Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Dove with Olive Branch

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On Demand Webinar: Reboot Your Spirit & Supercharge Your Intuition

Featuring Kim O’Neill

Do you long to reconnect to your higher self and your innate psychic abilities? Join us for a fast-paced, information-packed webinar that will help you re-energize your spiritual practice and jump-start your natural intuitive gifts with dynamic speaker, author, and psychic Kim O’Neill. She shares simple but powerful exercises, visualizations, and daily practices that will help you reboot your spirit and develop a greater intuitive awareness, helping you become stronger and more confident in your abilities. Edgar Cayce reminded us that “psychic is of the soul” and that we are all born with this ability. Kim brings her decades of experience to help you remove blockages and power up your intuitive flow in ways that are simple, practical, and fun!

Moderated by Cara Blume.




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