Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage


The faculty members of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage are highly experienced practitioners and educators in their field and are dedicated to offering the highest quality massage therapy education possible. Together, they create a team of professionals who are truly dedicated to the school, the education offered, and the students who choose to attend. They serve to create a learning environment that is challenging, inspiring, creative and supportive and have a common mission to promote health, personal and professional growth and body/mind/spirit awareness. It is through the faculty's dedication to this work that students are given the opportunity to develop into successful health care practitioners.


Dawn Hogue    

Dawn Hogue, Senior Administrator  

Dawn handles all curriculum issues, faculty development, oversees student clinic, and manages the Evening Studies or part-time program.

(757) 457-7132

 Teresa Dunham    

Teresa Dunham, Financial Aid/Student Services Administrator  

Teresa handles the federal student aid programs, graduation requirements, class attendance, and grades.

(757) 457-7131

 Norma Crespo    

Norma Crespo, Student Clinic Coordinator

Norma coordinates daily activities of the student clinic, student practicum tracking, and scheduling changes.

(757) 457-7146


Jeri Lynn Abernathy, CMT
Hydrotherapy Lab and Assistant Instructor

Shannon Allison, CMT
Anatomy and Physiology I

J.P. Amonte DC, BS, CMT,CHt
Cayce/Reilly Massage, Palpation, Massage Research, Neuromuscular/Myofascial

Jennet Amonte DC, BS
Nutrition, Pathology

Renee Branch, CMT
Hydrotherapy Lecture, Cayce Remedies, Reflexology

Dawn Hogue, MA, CMT
Business and Ethics I & II

Elaine Hruska, MA, CMT
Hydrotherapy Lab, Cranial Release

Patty Kypros, CMT
Body/Mind/Spirit, Healer's Path

Jackie Lorenzo-Meachum, MBA, CMT
Business and Ethics I & IIs

Juliebeth Mezzy, CMT, AAEd
Reflexology, Palpation, Chair Massage


Judith Settle, BFA, CMT
Jin Shin Do, Asian Theory

Grace Tazewell
Dreams and Meditation

James Van Auken, MBA
Dreams and Meditation

Ed Waseleski, CMT, CLT
Cayce/Reilly Massage, Hydrotherapy Lab

Amy Wheeler, CMT
Anatomy and Physiology II, Massage Research, Pathology, Neuromuscular/Myofascial

Rob Wilson, CMT
Advanced Massage Techniques

Linda Tingle, CMT, RYI
Cranial Release

Linda Williams, CMT

Regina Taylor-Hines, CMT

Josh Waitekus, CMT

Joan Winegardner, CMT


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