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700-Hour Massage Diploma

The full-time 700-hour diploma program is offered three times a year in January, June, and September, and the part-time Evening Studies program starts in January each year.

The program is divided into two semesters of approximately 350 hours each. Each semester is a little more than four months, or eight months total for completion. This program, although designed to be a full-time, five-day-a-week program, also is open to part-time students, if space permits. All classes are based on a fifty-minute instructional hour.

Students enrolled in the full-time program attend school approximately twenty-five to thirty hours per week; those enrolled on a part-time basis attend an average often to fifteen hours per week. All classes offered in the 700-hour program are required to obtain that diploma.

1,000-Hour Diploma

This program is not COMTA accredited and is only available to Cayce/Reilly graduates.

In order to receive this diploma, students must build and supplement upon the hours received through the 700-hour diploma program. The Cayce/Reilly School offers a variety of courses from which the student may choose the elective hours required to obtain this diploma. The student may also choose between evening courses and/or specific weekend workshops. *This diploma program is not eligible for federal financial aid funds.

Educational Objectives

  • Respect for the inherent dignity and worth of each client
  • A deeper understanding of the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship
  • The ability to work within the scope of practice of a massage therapist and make appropriate referrals to other health care professionals
  • Maintain competence in professional skills and requirements for state/national certification and licensure
  • Obtain specialized certification in select modalities
  • Advancement of fundamental therapeutic massage protocols and techniques
Courses for additional diploma hours include but are not limited to:
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Advanced Jin Shin Do
  • Advanced Clinic

For a complete listing, call the Senior School Administrator at the school administration office: 757.457.7270

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