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Family Camp Two 

Turn It Up!:
Renewing Your Personal Power Sources
with Alain Hunkins & Mary Clark

What’s the optimal fuel for a human being? What are our biggest energy drains?

Family Camp 2Spend Family Two at A.R.E. Camp discovering the core needs that drive being fully alive. Join Alain Hunkins and Mary Clark as they correlate data from the latest research in high performance with Edgar Cayce’s suggestions on rest, renewal, sleep, stress reduction, and physical energy management. Through personal reflection, small group activities, interactive exercises and group discussion, you will create personal road map to enhance your energy and address your greatest energy deficits.

Alain Hunkin camp 2015Alain Hunkins
mission is to create a vibrant, alive world by kindling the fire of brilliance in people.

He’s spent the last twenty years immersed in the work of personal and leadership development.

A facilitator, consultant, speaker, author, trainer and coach, Alain has led over a twelve hundred groups across the country and on five continents. He’s worked with C-level Fortune 500 executives, front line workers at pet food factories, and everything in between.

A voracious learner about all things leadership, Alain shares his newest insights on a weekly blogpost (with 250+ posts in the archives!) You can find that at: www.pioneerleadership.com.

Mary Clark camp 2015Mary Clark
Mary is passionate about using experiential training to enhance awareness and the desire to change. She draws from her performance background and her years facilitating around the globe to lead groups of all ages.

Mary's grandmother Helen Garwood was a life-long student of the Cayce readings. Mary has been involved with the A.R.E. since 1984: first leading sing-alongs and games for A.R.E. Conferences in the UK, then joining her first study group in Brussels in 1988. She came to A.R.E. Camp in 1989 as a counselor, and has been coming back as counselor, cook, volunteer, and resource person ever since.

Her background includes design, development and presentation of performances and interactive workshops for many institutions and organizations, including Unicef, the United Nations, Cornell University, Apple, Citibank, the NYC Board of Education, Beth Israel Medical Center, BBC Music Live, Lincoln Center and Young Audiences of America.

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