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On Demand: The Value of Past-Life Exploration

Featuring Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt

“I have enough problems in this life. Why bother to look at my past lives?” This is a common question raised about regression therapy. But surprise! Past-life exploration is not about the past…it’s about the present!

This webinar answers commonly asked questions about reincarnation and past-life regression and is designed for believers and non-believers alike. We begin with case studies of individuals whose lives have changed as a result of past-life work.

Join this insightful webinar to explore:

  • How past-life work can give you a different perspective of your life
  • Discuss the history of reincarnation
  • What Edgar Cayce and famous historic figures had to say about reincarnation
  • The Akashic Records where past-life memory is stored
  • The life questions that past-life regression can answer
  • The Law of Karma
  • What we learn about ourselves
  • Criticisms of past-life recall
  • The various ways to explore past-lives, including the non-hypnotic resonance method
  • What you can expect in a regression session
  • How past-life exploration has made a profound change in the lives of those who have pursued its healing energy


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Non-members: $35


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