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Virus Flu Protection
Advice from the Edgar Cayce readings for Virus Protection
(adapted from the True Health member newsletter, edited by David McMillin)

Viruses are the smallest known living things on earth - in essence, extremely small parasites. Certain viruses can remain dormant for years and only become active when in contact with live tissue. Once a virus has infected a living cell it can reproduce itself amazingly quickly, sometimes mutating to produce new, novel strains. Thus, there may be one main variety of flu virus at the beginning of the flu season but several new strains by the spring.

A wide variety of diseases are caused by viruses, including the common cold, flu, warts, measles, hepatitis, herpes, smallpox, and AIDS. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is just the latest and most publicized of a multitude of viral infectious agents.

Unlike bacteria that can usually be effectively treated with antibiotics, viral infections are often unresponsive to modern medical treatment. If the virus causing a disease has been discovered, a serum may be developed to provide inoculation against that specific virus. The standard medical approach to virus protection is to decrease the odds of getting infected. Here are some simple suggestions for avoiding common virus infections such as cold and flu:

* Avoid close contact with people who have infectious diseases, especially during the first few days when they are most likely to spread the infection.
* Wash your hands frequently and always after touching someone who has a cold
(or after touching any object they have touched).
* Carry disposable tissues with you to wipe or blow your nose.
* Do not inflict your illness on others! Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue away and wash your hands.

pH Dependent Viruses

Many viruses require a mildly acidic environment to infect the cell. Such viruses are classified as "pH dependent." In the laboratory setting (in vitro), researchers have clearly established that rhinoviruses (the most frequent cause of colds), influenza viruses (that produce flu), and coronaviruses (another source of colds that are also believed to cause SARS) are all pH dependent. They require mild acidity for maximum infectivity.
One of the important questions for researchers is how pH dependency in these and other viruses occurs in vivo (within a living organism). This has not yet been entirely determined. Medical researchers have discovered several drugs that can decrease acidity at the cellular level, which also decreases the infectivity of certain pH dependent viruses. But these drugs often have negative side effects and are thus used sparingly, if at all.

Cayce’s Approach

Consistent with the in vitro findings of medical science, Edgar Cayce repeatedly insisted that the viruses that produce cold and flu are pH dependent, requiring an acidic state to attack the body. Cayce went beyond our current understanding of this process by asserting that this is true in vivo and that as a practical matter we can measure and alter our pH balance to provide virus protection for common agents that cause colds and flu.
For example, when a woman asked him how she could overcome susceptibility to infections such as colds and flu, Cayce replied, "As we have just indicated, by keeping the body alkaline. Only in acids do colds attack the body." (3248-1)

Cayce even advised his clients to measure their pH using litmus paper to test urine and saliva. Today we have more precise means for monitoring pH in the form of pH paper and digital pH meters.
Some currently popular books that address acid/alkaline balance provide additional support for the Cayce approach to pH regulation. Most notably, you may have seen Alkalize or Die and The pH Miracle at your local bookstore or in the A.R.E. Bookstore catalog. Both are good introductions to this topic.

The question of inoculation came up in several readings on infectious disease. In one instance, a person planning a boat trip from New York to Scotland asked if it was necessary to obtain an inoculation before sailing. Cayce noted, "As we find, only where the requirements are such as to [legally] demand same would this be adhered to at all. So far as the body-physical condition is concerned, the adherence to the use of carrots, lettuce and celery every day at a meal or as a portion of the meal will insure against any contagious infectious forces with which the body may be in contact." The recipient of the reading wanted more clarification on this issue and asked if immunization could be obtained in any other manner than inoculation. Cayce’s response provides us with a valuable clue for his recommendation: "As indicated, if an alkalinity is maintained in the system - especially with lettuce, carrots and celery, these in the blood supply will maintain such a condition as to immunize a person." (480-19)

In other words, if you are concerned about maintaining virus protection, eat a fresh vegetable salad each day with lettuce, carrots, and celery as the main ingredients.

Another key theme in the readings on virus protection is the importance of keeping up good eliminations to reduce toxicity. Cayce actually linked poor eliminations with acidity in the body - a dual relationship wherein each contributes to the other. When asked for a quick cure for cold infection, he wisely noted that it "Depends upon what has produced it. Keeping the body alkaline will prevent colds. Then to alkalize the system is the quickest way to cure the cold and then set up better eliminations. Most of colds are produced from acids. Acids may be better eliminated by the use of vegetable laxatives, and these the more often will relieve the cold quicker." (3607-2)

Hydrotherapy (drinking adequate amounts of pure water, colonic irrigation, and steam baths) is another typical Cayce recommendation for improving eliminations and reducing systemic acidity. Most people are not aware of the beneficial role of manipulative treatment to improve eliminations and provide virus protection as was demonstrated in one of the most devastating flu epidemics in history.

Osteopathic Drainages

The Great Flu Epidemic of 1918 was responsible for 500,000 deaths in the United States and millions of fatalities worldwide. Of the flu patients treated by medical doctors, 80 percent died. Yet the fatality rate for osteopathic physicians was only about 5 percent. Keep in mind that osteopaths during that era did not generally prescribe drugs or medicines as they do today.
The Cayce readings provide us with some useful insights into why the early osteopaths had such great success during the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918. Cayce consistently encouraged people to "Set up better eliminations [with less acidity] in the body. This is why osteopathy and hydrotherapy come nearer to being the basis of all needed treatments for physical disabilities." (2524-5) The early osteopathic physicians used manipulation to improve "drainages" throughout the body, which is a natural means of using the circulation (both blood and lymph) to cleanse the system and reduce toxicity.

Practical Pointers

One more quote from the readings will illustrate the value of osteopathic drainages and summarize our previous discussion of acid/alkaline balance. The question was "Can I do anything to prevent catching so many colds?" Cayce’s answer: "Keep the body alkaline, as will be indicated from the manipulations to produce the general flow and the drainages set up in the system; and this will overcome these conditions. In the diets, keep away from heavy red meats and fried foods of any kind. Make at least one meal a day of only raw fresh vegetables, and we will keep away from colds!" (751-1)
Now that we realize that many viruses require acidity for maximum infectivity and that proper diet and good eliminations decrease acidity, here are some practical pointers for creating and maintaining virus protection in your body:

* Keep a balanced pH with a tendency toward alkalinity. You can monitor this with pH paper or a digital pH meter (see the True Health Web site for details for obtaining these tools).
* Eat a fresh vegetable salad each day with lettuce, carrots, and celery as the main ingredients. Cayce actually told many people to eat 80 percent alkaline foods to 20 percent acid foods in order to maintain proper pH balance.
* Keep up good eliminations. The diet will help with this. Mild laxatives (such as Fletcher’s Castoria), hydrotherapy, and osteopathic manipulations to improve drainages can assist in this area.
* Keep a positive attitude. In my experience, a positive attitude supports proper acid/alkaline balance. Take reasonable precautions to avoid infectious contamination (as recommended by mainstream medicine) without obsessing about it.

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