through a series of separate events or efforts. 3. elevated social prestige.
peace and tranquility (262-8). Other possibilities: 1. a haven. 2. pool–that which reflects or mirrors.
dead leaves on ground that which is sloughed off or ejected (like drosses from the physical body) (294-136). Other possibilities: 1. life, growth. 2. easily blown about or separated from one’s origins.
1. information which comes (900-242). 2. messages of truth (538-19, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. a realization. 2. telepathic contact.
1. great lessons and great truths 2. knowledge and its application which brings understanding (341-22). 3. the throne of (God’s Presence (136-26). 4. the rays of God’s love, peace, and happiness (900-216). 5. a higher force and power (900-315). 6.that directing force as would show the way to gain more perfect knowledge (900-159). 7. hope (137-46). Other possibilities: 1. one’s conscious awareness of individuality. 2. conscious intellect. 3. conscious attention.
Light bulb
1.that which brings the light of understanding (900-366). 2.one’sown intuition (900-278, A-7).
1. the higher forces, which rnay be destructive to rnany people, but can be a life-giving flow (900-79). 2. fear (i.e., struck by lightning) (136-45). Other possibilities: 1. sudden realization. 2. revenge. 3. sudden discharge of tension. 4. instant karma.
1. laying aside physical consciousness (136-60). 2. literally, about drinking habits (137-97; 900-264). Other possibilities: 1. dissolved inhibitions. 2. intoxication, ecstasy. 3. the spirit (pun). 4. temporary relaxation. 5. desire to escape reality.
1. that which you “have in hand” in your life (294-100, A-1). 2. that which is at hand and is “tried and true” (294-39, A-1). Other possibilities: burdens, psychological or physical.


1. an Inner union with the higher forces that opens creativity (900-362, A-4). 2. commitments to be honored in regard to another person (not necessarily just the spouse) (136-62, A-1). 3. duty to be kept (900-156, A-4). 4. close relations with another person, which bring goodness and happiness (but not necessarily a literal marriage) (900-202, A-1). 5. the inner marriage with the Christ (900-258, A-3; 262-69). 6. a business deal, a joining of commercial interests (538-15, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. a unifying of two aspects of one’s own personality or temperament. 2. initiation.
confusion in the face of many turning points or options (900-308, A-12). Other possibilities: emotionally disorganized.
how one is seen by others (900-332). Other possibilities: 1. self-examination. 2. self- reflectiveness, self-consciousness of one’s own individuality. 3. narcissism. 4. Mayan–illusion, that which isn’t real but only a reflection.
1. benefits or returns from efforts (294-89, A-1). 2.the vehicle (or channel) for making exchange (137-99, A-2). 3. borrowed money–favorable conditions which have strings attached (i.e., obligations) (900 – 134, A-1). 4. that which is of value and truth (900-109, A-3, 900-69, A-1). 5. sign of appreciation for services rendered (136-26, A-18). 6. a criterion or a way of indicating success (900-109, A-3, 136-26, A-18). 7. an opportunity to make money (literally) (195-33, A-2). 8. necessity to raise considerable money – warning about becoming extravagant (341-14, A-3). 9. worthless paper money – warning about gambling (341-14, A-3). 10. the material world and its values (900-303, A-5). 11. million dollars–promise that whatever resources (not just money) are required will be supplied as the need arises (900-202, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. power, authority, strength. 2. time and/or energy. 3. counterfeit – phoniness, cheating, insincerity. 4. love.
carnal romance, the impulse to earthly passion (900-268, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. sentimentality. 2. the irrational realm of feelings. 3. feminine. 4. Intuition. 5. the unconscious soul. 6. madness (i.e., “lunacy”). 7. menstrual cycle. 8. desire, yearning.
1. reaching higher and higher in mental development (262-64). 2. a place from which there is a more perfect understanding of the physical world (341-15). 3. a place where an understanding of truth is gained (900-34). 4. gaining the full height or the full concept of a matter (900-305). 5. the rise to the spiritual forces (195-33). Other possibilities: 1. highly idealistic, but still with one’s feet on the ground. 2. obstacles and difficulties ( if one is atop the mountain, then these are overcome). 3. exaggerations (e.g., making a mountain out of a molehill ). 4. ambitions. 5. climbing mountain—first half of life; descending mountain–second half of life.
mass consciousness; the attitudes of the populace at large (136-26, A-18). Other possibilities: the story of one’s own life.
that which makes for a hindrance (294-159, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. the retarding aspect of one’s own hesitations and fears. 2. that which, despite appearances, can contain a treasure or can aid heating (e.g., Jesus sometimes used it). 3. stuck or caught up in something. 4. excrement. 5. the womb, one’s own origins. 6. neglect. 7. abuse of the body.


comics-encouragement to use one’s sense of humor and laugh more often (900-159). Other possibilities: 1. public attention. 2. common knowledge. 3. new realization, new information. 4. prophecy.
1. fleshly desires (294-67). 2. the uncovering or exposure of something intended to be kept hidden (294-67). 3. ignorance or not understanding (i.e., “that bareness … to which (one) is reduced, by not opening self to an understanding…”) (341-11, A-2). 4. feeling one is laid bare to criticism, vulnerable in this fashion (1 36-1 5, A- 1). Other possibilities: 1. stripped of the “masks” one wears in relating to the world. 2. a desire for others to know one’s real feelings. 3. humility. 4. the refusal to keep playing a role in life.


Old man/old woman
1. wisdom through many experiences, the seer or sage (900-156, A-1). 2.Christ symbol (136, A-3). 3. old lesson learned which now needs new application in a new way (900-185). Other possibilities: 1. one’s past. 2. karma. 3. worries about growing old.
the forces of one’s life in harmony (900-89). Other possibilities: 1. the importance of music in one’s life. 2. one’s emotional nature.


s changing – changing one’s personal philosophy of life (900-202, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. sexual feelings and desires (i.e., to cover the lower part of the body). 2. authority, leadership (e.g., who wears the pants in the family?).
those who are available to give aid and assistance (900-91, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. father-one’s own father or feelings toward him. 2. father-the energetic, protective side of God. 3. mother-one’s own mother or feelings toward her. 4. mother-the receptive, nurturant side of God.
1. one’s social life (900-159, A-3, 900-171, A-1; 341-12, A-2). 2. a special development in one’s education or mental growth (136-27, A-1). 3. the physical diet when too many sweets are being consumed (900-234, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. gaiety. 2. lack of depth or meaning.
shop trading off in a way that wastes valuable resources (900-132, A-5).
a way of thinking (137-73, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. what one has been writing or encouragement to write. 2. male sex organ.
a person’s particular, unique attitudes and ways of expression in the world (136-24, A-7). Other possibilities: 1. emotional reactions. 2. attempts to cover up or present in a better light. 3. psychic influence.
1.sexual desires (294-67). 2. “hogs” the whole show (294-50). Other possibilities: 1. greedy. 2. stubborn (i.e., pigheaded). 3. gluttony.
shaky and unstable-the condition of one’s physical body is weakened or imbalanced (136-22). Other possibilities: one’s appearance before others (e.g., “on stage” or “on your soapbox”).
something kept for self rather than distributed (137-99). Other possibilities: 1. memory. 2. inner reserves (e.g., of vitality, abilities, money, etc.). 3. possession. 4. receptivity. 5. the female sex organs.
danger, detrimental conditions warned of (137-17). Other possibilities: 1. improper diet that is toxic to the body. 2. problems with one’s own physical eliminations that are creating toxicity. 3. attitudes or emotions that are harming oneself and/or another.
1. the law, especially universal or spiritual laws (136-29, A-6). 2. that which tries to bring disorder under control (136-18, A-3). 3. uniformed- spiritual law, plainclothes policeman-laws as interpreted from just a human level, God’s laws (900-115, A-1; 900-220, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. inhibitions. 2. conscience. 3. higher, protective forces. 4. karmic law.
safety, security, and strength in the spiritual forces (195-33). Other possibilities: 1. minister or rabbi-personal feelings toward such spiritual leaders, including associations from childhood. 2. one’s own inner spiritual authority. 3. conscience. 4. the desire to be virtuous.
1. being controlled by outside conditions (341-18, A-6). 2. trapped in efforts to justify oneself (misusing the mind In this way) (900-91, A-2). 3. prison-trapped by lazily letting one’s life be too centered in one direction (i.e., imbalanced) (341-26, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. a side of oneself trapped by a sense of inadequacy, fear, or guilt. 2. someone else in the dreamer’s life who is trapped by conditions.
pulling self up-raising one’s own position to a more advantageous one (900-134, A-1). Other possibilities. 1. strong emotional attraction. 2. strong influence (i.e., a pun on having “pull”).
leadership, teaching aptitude (900-285). Other possibilities: spiritual authority


1. one’s own capacity to attune or tune in to better understandings (even to higher forces or psychic forces) (900-231). 2. the way in which the Father can “hear at a distance” our needs (900-231). 3. our capacity to attune to the Infinite and receive a power that manifests in physical life (900-231). 4.force and power that can radiate a far distance (900-231; 900-301) 5. the capacity to attune to truth (900-230, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. entertainment. 2. the body’s own sense of hearing. 3. communication with others. 4. public knowledge. 5. telepathy.
1. blessings, benefits (900-98, A-1). 2. conditions that are coming down (e.g., dreamer is stockbroker; rain coming down signified lower market) (900-266, A-6). Other possibilities: 1. emotions and the release of feelings. 2. sadness or grief. 3. obstacles. 4. cleansing process. 5. deliverance from a dry spell. 6. need to drink more water.
1. food for the physical needs of a body (900-85, A-1; 900-95, A-2). 2. a place of seeking the higher foods of spiritual truth (i.e., “feed at the table of the Giver of all good and perfect gifts”) (900-220, A-7). Other possibilities; sociability.
1. the way of life (900-64). 2. stream – a dividing line (294-62, A-2). Other possibilities; 1. the source of fertility. 2. the current of one’s energies. 3. the passage of time.
1.the journey of life one is on (195-42, A-1). 2. rough, poor roadbed-troublesome conditions to be encountered (900-158, A-2). 3.junction, crossroad-choices in life about how to use resources (900-224, A-2); a time in life of especially needing guidance (900-232, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. the direction one is pursuing. 2. one’s destiny.
1. large ones in a road-troublesome conditions along the way (294-159). 2. difficulties to overcome (538-25). Other possibilities: 1. boulders-sturdiness and stability. 2. latent strength. 3. emotional sterility (e.g., “heart of stone” or “stony silence”). 4. earthiness.
1. the top or pinnacle of thought and understanding (900-105, A-1). 2. hanging from edge of roof – getting oneself into precarious situations or circumstances (900-398). Other possibilities: protection, security, shelter, nurturance.
disorder and laxness in the life (262-8). Other possibilities: 1. ideas of little value or meaning. 2. Toxins or waste products of the physical body needing elimination.
that force through which the individual may gain strength to go alone (538-16). Other possibilities: 1. a need for more exercise. 2. a part of oneself trying to avoid something. 3. feeling hurried. 4. strong commitment and desire to get to a goal.


1. a deficiency resulting from a past condition (900-207, A-5). 2. from operation-reminder of how it is sometimes necessary to have something removed (i.e., particularly from the mind) (900-296, A-9). Other possibilities: 1. memory of a painful experience. 2. lasting impact on the mind.
1. the issues of daily life (900-270; 900-106; 136-23;136-24). 2. the lessons or training to which the mind may attain (900-139; 900-261). 3. one’s own teaching of others (900-142). 4. higher learning -learning about universal laws (294-67).Other possibilities: 1. unresolved issues from one’s own school years. 2. the desire to team.
seeming opposites that, when applied for truth, ran accomplish much (900-17, A-3). Other possibilities;1. the desire to cut loose from something. 2. cutting remarks, cynicism. 3. feeling cut off from someone else or a part of oneself. 4. hostility.
that which is dangerous or poisonous (900-318, A-7). Other possibilities: 1. bitterness, 2. stinging, hurtful attitudes or remarks.
1. that which is able to bring forth into manifestation something of its own kind (e.g., like begets like) (136-18, A-1). 2. the word of truth. (900-308, A-12). Other possibilities: 1. the stored experience of the past that leads to new possibilities. 2. ideal. 3. offspring (physical or nonphysical). 4. new beginnings.
the reminder to be of service (i.e., as in” He who would be greatest or master must be servant to all”) (900-231, A-1). Other possibilities: those qualities in self that are fully under control and able to be purposefully directed.
humility, lowly estate (900-175, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. physical body out of balance. 2. impoverished state of mind.
1. the many different forms or physical manifestations that come from the original oneness (i.e., the sea) (538-13). 2. individuals who may be helped or missed in the passage of daily life (i.e., just as one may notice or miss a seashell on the beach) (538-14). 3. great truths that have been gathered (538-16). Other possibilities; 1. one’s tendency to crawl inward for self-protection. 2. hardness. 3. beauty.
the leader (136-36, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. nurturance. 2. the Christ.
1. the thouth or intent taken toward others (195-60). 2. the attitudes and understandings of life that one “wears” (900-160, A-15). Other possibilities: 1. feeling, emotions, passions. 2. financial resources (e.g., “losing your shirt”).
the source of assistance in formulating a foundation (shoes) for one’s life (l06-6).
an individual’s foundation (106-6). Other possibilities: 1. basic principles. 2. protection from physical life. 3. sole of shoes-pun on the word “soul. “ 4. a person’s role in life or identity (e.g., “to be in his shoes”).
looking at things with a one-sided, limited view (137-50, A-2).
1. the wisdom of all things (294-136). 2. temptations (294-136). 3. that which threatens harm (294-159). 4. those who would harm in an under- handed manner (900-81). 5. monstrous and hissing – self’s own condemnation of self (900-217). Other possibilities: 1. kundalini, pure creative energy. 2. self-transcendence (i.e., sheds its own skin). 3. paradox (e.g., good evil, wisdom temptation).
menacing-warning about a threat from certain other people who would attempt to take things from the dreamer (i.e., perhaps, in the sense of being caught in their web) (2671-.5). Other possibilities: entrapping, smothering behavior (often but not always associated with a mother or other feminine figure).
do things in small doses (281-6, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. one’s station in life (e.g., “born with a silver spoon in her mouth”). 2. calling attention to diet.
to make something public, to allow the outside world to see (900-114, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. the desire to be in the limelight. 2. a point of development (i.e., a pun on “stage of development”). 3. the center of one’s present attention or interest.
1. a part of self that is lifeless but which may awaken and come to life (262-8). 2. the physical product of that which is created first as a mental image (900-294). 3. an Image to show the “formulative spirit” or spirit that emanates (e.g., Statue of Liberty represents the spirit of a nation (262-2). Other possibilities: 1. how one aspect of self has been molded by someone else. 2. unfeeling, unresponsive. 3. someone who has been “put on a pedestal. “ 4. a wish to keep alive the memory of a deceased person.
1. represents the rod or staff of life (294-136). 2. sign of authority of the leader (294-136). Other possibilities:1. discipline. 2. male sex organ.
something subject to change (i.e., as opposed to solid color that shows a consistency) (137-61). Other possibilities: 1. level of achievement (e.g., stripes on a military uniform). 2. feeling trapped (e.g., prisoners traditionally wear striped clothing). 3. variety.
1. the spiritual force which presents lessons or knowledge (i.e., the sunshine) (900-111). 2. the Father’s love to all (900-96). Other possibilities: life and energy. 2. happiness and success. 3. need to get outside in the sun more often. 4. the source. 5. intellect, nationality. 6. the masculine. 7. the Christ.
peace and serenity (262-8). Other possibilities: the soul.
1. submerged in or attuned to universal forces (136-54, A-4). 2. making headway in some endeavor (900-79, A-9). Other possibilities: 1. coping with one’s feeling nature. 2. feeling buoyed up, confident. 3. sexuality.
1.the Spirit (like a two-edged sword that can cut either way) (900-224, A-2,-3). 2. power and authority (900-224, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. war, antagonism. 2. discrimination, discernment, 3. strength of character. 4. protection. 5. masculine sexuality.


anything that aids the development of the mind (900-261, A-6:). Other possibilities: 1. authority figure. 2. one’s own talent to teach. 3. the conscience within. 4. someone who is critical, demanding, or testing.
1. spoken words (136-49), 2. false teeth-sharp words recently spoken (136-7). 3. false teeth that shone like pearls and gold-these unreasonable – appearing teeth represent speech which is only “show” and takes the place of real application (288-15). Other possibilities: 1. the maturing process (e.g., one’s teeth fall out and are replaced at certain stages of childhood). 2. eating, diet. 3. getting involved with something or someone (e.g., “getting your teeth into it”). 4. effectiveness, potency (e.g., “toothless” means ineffective, impotent).
1. away of gaining information (900-128, A-1). 2. a coming message (136-24, A-9). Other possibilities: 1. communicating with others. 2. telepathy. 3. one’s own Intuition.
the capacity to perceive things far off (i.e., the future) (900-128, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. clearer insight. 2. sensitivity to the nature of seemingly small things (i.e., small incidents). 3. making something big out of something small.
1. assistance in understanding one’s own spiritual welfare (900-85). 2. past-life memory of an incarnation working in a temple (172-3). 3. the spiritual forces that come into play with the conscious mind in studying any subject (136-8).
an insecure dwelling (i.e., a place in consciousness that is not fixed, secure, stable) (137-31). Other possibilities: attitude of changeability.
measurements or judgments made using a physical world standard (900-305, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. measurement of one’s emotional state. 2. warning about possibility of future III health.
1. train ride – the journey of life (900-296, A-4). 2. taking a trip (literally) (294-100, A-1, -5). 3. engineer of train – the directing, controlling force in some life situation (294-36, A-3). 4. stock exchange trading of train Stocks (294-39, A-1; 900-128, A-3). 5. the necessity to get moving, to grow and change (900-1 10, A-4). Other possibilities: 1. train tracks-orthodoxy, the accepted way of doing things. 2. an opportunity (e.g., “missing the train”). 3. a series of thoughts. 4. vitality. 5. following the proper course (i.e., “on track”). 6. victimized, punished unfairly (i.e., “railroaded”).
1. changes that will come (136-41). 2. actual trip to be taken soon (341-18). 3. mental changes happening (i.e., in attitudes) (341-26, A-1). Other Possibilities: 1. the journey through life. 2. one’s destiny.
that which is mysterious to the mind (136-15, A-1).
the strength of new life, longevity (341-18, A-6). Other possibilities: 1. methodical. 2. introverted, tending to withdraw into a “shell.” 3. encouragement to move slowly.

U  V

1. dressed in a uniform-one’s duty (137-36). 2. a shared or common trend of thought (i.e., among all who wear the same uniform) (136-14). Other possibilities: 1. vocation or profession. 2. conformity, orthodoxy. 3. authority and power (e.g., a policeman in uniform has authority). 4. subservience (e.g., when one wears a military uniform he must serve his superiors)

W  X  Y  Z

taking on a new experience little by little and with prudence (137-84, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. childhood, childishness. 2. timidness.
1.an obstacle to be overcome (climbed) before the goal/ideal can be attained). (294-62, A-2). 2. the challenge to apply a truth; the moment of truth (e.g., “up against a wall” where one must do something that makes or breaks a situation) (106-10, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. confinement. 2. protection and shelter.
1. the mother of all living organisms (538-16). 2. the source of physical creation; Mother Sea (538-14). 3. the cleansing force as one moves from one experience to another (I 36-83). 4. the mother of life (136-83). 5. the source of life and understanding (294-136). 6. the beginning or source of all forces (136-54). 7. life or the living way (294-15). 8. the source of life and understanding (294-136). 9. clear water-clearness of understanding, purity of purpose (294-159). 10. dirty meter-imperfect understanding and knowledge (137-28). 11. the water of Life as found in Christ (294-50). 12. the first element of life (900-109). Other possibilities: 1. feelings, moods, and desires. 2. need for more water to be drunk. 3. the soul. 4. the unconscious. 5. the realm of the feminine. 6. birth and/or death.
(sea) conditions that are wavering (900-205, A-4). Other possibilities: waves of emotion.
neglect (294-66, A- 1). Other possibilities: that which chokes out desired growth.
Wild man
the emotional upset of oneself (e.g., uncontrolled anger) (136-18, A-2). Other possibilities: 1. fears. 2. an ignored or repressed side of oneself.
a mental place where one can easily get lost or confused, such as in the maze (of trees) (136-16). Other possibilities: the unconscious mind.