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instructions for stock certificates

Option 1: Stock Power Form

*Preferred Method for Transferring Stock Certificates
If you have physical possession of your stock certificates, you will need to sign a stock power for each certificate you would like to transfer to the A.R.E. Stock power forms are available from any broker. On the stock power form, only fill in:

  • number of shares
  • type of security (common or preferred, etc.)
  • name of the corporation
  • stock certificate number

*If you are mailing your stock certificates to the A.R.E., the stock powers should be sent in a separate envelope.

Option 2: Transfer by Signature

You can also transfer your stock certificates to the A.R.E. by signing the back of each certificate. The stock power is not necessary with this method. Signing your certificates is only recommended if you are hand delivering them to the A.R.E. Office of Development. In addition to your signature, you will need to fill in the “transfer to” section on the back of the certificate as well as the above information.

Option 3: Re-Registering Your Certificates

You may also re-register your stock certificates into A.R.E.’s names. This process can take from two to four weeks, so it is the least efficient method. If the certificate is in A.R.E.’s name, you should include a letter, identifying yourself as the donor. No stock power is needed in this case.

Stock certificates should be sent to:

A.R.E. Office of Philanthropy
215 67th St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone: 757-457-7215
Fax: 757-428-4036
E-mail: philanthropy@edgarcayce.org


For more information or to discuss your charitable goals, please contact us.

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