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Colonic Irrigation

Sometimes referred to as a colonic or colon hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation is recognized as a highly beneficial approach to the health care of the colon. A colonic irrigation treatment is an internal bath that uses a professionally designed machine to give a high irrigation of the colon (large intestine).

The application is a safe, gentle infusion into the rectum of warm, filtered water which circulates throughout the colon, dissolving and removing its contents, while the client lies comfortably on a table. Water temperature and pressure is closely monitored and regulated during a series of fills and releases to aid in the peristaltic action of the colon. A hospital gown ensures complete coverage for modesty and warmth.

As the method involves an enclosed system, the waste materials are removed without the unpleasant odors or discomfort usually associated with enemas.

A colonic is a forty-five-minute procedure which is restorative, relaxing, and effective. It should be given by trained professional.

Why Cleanse?

Basic health begins with colon care. Eliminating undigested food particles, glandular and cellular debris, excess mucus, gas and parasites play an essential part in the digestive and assimilative process.

Due to technologies of food processing — the use of preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical and hormonal food additives — the need for cleansing the colon has never been greater. Many of these toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, lymph, liver, and nervous system, thus straining and eventually weakening the body’s defense against viruses and foreign bacteria.

The result is a breakdown which affects the body as a whole. An increased toxic load contributes to the problems associated with the colon: constipation, toxemia, colitis, diarrhea, skin blemishes, low back pain, and headaches — just to name a few.

Colonic irrigation helps to clean out the accumulation of stagnant toxin-producing matter in the colon pockets and keep the colon muscles toned. Improved muscle tone of the colon allows for the efficient removal of waste products from the body. Purification of the systems of the body helps restore internal balance and overall health.

Obtaining a Colonic Irrigation

The A.R.E. Health Center & Spa in Virginia Beach offers colon hydrotherapy with trained practitioners. You can visit their website at AREHealth.org to book an appointment. If you are looking for practitioners trained in colon hydrotherapy in your area, they may be found with a local web search.

Home Enemas as a Substitute for Colonic Irrigations

Although enemas are not as thorough as colonic irrigations, some individuals may require this form of hydrotherapy due to unavailability of colon therapy services. Harold Reilly, a physiotherapist highly regarded by Edgar Cayce, recommended the following instructions for doing an enema:

How to Take an Enema

  • Prepare the enema can or bag setup. Sterilize the nozzle or tube. For a simple enema, use 1 quart of lukewarm water and 1 teaspoon each of salt and soda. If we are using the apple-diet regimen and wish to obtain results comparable to a colonic, a three-stage enema will be required.
  • For the simple enema, lie on your left side. Use Vaseline either on the rubber coot that fits over your finger or on the tube, and gradually dilate the rectum, working the Vaseline around.
  • Control the speed at which the water enters to prevent cramping. If you feel you cannot hold the water, take deep breaths and close the valve until the intense feeling subsides.
  • After the quart of water has entered, hold as long as possible before expelling. If you do not get satisfactory results, it will be necessary to repeat the procedure until there is evacuation of the descending colon.

Recommended method:

  • Take the first quart of water, as above, on left side.
  • Second stage: Get in a knee-chest position on all fours on the floor and take a second quart of water with the salt-and-soda mixture.
  • Third stage: After expelling the second stage, rest a moment and then take a third quart, in which you have added one tablespoon of glycothymoline instead of the salt and soda. Take the last enema lying on your right side.

Get up and walk around before you expel the last enema. It will give you a more thorough cleansing and the glycothymoline is very good for the mucous lining of the colon and entire intestinal system. (The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy)

“And keeping the colon clean is that which is necessary for every well-balanced body; hence should be a part of the experience for each entity.” (Edgar Cayce reading 1703-2)

Note: As this information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, your use of this database of information indicates that you are aware of our recommendation that you consult with a professional healthcare provider before taking any action.