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Disease Overview

Overview of Fractures and Sprains

Care of fractures is obviously an orthopedic problem. The primary consideration in such care is preservation of life. With this assumed, proper reduction of the fractured bone then becomes paramount to healing. If such reduction is not performed, changes might come about within the part of the body affected which would be irreversible. For a naturopathic doctor who applied for a reading (4457-1) Cayce saw conditions that would “necessitate an operation before the body could be entirely relieved and brought back to a normal condition. . .” This was a skull fracture, apparently depressed and causing pressure on the brain. This man was advised to have surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, another one of Cayce’s specific recommendations.

In another case, [ 1715], the care and reduction of a fractured arm was “improper,” and it was reported that the hand and the finger were becoming stiff and there was sensory loss to the little finger. In his comments, Cayce did not see a full healing of the conditions likely to come about, apparently because of interruption of the nerve supply to tendons and muscles of the extremity.

Assuming, however, that the reduction of a fracture is proper and other factors are equal, healing comes about as a manifestation of the spirit acting within the body itself, in a manner that demands the proper balance between the physical body and the mental body. Case [564] was urged “then, give self the opportunity to function normally, mentally, physically, spiritually. The spirit will act, irrespective of what a body does with its physical or mental body-and it may make a very warped thing if you keep it under cover or expose it too much!” (564-1)

The healing comes through hormones that “coagulate” those electrical energies from food and from the red blood cells, etc., into form or into tissue that is the rebuilding of the fracture. This rebuilding, which in medical terminology is called callus formation, needs to be balanced in its effects on the rest of the system by means of the nerve centers in the sympathetic ganglia and the cerebrospinal nervous system so that the body as a whole may remain adjusted, in harmony, and in coordination with itself. Also the products of rebuilding, which become “refused” or rejected or used energies – waste products or end products of metabolism – must also be eliminated properly from the system. Elimination becomes a very important factor, as does the balancing of the sympathetic ganglia through adjustments and manipulations.

When the body is not properly balanced to bring about normal healing or when improper reduction of fractures brings problems in healing, the healing forces within the body can be assisted in bringing conditions as a whole back toward normal. A stiffening was coming about in the knee ligaments after a fracture of the patella in a 40-year-old man. (438-5) Cayce suggested massages to supply calcium, acids, and oils that “will prevent accumulations of water-or prevent the tendons becoming so taut as not to allow movement in the knee and the kneecap.” On one day he suggested using olive oil and tincture of myrrh, equal parts, while on alternate days salt soaked with pure apple vinegar was to be used. The salt and vinegar combination was perhaps the most common massage or pack recommended in care of fractures or sprains.

The normal healing of a fracture is stimulated and aided with massage in case [3823] on the arm and brachial area of the shoulder with the same salt-and-vinegar combination, twice a day. This was for fracture of an arm and was used after the splints were removed.

Ligamentous sprain becomes a problem often, both acute and chronic. The “loosening” of the tendons to prevent further disturbance in these areas has already been described above in case [438]. For sprained ligaments about the knee, for ankle sprain, for torn ligaments-for all these conditions, table salt moistened with pure apple vinegar or a solution of pure apple vinegar saturated with table salt or a pack of salt soaked with vinegar seems to be a beneficial, corrective, rebuilding application. Other suggestions to speed up the healing process appeared in the readings. An oil for massage can be made up by taking four ounces of peanut oil, then adding in order: two ounces of oil of pine needles, one ounce of oil of sassafras root, and one tablespoon of melted lanolin. This was suggested to alternate with salt-vinegar rubs in restoring a fractured knee back to health.

Almost a specific for backache, sprains, aching in joints, swellings, bruises, etc., would be:

To one ounce of olive oil, add:
Russian white oil, 2 ounces
Witch hazel, V2 ounce
Tincture of benzoin, 1/2 ounce
Oil of sassafras, 20 minims
Coal oil (kerosene), 6 ounces

“It’ll be necessary to shake this together, for it will tend to separate; but a small quantity massaged in the cerebrospinal system or over sprains, joints, swellings, bruises will take out the inflammation or pain!” (326-5)

The violet ray hand applicator was suggested for use in [1715], in which case there had been improper reduction of the arm. About every third day the violet ray was to be applied to the brachial plexus area of the neck, and about once a week or once in two weeks gently over the entire arm. This was used in addition to the massage once a day with a combination of one tablespoon each of olive oil, tincture of myrrh, and sassafras oil made up fresh for each treatment. (The olive oil is to be heated first, and then the others added in turn.) This treatment brought the condition of near immobilization of the hand back to full normalcy.

Much then can be done to assist in healing of fracture or restoration of sprained muscles and tendons to normal.

Do these as we have indicated, in a consistent and persistent manner; and we will find we will bring the normal conditions for this body. Not as rote, but knowing that within self must be found that which may be awakened to the building of that necessary for the body, mentally and physically and spiritually, to carry its part in this experience. For the application of any influence must have that which is of the divine awakening of the activative forces in every atom, every cell of a living body. (726-1)

Note: The preceding overview was written by William A. McGarey, M.D. and is excerpted from the Physician’s Reference Notebook, Copyright © 1968 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.

Note: As this information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, your use of this database of information indicates that you are aware of our recommendation that you consult with a professional healthcare provider before taking any action.