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The Edgar Cayce Foundation has made a select group of photos available to the media. Should you wish to use any of these photos, please send a letter or e-mail to the Archives Coordinator (ecf@edgarcayce.org) with as much information as possible regarding use of the image. All images must include the following credit: Used by permission–Edgar Cayce Foundation–Virginia Beach, VA; EdgarCayce.org.

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Edgar Cayce young   /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/Edgar_GertrudeCayce.jpg    /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/edgar-GretrudeCayce2.jpg  
Edgar Cayce as a young man.
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  Edgar Cayce and his wife, Gertrude.
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  Edgar Cayce and his wife, Gertrude.
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Edgar Cayce and sons   /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/Edgar_1943(1).jpg     /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/caycewithFish.jpg
Edgar Cayce and his sons,
Hugh Lynn and Edgar Evans.
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  Edgar Cayce fishing.
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    /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/Hospital_Bldg_1929.jpg   /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/EdgarCayceonCouch.jpg
Construction of the original Virginia Beach hospital.
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  Original Hospital building
circa 1929.
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  Edgar Cayce on the couch used
for the readings.
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/uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/gertrude_on_counch.jpg   /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Media_Center/gladys_Davis_young.jpg   /uploadedImages/Edgar_Cayce/About_Us/Visit__ARE/air_photo_caycehospital.jpg
Gertrude Cayce on couch used
for the readings.
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  Young Gladys Davis.
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   Headquarters Visitor Center
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