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Important Concepts


The blood and lymph are the main circulatory systems of the body. Through these vital substances, the body’s cells are kept alive. Without adequate circulation of blood and lymph, the body’s tissues are starved and poisoned. Thus, the processes of assimilation and elimination are dependent on healthy circulation to nourish and cleanse the body.

Edgar Cayce commonly recommended several basic interventions for assisting with circulation. Steam baths followed by a full body massage were frequently prescribed to improve circulation to the external portions of the body (and thus improve eliminations through the skin). Manual medicine (i.e., osteopathy or chiropractic) was also recommended to regulate the nerve centers which influence patterns of circulation. Such regulation was sometimes recommended in cases requiring improved eliminations in certain portions of the body. For example, in cases of dementia where the nerve tissue in the brain is toxic, increased circulation to the brain would naturally be a high priority.

Daily physical exercise was one of the most often suggested therapies for improving circulation. Walking and swimming were two of the most highly recommended forms of exercise for most people.

Cayce also described specific exercises for morning and evening regimens. He noted that the upper body was to be stimulated in the morning and the lower body in the evening. These are natural patterns of circulation which can be assisted by specific exercises. (See The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy, which illustrates “vertical” exercises for the morning and “horizontal” exercises for the evening.)

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