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Psoriasis Responds to Artificial Kidney

According to reports from University of Missouri researchers, physicians have treated eight patients and are following ten others who are being dialyzed at medical centers throughout the country. These patients have primary problems that require dialysis, but psoriasis was present in each at the beginning of treatment. After three weeks of treatment and three more of observation, improvement was seen; and it was a regular response, not just an occasional one.

Interestingly, the chief of dermatology, Dr. Philip Anderson, believes that the favorable effect is not from cleansing the blood of toxic substances, but rather from the absorption of some unidentified beneficial substance from the dialysis solution. This is his opinion and that of his colleague, Dr. Karl Nolph, nephrologist, in spite of the work done some time ago at the University of Louisville, in which chronic schizophrenics improved markedly through the use of dialysis. Investigators of that study speculated that an unidentified substance, accumulating in the blood and contributing to the abnormal behavior, was removed during dialysis.

Perhaps my viewpoint is oversimplified (and I don’t call it speculation, but rather physiological observation) when I voice my opinion. It seems only logical to me that a machine, designed to remove toxic substances from the blood – a feat the kidney is unable to do – is at the same time likely to remove those substances which the kidney or other eliminatory channel did not or could not remove; in turn – if not removed – the substance might create problems for the body. We too often neglect to recognize the human body’s amazing ability both to create or correct illnesses by the downgrading or upgrading of single physiological processes. And I see no reason to speculate that we who do things to the body must always be involved in the healing process when the body itself, after a cleansing of its cells, can bring about its own healing process. The dialysis cleansed the body’s blood supply in a way that the patients’ kidneys were unable to do. The eliminations brought about in this manner saved the lives of these particular people, for toxins would indeed pile up and bring about their demise if these patients had continued without dialysis. So is it any stretch of the imagination to consider that the clearing of one’s skin, which is supplied by the blood, can come about from cleansing the blood through dialysis? I have trouble with the kind of thinking that Doctors Anderson and Nolph postulate.

All of which leads me to our experiences here at the A.R.E. Clinic with psoriasis patients. We have seen a clearing up of the skin of individuals who used the suggestions found in the Cayce readings. Specific therapy recommendations aim for: (1) improvement in the functions of food assimilation and eliminatory processes; (2) clearing the circulatory and accumulated toxic substances; and (3) healing the intestinal lesions which allow toxic substances to system. So, in using the following recommendations only: osteopathic manipulations; yellow saffron and mullein tea, colonics, a basic diet which eliminates fats, sweets and pastries, and adds fruits and vegetables; and an occasional course of triple salts (one teaspoonful of equal parts of sulfur, Rochelle salts and Cream of Tartar well mixed and taken twice daily for several days) – those people suffering from psoriasis have greatly improved.

Causative factors are dealt with rather extensively in the Cayce readings. I’d like to quote one extract from a reading given to a man with psoriasis, but let me refer you to the Circulating File on “Psoriasis.” In the File’s commentary Dr. Fred Lansford does an excellent job of discussing both the etiology and therapy of the disease process.

According to Cayce, the cause of psoriasis was always due to lack of lymph circulation through the alimentary canal. This occurs most often by a thinning of the intestinal walls due to varied stresses (such as, lack of coordination in the eliminatory organs, constipation, toxic conditions affecting the organs of eliminations, or even problems affecting lymph circulation directly). Maybe psychiatrists could offer reasons and rationale as to how these underlying causes might be due to mental attitudes or emotional conditions. But for the moment, here’s what Cayce said about this one man:

In some times back we had a condition that existed from toxic forces, or by the accumulations through and to the stubborn condition in an improper elimination through the alimentary canal. This strain at the time from fecal forces in the system tended to make for a thinning of the walls of the intestines themselves, making a secretion that – having to be taken up by the lymph and emunctories, and the blood being impoverished – produces a rash on the exterior forces of the body at times. (622-1)

With these thoughts of cleansing, we send greetings to you from the Valley of the Sun.

Note: The preceding report was provided by William McGarey, M. D. and is excerpted from The A.R.E. Journal, May, 1979, Volume 14, No. 3, page 124, Copyright © 1979 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.

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