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Northern California: Asilomar Spring Retreat

Soul’s Journey: From AncientMysticism to ModernProphecies
Featuring John Van Auken & Rev. Dr. Nicole Charles

Date: 03/22/2024 - 03/24/2024


Asilomar Conference Grounds,
Monterey Peninsula
800 Asilomar Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

An A.R.E. Headquarters Affiliate Event:

Key Dates of Our Soul Journey

Cayce gave us a surprisingly detailed timeline for our soul journey, stating that it was actually carved in the interior stones of the  Great Pyramid of Egypt. He also added to the pyramid’s timeline in several supplemental readings. John will take us through our soul
journey, from the beginning to our upcoming conclusion.

Prophecies Converging in Our Times

Surprisingly, ancient and modern prophecies, including Cayce’s,  converge in our times. John will share all the prophecies and reveal their timing related to our lifetimes and beyond. This includes biblical, Egyptian, Mayan/Aztec, Nostradamus and other seers, and Cayce.

Cayce as a Prototype for Our Soul Growth

The Cayce teachings state over and over that WE will eventually be  like Cayce, having a broader vision of reality and the many dimensions of life–and we will have it consciously. John takes us on a  training course that leads us to higher consciousness, higher vibrations, and more soulfully conscious life, using Cayce as a prototype,  an example.

Maps of Our Minds

In several of Edgar Cayce’s readings of the Universal Consciousness,  he gave detailed maps of the levels of our minds as individuals and as collective people–the microcosm and the macrocosm of consciousness. These maps help us make a journey through the levels and unite them within us.

The Kingdom is Within Us

If we are physical beings with organic brains, organs, bones, and cells, where inside us is the door to this Kingdom of God that Jesus told us to look for? How can our body be a device for physical life and, at the same time, be a device for metaphysical life? Using the ancient Yoga Sutra, Cayce, and Jesus, John will show us how this seemingly impossible journey can become ours.


Shirley Jackson, A.R.E. Registrar, at shirley@mar-com.com or call 831.768.7779
Marianne Splenda, Program Coordinator, at msplenda@gmail.com or call 510.528.4407

  • Date : 03/22/2024 - 03/24/2024
  • Venue : Asilomar Hotel and Conference Ground, 800 Asilomar Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Regular Admission: $399
Senior Admission: $379


Attend In Person


An Edgar Cayce affiliate event is an event organized by supporters in the community. This event is not an official Edgar Cayce Headquarters event and is not organized by A.R.E. staff. While we fully support all efforts to promote the Cayce philosophy, we are not responsible for content accuracy or representation.

Date: 03/22/2024 - 03/24/2024


Asilomar Conference Grounds,
Monterey Peninsula
800 Asilomar Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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