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Online mentored courses (previously called eGroups) provide an online classroom environment where spiritually minded individuals come together to learn from a mentor and share insights on a spiritual topic directly related to the Cayce readings (topics include psychic development, meditation, Akashic Records, past lives, astrology, and more). Generally four weeks in duration, each week the mentor posts a lesson that may contain written and audio-streamed materials or video along with experiential exercises.

Members of the group are encouraged to post questions and comments to a private discussion board. There are no specific times you must be online during the four-week period, so our mentored courses are perfect for people with busy schedules who want to learn and grow spiritually while connecting with like-minded individuals from around the world.

2015 Mentored Courses Schedule

Eygpt Concepts 2015

astro cycles 2015

shamanism 2015


The best part is the time spent connected with like-minded people. D.B.

I loved the intensity of working with one thing each week and building on that. B.B.

I think the ARE egroups are a wonderful idea. They are of superb quality: excellent material and caring, encouraging, expert mentoring. I recommend them to everyone! J.M.