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Results of Cayce Crude Oil Treatment

Note: The following research results were submitted by C. Wilford Grover, Ph.D. on June 28, 1973. A notice enlisting participants produced 45 persons who reported results as contained in the following report. The 1) enlistment letter, 2) table of results, and 3) IRF (“Black Book”) description of the treatment format are included in this section.

1) Enlistment Letter

Dr. C. Wilford Grover investigated the use of the Cayce Crude Oil Treatment for Baldness.

2) Table of Results

Extent of Hair Regrowth Number Reporting Percentage
Complete 2 4
Considerable 3 7
Moderate 8 18
Little 19 42
None 13 29
Totals 45 100

3) IRF (“Black Book”) Description of the Treatment Format


Yes. As we find, there is a lack of activity of the glands in the thyroid area. This causes a weakness in the activities to nails and hair over the body.We would take small doses of Atomidine to purify in the thyroid activity. Take one drop each morning for five days in succession. Then leave off for five days.

During that period give the scalp a thorough massage with crude oil; using the electrically driven vibrator with the suction applicator. This should be done very thoroughly, not hurriedly and should require at least thirty to forty minutes for the massage with the crude oil and then the application of white Vaseline and then the electrically driven vibrator using the suction cup applicator.

Then begin the first of the next week with the Atomidine, one drop each morning for five days.

Then during the next five days (now the middle of the week) give another crude oil shampoo following with the white Vaseline and the vibrator treatment.

Leave these off then for two weeks.

Then have another complete series, but between each two series allow two weeks to elapse.

Doing these, we will find that in six to eight months it will begin to stimulate the activities for the growth of hair over the scalp and on body.

Do use the diets that carry iodine in their natural forms. Use only kelp salt or deep sea salt. Plenty of seafoods. These are preferable for the body.

Not too much sweets. The egg yolk but not the white of egg should be taken.

Doing these we will bring better conditions for the body.


As we find, there are conditions causing disturbances with this body. These are because of improper coordination of the activities of the inner and outer glandular force as related to the thyroid. This allows for deficiencies in certain chemical forces, especially as related to the epidermis, or the activities in the toes and the fingers and the hair. These are distressing disturbances to the body.

There is that which has caused much of the disturbance – a long-standing subluxation existent in the 3rd and 4th lumbar centers, which prevents the perfect circulation through the glands of the thyroid area.

We would make corrections osteopathically in that specific area, coordinating the 3rd cervical and the lumbar axis with same.

We would also begin taking Atomidine internally as a purifier for the glands and to stimulate better thyroid activity. This may change the heart’s regularity for the time but if it is properly administered and the osteopathic corrections are made properly, we will find changes wrought in the activities in the epidermis and as associated or related to the hair.

For the scalp we would prepare a close-fitting cap – oil cap to be used once a week or left on over night, when the scalp would be massaged with pure hog lard. Not that which has been mixed with vegetable matter but the pure pork or hog lard. Massage this in at night. Sleep with it in the hair and scalp. Using the cap as protection. In the morning have a thorough shampoo with Olive Oil shampoo, massaging the scalp afterward with white vaseline cut with a little alcohol solution – just sufficient to cleanse same; about a drop of grain alcohol to an ounce of water – just enough to change the activity of same.

Do eat more of sea foods, more carrots, and – while certain times will have to be chosen for such – do eat onions and garlic.


As we find, general conditions in a manner are very good, yet there are disturbances that cause a great deal of anxiety to the body. These, however, are more in the purely physical, than that having to do with the body as an entity. For these are rather the activities in the reflexes in the sensory and sympathetic nervous system, and arise from the body attempting to improve in a selfish manner upon what nature had intended for the body to be.

Thus there has been an upsetting of the glandular system by the activities in the body that destroy the effect of these glands, producing such elements in the thyroid glands, especially thus destroying the oils that were a portion of the activity in the sympathetic nervous system as related to the epidermis.

These may later, unless corrections are made, cause splotches where there will be discolorations in the skin until these may become rather patches over portions of the body, especially the upper portion of the limbs, the hands and on the arms. Yet, as we find if there will be a change of attitude mentally – much change may come physically – the body needn’t laugh at this, for it will find that one day the conditions will be rather serious unless there are measures taken to correct the mental, and not merely the physical or pathological conditions.

For, as it has experienced, these have had little to do with changing of the activities in the gland force of the body. We would first begin with the taking internally once a day for at least four days out of each week – and have it the same four days each week – one grain of Calcidin as prepared by the Abbott Company, Chicago. This take say Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Leave off until the next week and repeat for a period of at least six weeks.

After this has clarified the respiratory and perspiratory system by the increasing of the activity through the respiratory and the lung and throat area and the iodine has acted upon the system, begin by massaging the scalp about once every twelve days with pure hog lard – yes this is an aversion to the body – but these properties will be needed in the physical self. Massage this thoroughly into the body, the scalp, then cleanse with soft tepid water and with Fitch’s Dandruff Remover Shampoo. This will purify scalp but let the grease that is rubbed into scalp remain for at least twenty minutes before it is washed out. Then add a small quantity of white vaseline, massaging thoroughly into the scalp.

In the diet eat the soup from the peelings of Irish potatoes. Add more often the raw vegetables such as lettuce, celery, water cress, radishes, onions, mustard greens and all of those that may be prepared as salads and the like. Carrots will make better conditions in combination with these for the sparkle of the eye and for the general vision.

Have the full evacuation of alimentary canal at least once a day and do at least once a month purify the colon by the use of high enemas. These may be taken by self, provided the colon tube is used. Use about a half a gallon of water, putting at least a heaping teaspoonful of salt and a heaping teaspoonful of soda in same, dissolved thoroughly. Have the water body temperature and have the thermometer at least ninety or above.

Do these, be very careful with the general eliminations.

Keep away from all of those things such as hard drinks, carbonated water or the like and we will gain better health and have better superficial circulation.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Did childbirth cause this condition to become worse?

(A) It only aggravated, it is not the source of condition but too much of drying out of the scalp, as has been indicated, to improve upon nature. Be natural: You’ll be much more attractive.

We are through with this reading.


(Q) Why doesn’t the growth of hair show improvement?

(A) This is the natural consequence of conditions that have been in the scalp. The activity of the body shows that the glands do produce same, but getting it on the head is different! That would require more of the use of the vacuum treatment AND the stimulating of the scalp to better activity.

The gland force is improved, and DOES grow hair – but not on the head so much.

Note: As this information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, your use of this database of information indicates that you are aware of our recommendation that you consult with a professional healthcare provider before taking any action.