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This Week's Show: June Bro

Each program will delve deeply into concepts from the Edgar Cayce readings. Join us as we explore ancient mysteries, perspectives on the afterlife, reincarnation, personal health, intuition, psychic development, and much, much more. Guests include expert authors and speakers.

Mission Statement: The mission statement of the program is to introduce listeners to the vast array of information from the Cayce readings, which complements the overall mission of our nonprofit organization to provide individuals from all walks of life, levels of education, and religious backgrounds with tools for personal empowerment and healing at all levels - body, mind, and spirit.

Radio Host Brenton BickerstaffShow Host: Brenton Bickerstaff

Brenton Bickerstaff moved to Virginia Beach from Florida to work with Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in 2012 and has been a regular volunteer at the A.R.E. conferences. He has been a student of the Edgar Cayce material and metaphysics since he was a teenager, with a special interest in bridging the gap between science and spirituality via sacred geometry, quantum physics, as well as Native and Buddhist philosophy.

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Upcoming Shows:

April 20: My Life with Edgar Cayce featuring June Avis Bro

Can you imagine what it must have been like to meet Edgar Cayce and watch him go into a trance-state to give a ‘reading’? June Bro was present for a number of readings including her own Life Readings. She and her husband Harmon Bro moved to Virginia Beach in 1943 to help Edgar Cayce and his family. In this interview, she shares what happened and how it changed her life. 

JuneBroDr. June Avis Bro found her life deeply affected by working daily with Edgar Cayce when she and her husband, Harmon, came to Virginia Beach in 1943. She set about sharing her interests with others as a pastoral counselor and minister, as well as by using her skills in the performing arts. She has a graduate ministerial degree from Andover-Newton Theological School, near Boston, and a doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching on six campuses while raising five children, she has been a research assistant at Harvard, lectured and held workshops in many cities, led overseas tours to the Near East and China, and served as pastor. A concert pianist, she has served on the music staff in churches of most of the major Protestant denominations and draws on her background in the arts to illuminate myths, symbols, and dreams. At age ninety, she released her first piano CD called “Soul Soundings,” which is being sold in the A.R.E. Bookstore. Her column for A.R.E.’s Venture Inward Magazine, "The Art of Living" is based on her life reading given by Mr. Cayce in 1944. She wrote the forward to the recently re-released book A Seer Out of Season written by Harmon Bro.

Dr Pamela BroPamela Anne Bro, PhD, is the daughter or June and Harmon Bro. She is a spiritual counselor for the A.R.E. Health Center & Spa (online at EdgarCayce.org/spa), founder and pastor of Living Waters, (LivingWatersSanctuary.org), and author of WomanQuest: A Trail Guide to Life.

Harmon and June Bro at A.R.E. Congress 1944Interested in meeting June Bro? Join her every Tuesday morning from 10:30 until 11:30 a.m. for an informal “Chat” at the global headquarters of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. Visit EdgarCayce.org/VaBeach for all upcoming events.

A photograph taken of Harmon and June Bro at the annual A.R.E. Congress in 1944 during which Edgar Cayce gave several readings. The tradition of Congress continues today every June at A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach. Visit EdgarCayce.org/conferences for schedule.


April 27:  Kevin J. Todeschi

Kevin Todeschi radiosize115x132Kevin J. Todeschi is executive director and CEO of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and Atlantic University. As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for thirty-five years, he has lectured on five continents in front of thousands of individuals. A prolific writer, he is the author of more than twenty books, including  Edgar Cayce on Auras & Colors: Learn to Understand Color and See Auras,The Rest of the Noah Story, and Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor. One focus of his work has been to assist individuals in seeing how they are very much responsible for bringing about the new age of enlightenment.

May 4:  John Van Auken

John Van Auken  radiosize115x132John Van Auken is an internationally renowned speaker, long-time staff member and current Director at A.R.E. He is the author of many books including From Karma to Grace and his newest, 2038: The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy, and is a regular contributor to Venture Inward magazine. He is an acknowledged expert on the Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient prophecies, world religions, and meditation.

This is an excerpt from the lecture Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation: Your Soul’s Journey Through Time, available to A.R.E. members online at EdgarCayce.org/members. Our souls have been on an amazing journey with many past lifetimes that still influence us today. Join the nation’s foremost expert on Edgar Cayce’s readings on past lives and present relationships for this introduction to the concept of reincarnation from the Edgar Cayce perspective.

May 11:  Dr. Christine Page

Christine Page radiosize115x132Dr. Christine Page Known as a mystical physician, Dr. Page was immersed in spiritual mysteries from an early age. In the search for true healing, she has over 30 years of experience as a doctor and homeopath, receiving her degree from the Royal Free Medical School, London. Now focused on education, she is a gifted intuitive, mystic, and alchemist, sharing her insights and knowledge through teaching, soul readings, and writing. She sees herself as a messenger and bridge builder between different worlds whether this includes modalities of health care or levels of consciousness. Author of seven books, she is best known for Frontiers of Health and her latest, The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman.

She is a featured presenter at the June 6-8, 2014 Virginia Beach Conference Women’s Healing From the Inside Out: Merging Body and Soul for Health, Wisdom, and Vitality A Body-Mind-Spirit Weekend Especially for Women! She will be joined by Dr. Peter Schoeb, Rev. Pamela Bro, and Joseph Pierce Farrell as they explore the connection between sacred feminine energy, the body-mind connection, and women’s physical and spiritual health.