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Herbal Teas for Improved Digestion and Intestinal Healing

Certain herbal teas were frequently recommended by Edgar Cayce in cases involving digestive and intestinal problems. The most frequently suggested herbal teas are: American Yellow Saffron (not Spanish) and Slippery Elm Bark Powder. At times, Chamomile, Mullein and/or Watermelon Seed Tea may be used as a substitute for the American Yellow Saffron.

Here is an excerpt which describes the use of slippery elm bark and yellow saffron to soothe and to lessen the irritation to the alimentary canal:

Keep practically all the water as is taken (and the body should take plenty of same) with small quantities of elm in same. Well that this be kept, but never allowed to become sour, by giving small pinches of the powdered elm bark in glass of water with ice in same, see? Just enough to make the water taste of same, or slick, as it were.

Then there should be taken REGULARLY Yellow Saffron Tea. The combination of these, as we see, is to soothe and to lessen this irritation as is kept up through the intestine and through the stomach. (4256-1)

Cayce Quotes on Slippery Elm and Yellow Saffron for Colitis

Here are some additional excerpts from readings given for persons suffering from bowel problems (most often colitis), in which slippery elm bark and yellow saffron are recommended to assist in healing the bowel. Note that there is some variability in the recommended frequency of use depending upon the severity of the condition. For extreme conditions, the readings often suggested that all the water taken in the body should contain either the elm or saffron. For less severe conditions, regular use (once or twice each day) was recommended. You will need to determine the frequency of use of these teas which is suitable for your situation.

No water for the body except that carrying elm bark. This may be prepared just when this is given, but let it carry properties of elm bark. This as a coating and a soothing for the system, quenching the thirst, and still at the same time giving to the mucus coating some stability in its reaction, PROVIDED there is taken with this – or from time to time – this may be given two to three times a day – small quantities of Yellow Saffron Tea. This would be prepared by steeping (not boiling) two to three ounces of the Yellow Saffron in twenty to twenty-four ounces of pure water, or rain water, see? The dose would be teaspoonful – two teaspoonfuls at the time. Strain this off, see, and let it set aside to keep it cool.

Slippery Elm Bark, if this is prepared in a tea and allowed to be cooled and drunk, would be well. Also Yellow Saffron prepared by putting a pinch between the thumb and forefinger, and this put in a cup and boiling water poured on same. Let stand for 30 minutes, strain, cool and drink. This take about every day and we will make better conditions for the body…

(Q) How should the Elm be taken and how often?
(A) Elm may be taken every day, just so that there are the eliminations and this doesn’t ferment in the alimentary canal, but it will be helpful for the conditions through the alimentary canal, especially in colon. A pinch put in a glass, pour boiling water and let stand for twenty to thirty minutes, then put in an ice-box until it is cool and drink. It will be as slime, of course, but this is what’s needed in the alimentary canal.

Now, as we find, there are those returnings of the condition which has disturbed the body before; inflammation of the muco-membranes of the duodenum, extending into the caecum and colon.
These inflammations have been produced by congestion, lack of the proper elements for the activity of the system, becoming over-acid and producing irritation.

This makes for (in the glands of the lacteals) the continued reactions that make for cramps, and the lack of digestion.
In meeting the condition in the present, it would be well to use that which will allay the gastric disturbance, aiding in digestion and keeping to the diet that will produce the least amount of irritation for the body…

For the time being it would be well that all other water taken carry the elm OR saffron, for this will reduce the irritation.

(Q) What is the condition of my intestines and what should be done, or should I continue taking Castoria? [for colitis, swelling, griping pain.]
(A) Rather than so much of the Castoria in the present – for this CAN become irritating, of course – we would occasionally change to other eliminants. As we have indicated for other bodies, it is well to alternate these rather than continuing to take just one type of eliminant…

Every now and then, also, we would use elm water, Yellow Saffron tea or the like.

Thus we will keep down irritation and the too-easy fermentation that produces gas and, of course, pain at such times.

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