Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
TENNESSEE -Southeast Region

Memphis Metro & Mid-South Area Website: CAREMemphis.org

Burns (near Nashville)

Nov 7-9, 2014- 43d Annual Mid-South Fall Retreat Edgar Cayce on the Wisdom of Dreams and the Nature of Healing Jerry Lazarus
Contact: Joan Waddell Telephone: 901-830-7485 (joan.are16@yahoo.com or www.carememphis.org)

A Search for God Group Logo TENNESSEE
Johnson City
Contact: Alice and Bob
Telephone: 919-356-7161  e-mail address: abaustins@gmail.com
Current Study: A Search for God
Contact: Judy
Telephone: 615-804-7462 e-mail address: jdearmon@amerifirst.com
Current Study: A Search for God
Contact: Janet
Telephone: 865-573-6507  e-mail address: wattknoxville@aol.com
Current Study: Your Psychic Soul by Judith Pennington
Contact: Amanda
Telephone: 865-705-9189  e-mail address: amanda83bonar@gmail.com
Current Study: 12 Lessons in Personal Spirituality by Kevin Todeschi
Contact: Karen
Telephone: 901-458-0097  e-mail address: tjkfreeman@gmail.com
Current Study: A Search for God

Contact: Lora
Telephone: 901-581-4516  e-mail address: loramysteries@fastermac.net
Current Study: A Search for God

Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group
Contact: Jamey
e-mail address: jameykaplan@yahoo.com
Current Study: Meditation, Part 1
Contact: Maricarmen
Telephone: 901-216-7002 e-mail address: maricarmenw@msn.com
Current Study: A Search for God
Contact: Lora
Telephone: 901-581-4516
Current Study: A Search for God
Contact: Jerry
Telephone: 615-871-4543 e-mail address: jeromeclement@att.net
Current Study: A Search for God
Oak Ridge
Contact: Sally
Telephone: 865-457-9798; e-mail address: artn2quilt@hotmail.com
Current Study: Reflections of the Christ Mind by Paul Ferreni
Contact: Rose
Telephone: 731-363-0621; e-mail address: rose.owens@rocketmail.com
Current Study: A Search for God
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