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On Demand Webinar: Crystal Power: Ignite your Transformational Journey

Featuring Cindy Griffith

Want to grow spiritually and don’t know where to start or maybe you are well along the path yet looking to take it to the next level! Join Cindy for an hour long webinar as we explore Edgar Cayce’s ideas of how vibration affects your spiritual transformation and evolution. You’ll also learn why crystals can help, what crystals are best for transformation and a few ways to use them to super charge your spiritual journey no matter what stage you are at!

Join our insightful webinar where we will discuss:

  • Understanding vibration in relationship to evolution and transformation (Cayce vibration)
  • Understand Crystal vibration: How to use crystals to support your transformation goals
  • Best Crystals for Super charging your Spiritual Growth and how to use them


A.R.E. Members: $25
Non-members: $35


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