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Want to learn more about Edgar Cayce and his insights, but don’t have the time for traditional education?  

Online learning is the perfect alternative for those who want to dig deeper into the rich philosophy of Edgar Cayce, yet need the flexibility and convenience of learning on their own time. You can study at any time of day or night using almost any device. There are no grades, due dates, or specific times to be online and participate, and each online course has an experienced mentor who is there for you each step of the way.  

Obtaining wisdom has never been easier or more accessible! 


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2015 eGroups Schedule

Astro Relationships 2015

ASFG1-7-12 2015

Past-Lives 2015

Decoding the Symbols of your Dreams

Self-Hypnosis 2015

Whole Brain 2015

Karma and Destiny

 Keys to Balance

ASFG-2-1-6 2015


Becoming 2015

EC Akashic Records 2015

ASFG-2-7-12 2015

Many Lives

Spirits Among Us 2015

Eygpt Concepts 2015

astro cycles 2015

shamanism 2015



The best part is the time spent connected with like-minded people. D.B.
I loved the intensity of working with one thing each week and building on that. B.B.

I think the ARE egroups are a wonderful idea. They are of superb quality: excellent material and caring, encouraging, expert mentoring. I recommend them to everyone! J.M.