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A.R.E. Virginia Beach Conferences

Dynamic Speakers, Extraordinary Events. Spiritual Community at Our Beautifully Remodeled Campus.

Peter Woodbury   Lindsay Wagner   Neale Donald Walsch   John J. Oliver
Peter Woodbury
Mar 6-11
  Lindsay Wagner
Apr 1-3
  Neale Donald Walsch
May 13-15
  John J. Oliver
Nov 11-13

Feb 20, 2016
d. Owens thumb 2016 Supernatural Discoveries: Your Psychic Ability, Soul Wisdom, and the Unseen Forces
Soul Growth Saturday! Enhance your innate psychic ability and sharpen your intuitive skills with psychic trainer and author Darrin W. Owens. Take an experiential journey into the world of consciousness, energy, self-diagnoses and healing, and supernatural forces with this in-depth, information packed workshop. Combine with February 21 program and save!


Feb 21, 2016
m_Roach 02-2015 Awakening the Power of Your Psychic and Soul Self
Soul Growth Sunday! Psychic ability is a natural component of soul growth—one that is enhanced through our connection with one another and our soul self. This program is designed to give you hands-on experience perceiving your innate intuitive talents. With renowned psychic trainer Mary Roach, MA. Discount when combined with February 20 program.


Mar 4-6, 2016
Mark Thurston blog 01162015 Inner Life Retreat: Experiencing Your Sacred Self
This weekend of renewal will revitalize your spiritual practice and encourage you to go deeper within with tools for transformation and introspection such as meditation, chanting, breathing, dreamwork, and more, featuring Mark Thurston PhD, John Van Auken and Robin Wimbiscus.


Mar 6-11, 2016
Peter Woodbury 160x130px Master's Level Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Course
Take the next step in developing a successful hypnotherapy practice with this Master's level certification taught by two of A.R.E.’s best-rated and most qualified professionals, Jason Parker PhD, MHt and Peter Woodbury MSW. Certificate awarded. Limited enrollment!


Apr 1-3, 2016
Lindsay Wagner Thumbnail The Golden Thread of Wisdom and Oneness: The Great Teachings That Enlighten and Unite Us All
Explore the universal truths that exist among the world's great teachings, from "Jesus the Pattern," to "mind as the builder," to "A Course in Miracles" and other wisdom traditions. Featuring special guest Lindsay Wagner, who will share the power of the Oneness Deeksha Blessing; plus Mitch Horowitz; Peter Woodbury, MSW; John Van Auken, and more.


Apr 15-17, 2016
Goldmans thumb 2016 Chakra Frequencies and the Divine Name
With Sound Healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman. Experience the healing power of breath and tone in this deeply experiential and immersive weekend.


May 13-15, 2016
Neale Donald Walsch conf thumb A.R.E.’s Annual Reincarnation and Soul Life Conference
Our Journey Back to God: Reincarnation, Life After Life, and the Continuity of the Soul

Explore the afterlife and near death experiences with Neale Donald Walsch, author of “Conversations with God”, renowned psychic medium and author John Holland, John Van Auken, PMH Atwater, Dr. Jason Parker, and Dr. Mary Helen Hensley.


Jun 18, 2016
dFegusonEselover_thumb The Power of Your Personal Vibration: Enhancing Your Energy the Edgar Cayce Way
Soul Growth Saturday! Discover the Cayce practices that help keep your vibrations in harmony with your soul’s desires in this fun and experiential workshop featuring certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioners Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover. Combine with June 19-24 A.R.E. Congress for special discount.


Jun 19-24, 2016
congress2016_thumb 85th Annual A.R.E. Congress—The Living Legacy of Edgar Cayce
Celebrate the 85th anniversary of the A.R.E. and experience our renovated campus. Visit our expanded spa and enjoy lunch in our café—both with sweeping views of the ocean. Traditional activities include lectures, workshops, socials, talent night, and auction plus special guest speakers. **


Jul 15-17, 2016
iNewkirik_thumb Be the Change—Making the World a Better Place Because You Are in It
To bring positive change to the world, we must create change within ourselves. Edgar Cayce gave multiple readings in which he conveyed this important idea, crucial not only to our own soul growth, but to the future of the world and humankind—and for us in our next incarnation! One person CAN make a difference! Featuring PETA President Ingrid Newkirk; Ed Shapiro and Deb Shapiro, Peter Woodbury, MSW, Lynn Sparrow Christy, and Meg Larson.


Aug 13, 2016
soul lesson thumb Connecting with the Other Side for Yourself: Your Doorway to Heaven
Soul Growth Saturday! Featuring medium Rev. Janet Nohavec and "spirit artist" Joseph Shiel. Learn the art and science of mediumship for yourself from two of the nation’s best-rated psychic mediums, and also experience a special evening of messages from the other side.


Aug 14, 2016
shelly-Kaehr-conf 2016 Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones: Using Gems to Enhance Your Spirit, Mind, and Body!
This experiential workshop featuring Shelley Kaehr, PhD, explores the gems, stones, and minerals from the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, and other sources, with suggestions and recommendations for uses for a variety of life issues and enhancements, such as healing, psychic development, protection, and more.


Sep 23-25, 2016
cNShealyPhD-Thumb Heal and Be Healed!
C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover, Dr. Amelia Kent and more take you on a healing journey that integrates spirit, mind, and body. Learn hands-on techniques for taking responsibility for your own health and well-being as well as ways to assist others on their journey to wholeness, thorough energy work, body dynamics, medical intuition, and healing attitudes and emotions.


Oct 6-9, 2016
Robert Schoch tumbnail Our Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference—Unsealing the Records: Ancient Truths Revealed
Explore the latest discoveries in the fields of ancient history, mythology, lost civilizations, unsolved mysteries, and the mystical wisdom of the Essenes and other cultures, with expert researchers and explorers including John Van Auken,
Robert M. Schoch PhD, and Adrian Gilbert.


Oct 15, 2016
soul lesson thumb Soul Lessons, Soul Patterns: Awakening to Past Lives, Future Lives and Life Between Lives
Soul Growth Saturday! Peter Woodbury, MSW, shows you how to access the wisdom of your soul, as you learn how your pre-life planning, afterlife review, guides, councils, guardian angels, and interplanetary sojourns are an important part of your spiritual journey and influence your life today. **


Oct 16-21, 2016
Hourglass thumb2 Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy Training Certification
Learn this popular healing modality with Cayce teacher, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and Harvard University graduate Peter Woodbury, MSW, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss; you will be certified in Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy—A.R.E. Certificate awarded. Register early—this limited enrollment course sells out every year!


Oct 21-23, 2016
pWoodbury-thumb Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy Advanced Intensive
This advanced-level course, limited to 10 students, provides one-on-one training in the use of advanced regression techniques, as both client and therapist, for deep soul connection and healing. Led by expert trainer, psychotherapist Peter Woodbury, MSW. Certificate awarded. This program is SOLD OUT!
Please call 800-333-4499 to check on wait list availability.


Nov 11-13, 2016
John J. Oliver Thumb Our Annual Psychic Development Conference: Experiencing Your Psychic Ability—Clairvoyance and Psychic Intuition Training
Experiential training with renowned psychics and intuitives who will help you tap into the vast source of inner wisdom within you, allowing you to obtain reliable, accurate guidance from your higher self and become your own psychic. Featuring John J. Oliver, Suzane Northrup, and Echo Bodine.


Dec 29-31, 2016
New Years 2016 thumb Annual New Year’s Conference—The Law of Attraction: The Secret to Manifesting More Opportunity, Inspiration, Prosperity, and Positive Energy into Your Life!
Learn new ways to create a dynamic life, filled with confidence, enthusiasm, and vitality with Lynn Sparrow Christy, Ruth Littlejohn and more! Ring in the New Year with like-minded friends old and new at this traditional gathering which includes a festive party with music, dancing, refreshments, and a peaceful midnight meditation.***