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Testimonials from Our Graduates

testimonial Odalis M. RoblesAfter serving 10 years in the US Navy, I was able to take advantage of the Post-911 benefits to cover the full cost of my tuition and Basic Housing Allowance to pursue a career in massage therapy. Choosing this school was the best decision I've made, making my transition into a civilian life a stress free experience.
~ Odalis M. Robles, Retired, USN
Virginia Beach, Va.
2012 Graduate

testimonial Danielle KurutzDuring my short time at the Cayce/Reilly School, I have gained a lifelong mentality, education and friendships. There’s not a massage session that goes by that I don’t utilize my education in some way. This is more than a school; this is a life changer.”
~ Danielle Kurutz,
Spring, Texas
2011 Graduate


testimonial Amanda SeidelPeople keep asking me where I went to school and where I learned all the techniques I do. I have a co-worker with over nine years experience, who taught massage courses, who says she can't believe how "new" to the field I am. She now asks me to work on her! I work with people who never had reflexology in their curriculum. I sometimes bring my notes to work to review and other therapists say they didn't get that information at their school and certainly didn't have class booklets as nice as mine. Not one person I work with had any Asian Theory or Jin Shin Do instruction. Many are surprised that we had craniosacral in school! Everyday at work I am reminded how wonderful and valuable my education was. It is because of this that I am returning to take my CE classes. I really miss school but I am so happy to be working and feeling confident in what I do.
~ Amanda Seidel
Gloucester City, N.J.
2010 Graduate

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