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Important Concepts

Coordination by Massage

Note: The Following section is excerpted from Principles & Techniques of Nerve Regeneration by David McMillian

Massage is the most frequently mentioned technique in the Cayce readings for establishing coordination in the primary nerve centers. In this context, the major emphasis for coordination is between the “cerebrospinal” and “sympathetic” nervous systems. These two great systems of the body connect in the nerve ganglia which run down along either side of the spine. Here is an excerpt from the readings which describes the massage technique as well as the “the larger forms of the ganglia” (which are the major coordinating centers along the spine).

[Give] … a gentle massage, that stimulates or relaxes by the stimulation of each of the ganglia along the cerebrospinal system; more specifically in the areas where the cerebrospinal and sympathetic coordinate – in the larger forms of the ganglia. These we find the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cervical, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dorsal, 9th dorsal, and in the lumbar axis and coccyx center….

Q. Should the massage be osteopathic, or could it be given by someone other than an osteopath?
A. Anyone that understands the anatomical structure of the body, in knowing how to coordinate the sympathetic and cerebrospinal systems in the areas indicated. These are not merely to be punched or pressed, but the ganglia – while very small – are as networks in these various areas. Hence a gentle, circular massage is needed; using only at times structural portions as leverages, but not ever – of course – bruising structure. (3075-1)

Note that anyone who understands anatomy can provide these coordinating treatments. In the following excerpt, Cayce again notes that it is the knowledge of the centers and how to regulate them that is so special in regards to osteopathic regulation.

Q. Should I continue osteopathic treatments; if so, about how often?
A. These are well, to be sure, to keep coordination in the areas so affected, as also the CONNECTION areas. For, there must be kept coordination between superficial circulation and the deep circulation; that is, from areas where there are those connections to the muscular forces under distress. There are certain ganglia from which impulses for circulation are carried; these, of course, in the cerebrospinal system; also certain areas where there are the connections or associations between superficial and deep circulation, – as the areas where better coordination is made between the sympathetic and the cerebrospinal nerve forces. Osteopathic or Swedish massage, with particular reference to such centers, is beneficial at times. Since not many of the masseurs know the centers, it is better to use the osteopathic treatment. These are beneficial, – whether once a week, once in ten days, twice a month, ten times a year, or forty times a year. When needed, take them! (1710-10)

Edgar Cayce’s Massage, Hydrotherapy & Healing Oils: Health Through Coordination & Purification of Key Body Systems by Joseph and Sandra Duggan (1989) contains additional information on the use of specific massage techniques suggested in the readings.

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