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Standards for Academic Progress

Program material is taught in a sequential manner and requires each student to meet performance criteria for each course before moving to the next level of coursework.

Progress is measured by:

  • Quizzes and examinations for theoretical material
  • Demonstration of practical material, student feedback, and instructor feedback, plus hands-on evaluations of practical material
  • Documented massages outside of class, study reports, and completion of assigned homework, in addition to classroom time

Massage students experiencing difficulties may utilize a variety of options to improve their scholastic standing, including individual and group tutoring, study groups, or counseling with administrative staff or faculty.

Student Services

The Cayce/Reilly School staff is dedicated to supporting our students in their experience of personal and professional growth. We are pleased to provide an "Alternate Housing List" for students who wish to explore the possibility of renting a room/shared living arrangements with A.R.E. staff, members, and volunteers. Such arrangements are common and made between the student and the listed resource.

The process of learning and practicing massage and bodywork therapies often brings up opportunities for the student/practitioner to heal him/herself. Because we are committed to fostering only the most highly qualified massage professionals, our staff maintains a list of local A.R.E. volunteers with counseling credentials who are available to students.

Graduation and Diploma Standards

Successful completion of the Cayce/Reilly School massage therapy program will be achieved when the student completes the following:

  • The full 700-hour program with an average of seventy percent or better
  • Return of all library books and equipment
  • Payment of all tuition and fees
  • Completion of all required clinical work
  • Current CPR/first aid certificate (those who are certified prior to attending school must provide a valid copy of their certification prior to graduation)
  • Student Handbook acknowledgment sheet
  • Exit Interview
  • Financial Aid Exit Interview (if applicable)

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