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Edgar Cayce sometimes recommended laxatives to improve eliminations through the colon, particularly in cases involving constipation.; However, he often cautioned that the body could become dependent this artificial form of elimination and lose its natural ability to eliminate wastes. To prevent dependency, Cayce typically would suggest that various forms of laxative be alternated. Also, various other therapies were usually recommended in addition to the laxatives. For example, diet (with lots of fruits and vegetables), hydrotherapy (especially colonic irrigations), and manual therapy (spinal manipulations and massage) were commonly prescribed for constipation. Here are some common laxatives recommended in the readings:

  • Fletcher’s Castoria
  • Eno Salts
  • Psyllium (Note:Psyllium may be purchased alone or combined with other ingredients in a product called InnerClean.)
  • Sulphur, rochelle salts, cream of tartar formula (Sulflax)
  • Yeast

The case of 265-6 is an excellent example of alternating laxatives to treat severe constipation.; This seventy-year-old woman was told to alternate between four laxatives combined with colon hydrotherapy and the use of a vibrator.; Edgar Cayce’s recommendation for her were to take:

  • One day a whole bottle (900 drops) of Castoria, in very small doses – half a teaspoonful every half hour.
  • The next day take a tablespoonful of Milk of Bismuth.
  • The next day take two tablespoonsful of Milk of Magnesia.
  • The next day take phenolphthalein, or Phenolax, as may be had in two tablets or wafers.
  • Then begin again with the Castoria and repeat the cycle at least three times.

The excerpt which follows provides a rationale for each of the therapies recommended for this woman.

Excerpts From Reading 265-6

The conditions in the present are more from the toxic forces that are produced in the system by poisons from non-eliminations, than from other causes.

In the evenings also before retiring, the use of the electrically driven vibrator along the whole cerebro-spinal system will be found to be helpful; for this will enable all centers along the cerebro-spinal system to receive a greater impulse from their activity, enabling all organs to be stimulated without the excess of one’s functioning so much under the strain of the tautness of another. Especially would this be helpful, that those centers in the upper dorsal and cervical area receive stimulation; also across the lower portion of the body, or the lumbar area.

The activities of the alimentary canal, and the effects that are had from pressures on bladder, pressures in the liver area – these need the effect of a stimuli to create for the system more lymph circulation, that the eliminations may be aided, and less tendency of over-stimulating the secretions in the stomach, thus emptying same of the lymph that is so needed oft in creating the necessary lactic foods for proper assimilation.

As we would find, these – then – would be the most helpful under the existent conditions, but should be alternated in such manners as not to become non-effective or non-active, rotating in a manner that will be effective for the system:

Occasionally, too, there should be the elimination or evacuation of the lower colon, with the use of the high enemas that will enliven the system in such a manner – by the use of proper antiseptics following such evacuations – that will remove the pressure on the pelvic organs, as well as relieving the breathing that is hindered by the dilation of the colon in the transverse and descending area – the transverse and descending, or as they turn in this portion of the colon area.; After the use of the water for evacuation, there should be made another solution wherein the antiseptics would be put. The better for this, as we find, would be Glyco-Thymoline – a tablespoonful to each quart of water that is used for the last injections.

To aid in overcoming the tendency of constipation, that is so harmful – and has been for long periods to the body, as to so affect the system, we would take:

One day a whole bottle (900 drops) of Castoria, in very small doses – half a teaspoonful every half hour.

The next day take a tablespoonful of Milk of Bismuth.

The next day take two tablespoonsful of Milk of Magnesia.

The next day take phenolphthalein, or Phenolax, as may be had in two tablets or wafers.

Then the next day return again to the Castoria. At least three rounds of these, followed consecutively day by day, should be taken, that the evacuations or eliminations in the colon may be effective.; Taken in these manners, and with the vibrations that may be given with the stimulation through the electrically driven vibrator, we will not disturb the activities of the organs as affected – the liver, the kidneys, and the bladder – the stomach, the respiratory system – to such an extent as to make other than a little weakness; but this – if kept in the proper way and manner – will bring about much bettered conditions for this body, Mrs. [265]…

The properties combined in the Castoria will affect the kidneys, the liver, the whole hepatic circulation directly.; The active principle is the senna, but the other elements that are added when taken in small quantities – are assimilated to the circulation and will not irritate the functioning of the organs that are exercised, as a laxative.

The properties in the Milk of Magnesia are to take away from the muco-membranes, or the lymph circulation through the circulation of the hepatics, any inflammation; yet tending to make for the using up of those portions that adhere to the walls of the intestines, so that there is the tendency at times for this to become obnoxious to the body, as it causes a strain especially on the duodenum to evacuate and cleanse same.; Hence the necessity of the occasional use of the enema, followed by the antiseptic cleansing.

Then the phenolphthalein, or the activity from the use of the wafers, is to act as a sedimentary to the draining of those portions of the duodenum and the jejunum, that will relieve those pressures in the heart area – that causes the cough, or the respiratory reaction.

Then, when this is repeated again, we will gradually CLEANSE the system – see?

These do not become destructive forces, then, to the organs that are involved…

The vibrations given in the electrically driven vibrator are to stimulate those centers (with this enlivening of the organs of the body, in the digestive and eliminating system) from the nerve plexus along the cerebro-spinal system, so that their activity produces nearer a normal impulse than is exercised by taking large quantities of cathartics – that will relieve the pressures for the moment, but not the causes.; These stimulations should be especially in the upper dorsal and cervical area, or 3rd and 4th dorsal and to the brachial plexus; then from the 3rd and 4th cervical to the upper portion – which will relieve all pressures sympathetically to the upper portion, or to the digestive portion. The stimulations in the lumbar region will relieve those pressures to the eliminating portion, or to the hepatic circulation.


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