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Disease Overview

Overview of Color Blindness

I. Physiological Considerations

In the single case of color blindness discussed in [in the Cayce readings], the apparent cause is karmic or one that might be called hereditary, since the condition apparently had existed since birth. Other cases are not available for study.

The production of lack of color vision as a physiological series of events is interesting and probably might find many relationships with other conditions of the eye. It begins as nerve energies in the vagus nerve that are deflected from their origin in the second, third and fourth dorsal sympathetic ganglia. (These ganglia have major control over the coordination within the body between the superficial and the deep circulation.) The nerve energies arise here and coordinate through the vagus nerve with the similar areas of control existing in the third, fourth, and fifth cervical ganglia. The latter are the optic centers which control various functions of the eyes. In this series of events then, the nerve energies which should be flowing to the optic centers have been deflected because of disturbances in the upper dorsal area; and the optic centers in turn are deficient in circulatory control energy which might be directed toward the eyes.

Not enough nerve impulse, then, comes from the lower cervical optic centers to care for the replenishing of the eyes and the carrying away of the used forces which are present there. Then, when overactivity comes about (general muscular and visual activity), the primary circulation to the eyes, which is a part of the deep circulation, becomes filled to overflowing with “refused energies.” This brings the lachrymals, ducts, and glands of the superficial circulation into action in an attempt to supply the energies needed. Swelling, reddening, and irritation then come to the eyelid, portions of the eyeball, “and to the character of that which is reflected in the lens and in the iris and in the response to the optic center itself.” (820-2)

It would seem – from this series of circumstances among the various consciousnesses of the body – that a specific type of accident to the dorsal area could also conceivably cause color blindness. Other abnormalities in function within the body may or may not be present.

II. Rationale of Therapy

In approaching therapy, we should remember that the body has a capability of normal function:

Thus, we would administer those activities which would bring a normal reaction through these portions, stimulating them to an activity from the body itself, rather than the body becoming dependent upon supplies that are robbing portions of the system to produce activity in other portions, or the system receiving elements or chemical reactions being supplied without arousing the activity of the system itself for a more normal condition. (1968-3)

The rationale of therapy in this particular condition would be:

  1. To correct the condition of abnormality in the dorsal ganglia,
  2. To stimulate more activity of those energies coming from the cervical area, and
  3. To supply the material with which to rebuild deficient nerve forces. It would be necessary, of course, to care for the pressures which might exist in the cervical area, and osteopathic care through these courses of therapy would be the primary concern.

III. Suggested Therapeutic Regimen

Therapy should first be directed at correcting osteopathically the pressures which exist in second, third, and fourth dorsal segments. These should be given two or three times a week for a period of three weeks. The cervical vertebrae should not be treated until the dorsal are in perfect alignment as shown by the circulation of the right temple being in balance with the circulation of the left temple. When this is done the cervical should also be treated.

After each osteopathic treatment, the hand violet ray applicator should be used to the cervical and the upper dorsal area but especially to the atlas (the first cervical area). Toward the end of the three-week period, the last treatments should incorporate the wet cell battery, with the gold chloride solution in one grain per ounce of distilled water (use three ounces in the bottle). The positive copper electrode should be placed at the fourth dorsal area, and the nickel plate, carrying the gold chloride, should be placed between the first and second cervicals, which would locate it at the “brain force centers” and the medulla oblongata. Those portions that go to the vagus center on either side of the neck and enter into the arteries and through to the head would be affected. Wet cell therapy should be continued for three weeks.

After this has been completed, rest is recommended for about three weeks. Then the entire series should be repeated and these cycles kept on until the condition is corrected.

Therapy should be aimed at keeping the diet near to alkaline-reacting foods. Green raw vegetables, whole wheat, citrus fruits (never these combined), fruits, berries, and vegetables are all alkaline-reacting foods. Never fried foods, never bananas and never raw apples (unless the raw apples are taken by themselves for three days and then followed with olive oil which will cleanse all toxins from the system). There should be no large quantity of potatoes. Potato peelings are strengthening, carrying those influences and forces that are active in the glands of the system. An 80 percent alkaline/20 percent acid reacting diet is advised.

Should we not attempt to awaken the inner forces to God’s presence? “For, all healing comes from the one source. And whether there is the application of foods, exercise, medicine, or even the knife, it is to bring the consciousness of the forces within the body that aid in reproducing themselves – the awareness of creative or God forces.” (2696-1)

Note: The preceding overview was written by William A. McGarey, M.D. and is excerpted from the Physician’s Reference Notebook, Copyright © 1968 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.

Note: As this information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, your use of this database of information indicates that you are aware of our recommendation that you consult with a professional healthcare provider before taking any action.