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Important Concepts


The importance of establishing and maintaining coordination is one of the most important themes in the Cayce health readings. Likewise, incoordination in all its myriad forms, was the most frequently cited source of disease.

Coordination refers to balance and equilibrium. The body is made up of a vast collection of organs and systems. Coordination is the harmonious interaction and cooperation of all the structures and functions of the body.

In a more expansive context, Edgar Cayce referred to coordination of the various aspects of the self. In his holistic philosophy, each person is a triune of physical, mental and spiritual attributes. All of these aspects of the self must coordinate with each other. Failure of coordination results in disease. Coordination is health.

At the biological level, the most frequently cited factor in illness was incoordination of the nervous systems. Physical treatments such as osteopathy and massage were commonly prescribed to assist the body in restoring coordination.

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