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Ethics, Morality and Professionalism in Massage Homestudy Course

Ethics, Morality, Professionalism 072-12 The massage therapy profession is continually growing in our country and around the world. Our profession is being recognized and gaining respect as a valid and sought after health adjunct in today's healthcare climate. In order to have a successful career in massage therapy it is necessary to operate from a solid ethical foundation. Our lives are more successful and satisfying if we live with honor and integrity in all of our relationships and business dealings, both personal and professional. Part of practicing ethics in the massage therapy profession is recognizing the difference between professional relationships with our clients and personal relationships with our clients, which we will address in this course. In the massage therapy profession our clients are permitting us the honor of letting us into their personal space. We approach levels of intimacy and touch with our clients that are part of very few other professions. Because of the trust our clients place in us, it is imperative that we provide a safe space where ethical considerations relating to our profession are practiced without question and secure boundaries are in place. In this course we are going to touch on these Roles and Boundaries, as well as Professional Ethics, Legal Requirements, Confidentiality, Business Practices, and Prevention of Sexual Misconduct.

This course is designed to help the massage therapist in today's world gain a fuller understanding of ethics and morality and what they mean in the scope of their profession. Applying a professional code of ethics to the massage profession is sometimes difficult and much of this topic is seen as vague and open to interpretation. We hope that this course gives guidance and a firm foundation in these subjects.

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