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Visualization was occasionally mentioned in the Cayce readings as a means of changing one’s experience. However, the readings also warned that this technique should be used in accordance with one’s ideals. In other words, be careful what you visualize, you may get it.

A practical application of visualization was often suggested to improve the efficacy of the physical treatments. The person receiving therapy was told to visualize the therapies working in the body – to “see” healing occurring during the actual treatments. This use of visualization was thus a safe and natural application of the principle “mind is the builder.”

Excerpts on Visualization from the Edgar Cayce Readings

Q. [What caused] The slow, sluggish, slightly feverish condition, that seems to come upon me in the afternoon?

A. Lack of purposefulness in its activities; lack of looking forward to something for the principal activities of the body! Make the things more definite in the experience, and we find these will be forgotten – in the exercises and in the purposefulness of the exercise! …. Make the mental activities and the functioning of the organs themselves coordinate, by the seeing of those activities in the way as desired by the body. For what we build within the mental self, the whole of the being seeks to materialize in the physical activities. (Edgar Cayce reading 369-13)

Q. What means are best for me to use to discover how I may keep the physical and mental forces in a condition which will permit the highest development of the spiritual forces?

A. Keep that attunement in which the body-physical, imaginative, AND spiritual, can visualize for each part of that that DEVELOPS in the body BEFORE the mental, spiritual and imaginative forces of the body. Few people are able in the beginning to be as generally imaginative as the body! Hence the body should be able, with a little visualization of that as is DESIRED by the self, to create for itself that atmosphere, that environ, for THAT being acted upon! This requires the necessary knowledge of the body, of the mind, of that as is desired by the body. Then WITH that knowledge and the proper visualization, the UNDERSTANDING comes. Knowledge is not power unless it is that that may be applied by the body HAVING the knowledge – see? Then, as for the body in visualizing itself in that that may bring about the proper coordination of eliminations in the system, do not consider the alimentary canal as the only elimination of the system; for almost as much is eliminated from the system through the respiratory system (of poisons) as through the alimentary canal. This is rather (through alimentary canal) as of the drosses, than the poisons. Also by the eliminations of the perspiratory, or the lymph and capillary circulation, as well as through the kidneys, as well as through the general activities of the body. Then, see these functioning in such a manner as to bring about that desired, or see that taking place which is desired by the body. In circulation (This as a vision for the body, of that which is asked concerning) of the blood supply through throat, head and neck, passes through those affected portions in the throat or tonsils. The BLOOD is carried immediately from these to those portions of the system where eliminations must take place. How often does the blood pass through the lungs? Every time that it must be clarified, or must receive that to create in the system that of a healing or eliminating force, as well as its clarification through the liver itself. The liver does not take other than that that may be acted upon by its secretions. The lungs take that that will act upon same to heal, and make for absorption OR elimination in its various manners. Then, see that being accomplished, as the heart pumps the blood THROUGH the throat, the lungs, the liver, the heart, to the extremities, to those parts affected, and you can feel the pulsation – see – as in this body through which the information comes; the increase of the circulation to this may be seen to the throat itself! (Edgar Cayce reading 1048-3)

Hence the lessons, as has oft been given, as to how one in one’s mental being may create those conditions that bring about just such physical results. But, even as the visions are seen, these continue to be mingled together with both good and bad. Just as such thoughts create and bring about such conditions. Then, desist! Either be on the one side or the other, and act as would bring to self that desired. (Edgar Cayce reading 136-82)

For the body mentally, in its spiritual attributes for the physical self, may hold much in this manner – as the applications are made, osteopathically, electrically: Not for things to be gotten through with, but SEE, FEEL, KNOW – as the applications are being made – that these are channels and measures through which the divine may operate for effective activity in this body! And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself – to be sure – is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical – or vibratory. Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical or electricity is the same force ye worship as Creative or God in action! (Edgar Cayce reading 1299-1)

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