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The Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy Student Clinic

What to Expect

The clinic is designed for students to practice their massage techniques.
Please keep the following in mind:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paper work, pay for your appointment and set up future appointments.

  • You will have a brief interview with your student therapist before and after your session. The pre-session exchange will cover any student questions about your current or past health. The post session interview will allow you to give feedback to your therapist personally and via an evaluation form.

  • Keep in mind that the primary goal of the session is for the student to practice new techniques however, your therapist will try to be sensitive to your specific requests.

  • As this is a clinic setting you will be sharing the space with others who are also in need of a peaceful atmosphere. The clinic treatment areas are separated by curtains so please keep your voice low; all cell phones, pagers and any other electronic devices must be silenced while you are in the clinic.

  • The Cayce/Reilly style of draping uses not only a top and bottom sheet but also a chest towel (for women) and a diaper towel.

  • We recommend that you shower and refrain from smoking or eating at least one (1) hour prior to your session.

  • Students need experience working with a variety of clients, so we limit the number of times you can work with a particular student to three (3) sessions.

  • Sessions are supervised by a national, and state certified and licensed massage therapist who supports students and clients.

  • For some medical conditions, we will require written consent from a physician before you can participate. For your safety, tell us about all medical conditions. Your information will be kept confidential.

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