Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
COLORADO - Rocky Mountain Region


A.R.E. Conference Near YouMay 16 – A.R.E. Headquarters Conference Discover Your Spiritual Destiny with Intuitive Guidance from Your Angels - Kim O'Neill
Call A.R.E. Conferences Registrar: 800-333-4499 or register online.

May 29 to Jun 1, 2015 The 2015 Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Gathering In partnership with the A.R.E.
Presenters include Graham Hancock, David Hatcher Childress, Robert Schoch, PhD, Charles Thomas Cayce, PhD, John Van Auken, Rick Strassman MD, John Major Jenkins, and more.
Visit Earth-Keeper.com for details.

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Denver Area
Contact: Darlene
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Current Study: A Search for God
Contact: Linda
Telephone: 303-889-9817  e-mail address: lindarose18@live.com
Current Study: A Course in Miracles
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