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Beef Juice

The body derives several benefits from regular use of beef juice. It apparently could bring about a strengthening of the body without irritating the cells in the intestinal tract which might bring about a change in the nature of the lymph and the lymphatic functioning that might in turn disturb the body, causing sleeplessness and general irritation. The following readings are commentaries on it plus descriptions of how to prepare it.

“The combinations that have been indicated for the body as to diet are very good; yet we would add the greater strengthening influence without the addition of weight or of heavy foods – which would materially aid, and would not irritate those tendencies for the accumulations or separations in the active forces of mucus that has produced and does produce in the lymph those segregations and accumulations about which the body becomes so disturbed at times.

These as we find may be had in the Pure Beef Juice; not broth, but prepared in this manner:

Take a pound to a pound and a half preferably of the round steak. No fat, no portions other than that which is of the muscle or tendon or strength; no fatty or skin portions. Dice this into half inch cubes, as it were, or practically so. Put same in a glass jar without water in same. Put the jar then into a boiler or container with the water coming about half or three-fourths toward the top of the jar, you see. Preferably put a cloth in the container to prevent the jar from cracking. Do not seal the jar tight, but cover the top. Let this boil (the water, with the jar in same) for three to four hours. Then strain off the juice, and the refuse may be pressed somewhat. It will be found that the meat or flesh itself will be worthless. Place the juice in a cool place, but do not keep too long; never longer than three days, see? Hence the quantity made up at the time depends upon how much or how often the body will take this. It should be taken two to three times a day, but not more than a tablespoonful at the time – and this sipped very slowly. Of course, this is to be seasoned to suit the taste of the body.

Well, too, that whole wheat or Ry-Krisp crackers be taken with same to make it more palatable.” (1343-2)

“Also once a day it will be most beneficial to take beef juice as a tonic; not so much the beef itself but beef juice; followed with red wine. Do not mix these, but take both about the same time. Take about a teaspoonful of the beef juice, but spend about five minutes in sipping that much. Then take an ounce of the red wine, with a whole wheat cracker.” (2535-1)

Q-5. What quantity of beef juice to be taken daily?
A-5. At least two tablespoonsful, but no fat in same. A tablespoonful is almost equal to a pound of meat or two pounds of meat a day; and that’s right smart for a man that isn’t active!”  (1424-2)

“Beef juice should be taken regularly as medicine, a teaspoonful four times a day at least, but when taken it should be sipped, not just taken as a gulp.” (5374-1)

“As we find, we would use small quantities at a time – but take almost as medicine – of the beef juices … This is easily assimilated, gives strength and vitality, and is needed with the vital forces of the body in the present. Take at least a tablespoonful during the day, or two tablespoonsful. But not as spoonsful; rather sips of same. This, sipped in this manner, will work towards producing the gastric flow through the intestinal system, first in the salivary reactions to the very nature of the properties themselves, second with the gastric flow from the upper portion of the stomach or through the cardiac reaction at the end of the esophagus that produces the first of the lacteals’ reaction to the gastric flows in the stomach or digestive forces themselves; thirdly making for an activity through the pylorus and the duodenum that becomes stimulating to the activity of the flows without producing the tendencies for accumulation of gases.” (1100-10)

Beef juice is not a broth but a juice extracted from the meat through heat. It is prepared as follows:

Take about one pound of round steak preferably. Cut off the fat, leaving the muscle and pieces of tendon. Cut this then into half inch cubes, and put it into a glass jar without water in it. The jar should be covered but not tightly. Then put the jar into a pan with water in it, the water coming about one-half or three-fourths of the way toward the top of the jar. Put a cloth on the bottom of the pan to prevent the jar from cracking. Let the water then simmer for three to four hours. Then strain off the juice which has accumulated in the jar and the remaining meat may be pressed somewhat to extract the remainder of the juice. The meat will then be worthless. Place the juice in a refrigerator, but never keep it longer than three days. The quantity made, then, depends upon how much and how often the juice is taken. It should be taken two to three times a day, but not more than a tablespoon at the time – and this should be sipped very slowly taking perhaps five or ten minutes to use the whole amount.

It may be seasoned to suit the taste of the individual. It would be well also to use a whole wheat or Ry-Krisp cracker at the same time to make it more palatable. (See 1343-2 above.)

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