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Dancing The Path: A Retreat For Young Adults 18-30+
with Dave Vanable and Fred Dewey

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Dancing the Path: June 13- 17

group shoulder massage 2013Love-Based Living with LifeResults

Imagine being able to help create a love-based community - wherever you are - armed with tools to help you be your best and finest self no matter what life hands you! Our time during Dancing the Path will be an experiential journey, learning how to put Cayce principles into action and create a community based on love rather than fear. Using discussion, guided meditations, music, and interactive exercises, we will give you practical tools to live a life based upon Cayce’s keystone principle of “love for self and others”. Expect to experience powerful, life-long lessons that you can put into practice every day – all the while, enjoying swims in the pond, eating healthy home-cooked meals, exploring the Camp valley’s many hiking trails, and living in joyful community with your fellow young adults!

Dave Vanable
Dave first came to A.R.E. Camp in 1997 at the urging of his life-long best friend Fred Dewey, who said “Camp is a huge piece of who I am, and who my entire family is…” A few years after, another dear friend said “I think you might want to take this LifeResults course – I could see you benefitting greatly from it.” Dave says “Since that time, the tools learned in LifeResults have been present in my life every single day, and I am much better for it!” Outside of Camp and LifeResults, Dave is an enterprise sales executive with Xerox, supporting one of Xerox’s largest global accounts, in addition to being Vice President of LifeResults Inc.

Fred Dewey
Fred’s first year at A.R.E. Camp was 1973, when his parents Bill and Barbara brought their entire family. Since then, he has served on staff as counselor, maintenance person, and multi-purposed volunteer. Fred’s most sacred and healing place in the world is A.R.E Camp. When his children became “of camp age” he and his family came back to Camp and have been active and deeply engaged in Camp ever since! Outside of Camp, after successfully helping Portal Software go public, Fred has been on several corporate boards and regularly coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals using the LifeResults tools. Fred is president of LifeResults Inc.

A.R.E. Camp Rural Retreat Virginia