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Directions for Using the Radial Appliance

About the Appliance

According to the Cayce readings, the Radial Appliance is not a battery. It works by balancing the body’s natural energies, and generates no current itself. Although it was originally called the “Radio-Active” Appliance, it contains no radioactivity. It is constructed of steel, glass, carbon and charcoal in a brass container. It contains no chemicals or toxic materials. It should last for many years, but if you should ever need to dispose of it, no special arrangements are necessary.

These are the directions for using your Radial Appliance at home. They describe how to chill the Radial Appliance to activate it, how to attach it to your body, and how to store it. In most instances, the supplier of your appliance will provide such instructions with the appliance. Thus, the directions which follow are simple supplementary materials to aid you in its use.

The appliance seems to work best if used for at least 4 days a week. It can be used every day. After each month of use, the readings recommend that you take a break from it for about a week. The attachments for the appliance are rotated in a 4-day pattern (described below). This doesn’t require that you use the appliance 4 days in a row; simply pick up the next day in the sequence whenever you use the appliance next.

Activating the Appliance

The Appliance should be placed in the plastic tub and surrounded with cracked ice (ice cubes are fine) to the top of the tub. Add water until it reaches a level of about 2″ from the top of the Appliance. Do not allow the water to come over the top of the Appliance. Let it stand in this manner for 20 minutes before attaching to the body, leaving it in the ice water during the time it is attached to the body.

Cleaning the Electrodes

While the Appliance is cooling, use the emery paper (sandpaper) to clean the electrode surface that will touch your body. You must also sand the electrodes after you use the Appliance.

When the Appliance is ready for use, insert the tips of the wires in the holes on top of the Appliance (Red to Red and Black to Black). Do not let the metal discs (Electrodes) Touch each other after the wires have been fastened to the appliance!

Attaching the Appliance to Your Body

Always attach the Red wire to your body first. The general pattern is as follows:

  • 1st day: The plate coming from the red pole would be attached FIRST, to the RIGHT WRIST; while the other plate coming from the black pole would be attached LAST, to the LEFT ANKLE.
  • 2nd day: FIRST attachment (from the red pole) would be to the LEFT WRIST; LAST attachment (from the black pole) to the RIGHT ANKLE,
  • 3rd day: Attach FIRST to the LEFT ANKLE; LAST to the RIGHT WRIST.
  • 4th day: FIRST to the RIGHT ANKLE, LAST to the LEFT WRIST.

Thus a circle of the body will have been made in the attachments. The first attachment becomes the positive, the last the negative. Thus always be sure to attach FIRST the plate coming from the RED pole, LAST the one coming from the BLACK pole.

The electrodes are attached to the inside of the wrist, as near the pulse as possible, and to the inside of the ankle in the hollow just between the ankle joint and the tendon which runs down the back of the leg to the heel. Adjust the bands so that the discs are held securely in place against the skin.

The Session

Remain attached to the Appliance for about an hour each session. It is OK to use it a little longer. It is preferable to remain quiet, in a prayerful, meditative and constructive attitude during the hour the Appliance is attached; while resting, or just before retiring at night. Choose a relaxing setting such as a bedroom or meditation area. A recliner chair that adjusts to a horizontal position can be very relaxing. Place the container and appliance on the floor next to the bed or recliner.

Many people prefer to play some relaxing music during the session. A 60 minute cassette tape or CD also helps to define the length of the session. When the music stops, the session is over. Many music stores now contain one or more sections featuring music for meditation, relaxation (stress reduction), “night music” and so forth. After the session, remove the Appliance from the ice water and dispose of the ice water.

Storing the Appliance

When not using the Appliance, disconnect the wires and store the Appliance on a wooden shelf or table, NEVER ON METAL or near an electrical appliance such as a TV set. If convenient place the unit in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes occasionally. DO NOT attempt to attach the Appliance or electrodes to any source of electrical current – this will damage the subtle energies of the Appliance.

Before and after each attachment, be sure the electrodes are cleaned or polished with the emery cloth (sandpaper) which is provided. Special care should be taken not to let them become corroded by the acids and oils from the body. Store the electrodes in their separate plastic bags when not in use.


Edgar Cayce insisted that anything that can be helpful or healing can also be detrimental if misused. Remember that the Radial Appliance merely utilizes the body’s own energy – physically, mentally and spiritually. If there is negativity in the system, the Appliance will only redistribute the negative effects throughout the whole body. Keep a positive, constructive attitude while using the Appliance.

Edgar Cayce frequently recommended that the person using the appliance meditate during the session. Using positive affirmations and visualization is helpful. If you are in a negative frame of mind and can’t consciously transition to a more positive consciousness, look for reading material or other resources that you find inspiring and uplifting. Cayce often suggested certain inspirational passages from the Bible, particularly the 30th chapter of Deuteronomy and the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th chapters of John.

Alcohol and Appliance Use

The readings cautioned against using any form of electrotherapy while alcohol is in the system. So if you drink, don’t drive; and don’t use the appliance either.

One Appliance per Person

Because the Radial Appliance uses the body’s own energies, it is a personal device. Individuals should each have their own appliance. The Cayce readings emphasize that the Appliance should NOT BE SHARED with anyone else.

Additional Resources

Note: The term “Radial Appliance” in the Edgar Cayce Readings may also apply to the Wet Cell Battery. This product was also referred to as the Radio-Active Appliance.

Further information on the Radial Appliance is contained in the book: The Radial Appliance and the Wet Cell Battery, by David McMillin and Douglas G. Richards (Virginia Beach: Lifeline Press, 1994).

Experience the Radiac®, by Bruce Baar, MS, ND (Baar Products, Inc., 2012) available online at Baar.com

If you have any questions about the appliance, you can contact the Official Supplier of the Edgar Cayce Remedies online at Baar.com or by telephone at 1-800-269-2502.

Note: As this information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, your use of this database of information indicates that you are aware of our recommendation that you consult with a professional healthcare provider before taking any action.