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Disease Overview

Overview of Cataracts

I.  Physiological Considerations

The major cause of cataracts, as seen in the Cayce readings, is impaired circulation and eliminations leading to accumulations in the sensory system. Other causes less frequently cited include: spinal lesions and subluxations, digestive disturbances, dietary insufficiency, mental attitudes, mechanical injury, and constitutional condition. In one or two instances, no specific cause was given. Even in most of these instances poor circulation and elimination were the final mechanisms that allowed cataracts to form.

For instance, in reading 2193-1 elemental dietary deficiency resulted in anemia, which in turn led to altered circulation and impaired elimination resulting in the formation of cataract deposits in the eyes. The mental strain produced by associated symptoms further led to depletion of the nervous system.

Another variation is seen in reading 3598-1. In this case the cause was digestive disturbance as a result of overactivity of the glandular forces (system) affecting the duodenum. This in turn was caused by pressure on the spine at the level of the fifth, sixth thoracic (dorsal) spinal segment, which affected the hypogastric and pneumogastric centers. The finding results were poor assimilations and eliminations.

Improper attitudes can work to bring about physical problems, including cataracts. In reading 3335-1, this was associated with disturbances in assimilation and elimination, resulting in other problems including cataracts. In reading 5451-2 the patient’s poor attitude included improper care for his body as reflected in poor dietary habits, which contributed to developing this illness.

In summary, it can be stated that in the great majority of people for whom Cayce gave readings on cataracts, disturbances in circulation and elimination were the final mechanisms through which the disease came about. In a few instances the basis of the problem was of a nonphysical nature which set into motion forces that brought about a physical condition.

II. Rationale of Therapy

This may be approached under two broad outlines:

  1. Physical causes, the most common underlying problem being circulation/elimination disturbances; others include spinal lesions, digestive disturbances, etc. Appropriate therapy is selected on the basis of what is seen as the major underlying problem.
  2. Non-physical causes such as attitudes and emotions. Physical problems nearly always overshadow the non-physical and thus the latter may be easily overlooked. In such instances only partial results are obtained when therapy is directed solely to physical causes. The following illustrations will serve to emphasize this point:

Mr. Cayce: So to relieve this condition we would, with the action of mental force, or expression, over the sensory system so control the circulation as to cause the proper elimination, or eliminating channels to be directed to the specific cause. See?
Mr. [3943]: Yes, sir.
Mr. Cayce: And with the assistance of mechanical forces so adjust all of the system as to make the direct action of both mental and spiritual being centered in the condition to be removed. That is by gentle manipulation along the centers that govern the nerves from the cerebrospinal nerve center itself, and the plexus governing the sympathetic or soul forces and their conjunction points with the sensory organism, and we would then direct as it were the energies of the mind and soul forces with the physical attributes in the body to this condition that we wish to remove from this body. Those centers we will find at the cervical region from the 2nd cervical to the 3rd and 4th dorsal. See? (3943-1)

What this passage is pointing out is that we must work on all levels-spiritual, mental and physical – for one is just as important as the others. If the physical body is unable to make use of the channeled spiritual and mental forces, little good is done by using physical applications exclusively. This passage also indicates that the higher forces are channeled through the nervous system.

Another example is to be found in reading 5451-2. This patient was already receiving treatments from other sources and was satisfied with what was being done. Cayce indicated in this instance that as long as he (the patient) felt this way, other treatments would not be advised, for they would be ineffective.

  … if the body’s mind is not to be changed, then wouldn’t be best to change the body-for if the body is still convinced within self that that being done is proper, don’t change it! Let it have its way! For it must learn for itself. (5451-2)

III.  Suggested Therapeutic Regimen

The following is a summary of the most commonly prescribed treatments. They are aimed at improving the circulation and eliminations and in allowing for better attunement to spiritual forces to provide coordination of the physical, mental and spiritual:

  1. Osteopathy. Adjustments in the upper cervical and dorsal segments (C1, 2, 3; DI, 2, 3); sometimes in the lower dorsal coordinating with the upper lumbar. Frequency: about twice weekly for five to six weeks with rest periods of two to three weeks. This was by far the most commonly prescribed treatment.
  2. Massage. With peanut oil (sometimes a combination of oils). Frequency is variable. Again twice weekly would be reasonable, though in one instance it was recommended on a daily basis before retiring. Emphasis to spine, mastoid, temple and chin areas.
  3. Violet ray treatment. Sometimes recommended only after the first osteopathic series. Would be applied along the spine, head and neck areas for three minutes, then with the double-eye applicator over closed eyes for another one-and-a-half minutes about three times per week.
  4. A Glyco-Thymoline or Epsom salt pack may be used over same areas for 20-30 minutes prior to the violet ray treatments.

    • Discharge from the eyes may occur with these treatments. This should be wiped off with a non-irritating, antiseptic solution.
    • Potato poultice may also be used after the violet ray treatment. Wash off with weak eye solution that will remove inflammation drawn by the poultice.
  5. Eliminations. At least once or twice daily using natural laxatives, e.g., Eno salts, Fletcher’s Castoria, bicarbonate of soda with cracker crumbs, etc.; colonics, if necessary.
  6. Diet. A wholesome diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Seafoods are allowed but no meats or sweets. Raw carrots, lettuce, celery, watercress and the like are beneficial.
  7. Vibratory treatment. Another way of stimulating blood flow is, first, rub the body with cold water to produce shock, followed by fast vibratory treatment (reading 3943-1). Frequency and duration not specified. Twice weekly treatment is suggested lasting 20-30 minutes.
  8. Spiritual counseling, prayer, and meditation. These are other modalities available to ensure integration of the triune body, mind and spirit.

Note: The preceding overview was written by Hezekiah Chinwah, M. D. and is excerpted from the Physician’s Reference Notebook, Copyright © 1968 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.

Note: As this information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, your use of this database of information indicates that you are aware of our recommendation that you consult with a professional healthcare provider before taking any action.