Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
MASSACHUSETTS - East Coast District


Sep 27-29 Spiritual Healing Sessions
Malcolm Smith
Contact: Aantre Kennedy 781-848-8860

Greater Cape Cod Area (Boston)

Sep 5-7 40th Annual Greater Cape Cod Area Retreat at the Craigsville Conf Center
Featuring Peter Woodbury on Consciousness and Lisa Greenspan on Vibrational Medicine
Contact: Aantre Kennedy 781-848-8860


A.R.E. Conference Near You Nov 1– A.R.E. Headquarters Conference Edgar Cayce’s Holistic Living: Creating a Healthy Life—Body, Mind, and Soul
Dr. Peter Schoeb
Call A.R.E. Conferences Registrar: 800-333-4499 or register online.

Plymouth Plymouth

2nd and 4th Friday mornings - Coffee with Cayce
(presentation and group discussion)
Contact: Betty Telephone: 508-673-0477 e-mail: bettyp508@aol.com or Lois Telephone: 508-880-7588


3rd Saturdays Monthly meeting and program
Contact: Elena Allen Telephone: 781-862-2019 e-mail: Lellaall@verizon.net  

A Search for God Group Logo MASSACHUSETTS
Contact: Elaine
Telephone: 781-934-9648
Merrimack Valley
Contact: Pamela
Telephone: 978-373-0786; email address: p.devaney@comcast.net
Current Study: A Search for God
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