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The Importance of Applying Spiritual Knowledge

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The Importance of Applying
Spiritual Knowledge

By Jennie Taylor Martin

Edgar Cayce - The Good StewardOne of my favorite Edgar Cayce quotes encourages us to take action—even if that action turns out to be wrong. It reads:

(Q) Has any progress been made in the last two or three incarnations?

(A) There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move! (3027-2)

When I first saw this reading, I was both heartened and confused. Heartened, because I know that I have made mistakes in this life and have certainly “fallen back” on more than one occasion. But confused, because I couldn’t understand how one can make progress by moving backward. I had assumed that my fall backs were exactly that—a step in the wrong direction that I have (hopefully) since made up for with steps in the right direction.

But the more I studied all of the Cayce readings, particularly those on application, the better I understood this one.

Cayce is very clear that there is more to our spiritual growth than simply having knowledge. We can study the great spiritual teachers of past and present, and read the Bible for every year of our lives (like Cayce did), but without application of what we’ve learned, it will do us little good.

… each should apply that known, and in the application gain a clearer, a better understanding, in experience. (262-7)

For, as ye apply does there come the understanding in the activities. (497-1)

We can see that Cayce is telling us that application and experience give us a better understanding of what we’ve learned. And experience, as we all know, sometimes comes from making mistakes. He goes on to express that as we apply what we know, more knowledge will be given to us.

As given, use that thou hast in hand; and as the ways open for the activities in relationships to those about the body, the entity, there may come that needed for the next steps … (441-1)

Fruits of the Spirit

Cayce also promises us that application of the fruits of the spirit (love, faithfulness, patience, kindness, joy, charity) brings us closer to God:

For only in doing the fruits of the spirit may ye attain to the use of the Knowledge and the fruit thereof. To have love, give it; to have patience, show it; to have long-suffering, be it; to have the love of God, live close to His ways. (262-98)

Cayce reminds us that we have an example in the life of Jesus as he embodied the Christ Spirit:

For as it was said, "He went about doing good." Not being good but doing good…  (412-9)

He even gives us this warning against not applying our knowledge, or not even wanting to apply it (remember thoughts are things!):

Knowledge without the ability to apply is harmful. Knowledge without the purpose and aim to apply is devilish. Knowledge without any desire to apply is worse than no knowledge at all! (255-11)

He also states that application can bring contentment to our lives:

… the entity may find the greater abilities and the greater contentment in the application of that knowledge gained. (361-13)

As with many Cayce readings, we are encouraged to have patience and take small steps. Application doesn’t have to be hard—but one does have to move!

Ye do not stitch the whole seam at a flash, but one stitch at a time. Hence as has been given, it is precept upon precept, here a little, there a little; making practical application.  (412-9)

And here’s a promise that with application not only will more be given to us, but we will receive gifts that are “accorded” to us. And it is in this manner that Spirit—or the Creative Forces—can help us. As we take action, the Creative Forces take action.

We would study well that as has been given, and apply self in this present earth plane, that the gifts as are accorded the entity may manifest in this present day and generation. (900-16)

Reading Cayce’s advice on application and his admonishment to "move!" always reminds me of the metaphorical story of a man stranded on his rooftop during a flood. He remains on that roof, refusing to budge, even when rescue workers come to him—the first two attempts in a rescue boat and the third in a helicopter. Each time he states that God will save him and stays on the roof. Eventually he is overtaken by the waters and drowns. When he finally meets God, he asks, "Why didn’t you save me?” To which God replies, "I sent two boats and a helicopter!" Let’s remember that story the next time we’re tempted to sit on our symbolic "roof"!


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Jennie Taylor Martin Blog 2014Jennie Taylor Martin is the marketing director of A.R.E., and a former director of the PETA Foundation to Support Animal Protection. Out of love and respect for animals, she chose to commit to a vegan lifestyle in 1996. She is currently writing a book on this topic and welcomes stories of experiences you’ve had with possible animal reincarnation and or with animals and the afterlife. You can write to her at ARE@edgarcayce.org.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of the Venture Inward Newsletter, a membership benefit that is mailed quarterly and also available online at EdgarCayce.org/members. You can learn more about membership and enjoy a free sample of our magazine at EdgarCayce.org/welcome.


Seeking a Reading from a Psychic

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Seeking a Reading from a Psychic


Seeking-PsychicFrom the perspective of the Edgar Cayce readings, each of us is our own best psychic. Whether the information comes from a hunch, an intuition, our dreams, or synchronicity, each of us possesses a wealth of internal guidance that can be drawn upon whenever we need it. In fact, the Cayce material suggests that our true natural state is psychic and that as we progress spiritually in our lives we will have more personal experiences with this psychic dimension of our beings.


Still, there are times in life when we may feel the need to receive external guidance. Just as it is appropriate for individuals to seek out help from a doctor, a counselor, a minister, or a trusted friend, there may be occasions when we feel the need for intuitive information.


Whenever A.R.E. features a professional psychic on one of our seminars, programs, or psychic fairs, it is because the individual has demonstrated some measurable ability. However, individuals on our programs are not being endorsed by the A.R.E. While we have worked with individuals who are sincere, ethical, and interested in being helpful to others, we have yet to find an individual who is 100% accurate – and that includes Edgar Cayce, whose calculated 85% accuracy rate is still considered the highest known in contemporary times. The physical, mental, and emotional condition at the time of the reading of the person getting guidance, as well as that of the psychic, may affect the accuracy of the information and/or the ability to communicate/understand this information clearly and coherently.



To get the most from a psychic reading, whether it is external (from a psychic, a numerologist, an astrologer, a “guide,” etc.) or internal (one’s own dreams, inner guidance, visions, intuition, etc.), it is extremely helpful to do a little preparation first.


  1. The purpose of the reading: Edgar Cayce’s own readings indicated that the purposes of those requesting a reading, as well as the purposes of the psychic in giving a reading and the purposes of those most directly concerned or surrounding both people, played crucial roles in the clarity and depth of the reading obtained.
  2. Examine your own ideal, values, and soul purpose: Again, the ideals (motivation) and purposes of those directly concerned and surrounding the psychic and the person requesting the reading have an important impact on the quality of the reading. If there is a confusion of purposes, of ideals or if the request for the reading is prompted by greed, curiosity, or desire for power, the quality, clarity, and wisdom of the reading may be considerably less.
  3. Formulate the questions you want answered: There are some examples below that may help you with the wording. You will want to ask the best questions to elicit the clearest answers.
  4. Seek guidance making decisions: Be clear in your own mind that you’re looking for help to make your own decisions rather than unconsciously trying to shift the responsibility to someone wiser and with a better view into the future. Getting others perspectives is most helpful when used for making your own informed decisions.
  5. Examine your own dreams (visit EdgarCayce.org/dreams for more about working with your dreams).

Following are some sample questions:

  1.  Soul's Purpose: What is my mission for this lifetime? How can I best make use of my abilities in the context of my soul’s mission for this lifetime?
  2. Your own past lifetimes: Describe those past-life experiences that most directly influence me in my current life. Describe those past lives that relate to my present relationship with (insert name).
  3. psychic readings
  4. Understanding interpersonal relationships: In order to attain real forgiveness and peace, please give me that information I can now use constructively about past-life experiences with (insert name and birth date). Please give that information which will help me understand the source of my problem (provide example) with (insert name and birth date) and what I can do to experience love and healing in our relationship.
  5. Transforming a particular attitude or emotion: I’ve always had trouble with (emotion for example: losing my temper); what is the source of this and what can I do about it? Lately I find myself plagued with irrational anxiety and insomnia. How can I understand the causes and what can I do about it?
  6. The future: My ideal is to be of service to God; with this in mind, can I expect that my present employer, (Company Name)to be the place where I can fulfill that ideal in my work life, or should I be looking for another employer?

How to evaluate psychic information, both internal and external:

  1. Does it have a “ring of truth” for me? Confirmable facts? A feeling of rightness?
  2. Does it give me applicable things to try to do? If so, what are the results when I do them? Do benefits result for me and all other people involved?
  3. Does it call me to begin doing the best I know to be doing in my life?
  4. Does it empower me to take charge of my own life ― giving me a personal next step ― rather than becoming dependent on the psychic source?
  5. psychic cloudDoes it leave me with a sense of hope about my life?
  6. Does it “speak my language”? Do I feel as if the psychic information addressed me personally, using words, images, metaphors, and examples to which I can relate?
  7. Let someone else look at the question and answer. What does a trusted friend have to say about the information?
  8. Does it answer unasked questions, which lie within me?
  9. Does it stretch me to new, unconsidered aspects of myself and of my life?
  10. Does it seem to get better with time? When I look back at it six months or a year later, has my evaluation of the reading become even higher?


Visit Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. on Saturday, July 25 for our next Psychic Fair.



July 2015 Update

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July 2015 Update
From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi

This is my update for July 2015 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:

Create CapstoneCREATE CAMPAIGN UPDATE – Only 5 months left!
You all know that this is the "Capstone Year"of our $30 million CREATE Campaign (capital, endowment, and program support)… and, thanks to some recent donations for our renovation project and helping with A.R.E. Camp’s tragedy, we have raised over $28.5 million! Just $1.5 million away from reaching our goal! In addition to needing funds for our programs and endowments, nearly $1 million is still needed in order to renovate our Library and Conference Center (new restrooms, HVAC system, Library carpeting, expanding the auditorium, parking improvements, and upgrades throughout the building). Donors of $500 or more to the project will be listed on our Stairway to Heaven. Watch for your letter from Charles Thomas Cayce next month, giving you an opportunity to support this big undertaking. Help us make a great impression on our visitors.

One hundred fifty dedicated members and donors gathered at Virginia Beach’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) to celebrate all of the wonderful programs and improvements your donations have made happen in recent years. Standing beneath the Dale Chihuly chandelier, our donors were wined and dined and, most importantly, thanked profusely for their dedication to the cause. We thanked ALL our donors that night – even if you couldn’t attend the event. And to make you feel as though you were with us, here is a link to the 6-minute video we showed in MOCA’s movie theater. Enjoy! And thank you all for supporting this great work. https://youtu.be/RQ6iPNEM4aQ

Nearly 200 people have contributed about $70,000 in funds and wish-list items to A.R.E. Camp since the devastating loss of the Dining Hall and Kitchen in last month’s fire. THANK YOU! We need to raise at least $100,000 in total to cover the gap between our needs and what insurance will cover. If you would like to pitch in to help, you can do so here:

Camp sessions are going on as scheduled – we never missed a beat! – and our campers are having a great time. Our mobile kitchen and our "Big Top"dining hall have been great (temporary) fixes and we’re getting rave reviews about our food and fun. If you would still like to join us, we still have spaces available for Children’s Camp and the Adult Retreat if you, or someone you love, would like to come spend a week in mountain paradise! You’ll spend days living the ideals of the Cayce work, eating delicious home cooked meals, laughing with friends, splashing in our cool mountain pond, and jumping for JOY! Check it out here: http://www.edgarcayce.org/camp/

We are now accepting applications for the new MA in Leadership Studies beginning January 2016. This new online program presents the intersection of three lenses of leadership study: a global perspective, an organizational understanding, and mindful awareness. Students in this program will have training in all of these concepts, and will also have the opportunity to take their interest many steps deeper within one of these three areas of concentration:

  • Global Leadership
  • Organization Leadership
  • and Mindful Leadership

The MA in Leadership program was meticulously designed with the intention of providing a tangible degree infused with the founding principles of Atlantic University: mainstream study meets spiritual intelligence. For more information contact us at info@atlanticuniv.edu or 800.428.1512

And the deadline for applications for Fall 2015 is fast approaching. Again, for more information contact us at info@atlanticuniv.edu or 800.428.1512

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage is currently accepting applications for our next program starting on September 28, 2015 – any students who start the program in September will receive a $500.00 tuition discount. Visit our website: www.caycereilly.edu to apply online today.

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Yoga Teacher Training Program. The 200-hour program will start in January 2016 and complete in December – training classes will be held one weekend per month at our beautiful oceanfront campus where attendees will enjoy learning the art and science of yoga practice as well as the holistic health concepts found in the Cayce readings. Please visit our website for more details coming soon and to reserve your spot in this inaugural training!

Our Continuing Education program continues to thrive, with a number of new courses available to the general public. Please click the link: www.caycereilly.edu for more information. And Come visit our Student Clinic to receive the unique Cayce/Reilly massage technique at a reduced price – call 757-457-7146 to schedule your appointment.

A.R.E. online courses are designed to allow the participant to focus on your spiritual growth and personal enrichment from the comfort of home. With 24/7 access to all lesson material, staying connected to a network of like-minded seekers is easy and convenient. Upcoming courses for the summer are:

The Keys to Balancing Your Life Using Astrology as Your Guide, July 22 – August 18, 2015
Mentored by Raye Mathis
Price: $119

Enlighten Our Minds Using Kabbalah, July 19 – August 25, 2015
Mentored by John Van Auken
Price: $119

To learn more and register visit www.EdgarCayce.org/eGroups, or call 800.333.4499.

3,000th LIFE MEMBER!!
Congratulations to Carter and Teza Lord who recently became A.R.E.’s 3,000th Life Members! Look for a news story about the Lord family’s involvement with the Work in the October/November/December issue of Venture Inward magazine. If you’re considering Life Membership, visit EdgarCayce.org/life to save $250 and receive the Official Edgar Cayce Readings on DVD-Rom as a gift.

A couple of months ago, we told you that Board members Don Carroll and Lora Little had pledged support for A.R.E.’s A Search for God Study Groups by funding a new, part-time position. We are pleased to welcome, Leigh Hronek, Spiritual Growth Groups Associate, who will be the primary contact with existing A Search For God/Spiritual Growth Groups and regional volunteers. She will also focus on developing communication with new groups and encouraging members to join or start a group in their local area. For more information, call 800-333-4499 x7190, e-mail, study@edgarcayce.org , or visit EdgarCayce.org/studygroups.

True Tales from the Edgar Cayce ArchivesNEW TRUE TALES FROM THE EDGAR CAYCE ARCHIVES
The long-awaited new title from Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick is finally in stock! The Kirkpatricks take us on a fascinating journey into the archives of the Cayce readings, finding the most interesting case studies and exploring the incredible and astounding results of the Cayce work in so many people's lives. http://www.arecatalog.com/ProductCatalog/Product/7321/True-Tales-from-the-Edgar-Cayce-Archives

Advanced Hypnosis 2015

Limited spaces are still available for Headquarters Conferences new hypnosis training certification Advanced Hypnosis Techniques Certification: Creating Lasting Change, August 14-16, featuring Psychologist and Master Hypnotherapist Dr. Jason Parker. This intensive training is specially designed to increase the depth and effectiveness of your hypnosis sessions and improve client outcomes, focusing on "The Big Three"concerns most that commonly cause people to seek hypnosis as a therapy: smoking cessation, weight control, and stress reduction. This course is also a perfect "refresher" for current hypnotherapists who want to brush up on the latest techniques.

HQ-sponsored Field Programs has added a new speaker to their roster with a life-changing program debuting at A.R.E,’s Houston Center on September 19. Patrick Belisle brings a full-day workshop dedicated to helping you create a more fulfilling future with Mind Is the Builder: Creating the Life You Want Using Wisdom from Edgar Cayce. Look for this uplifting and experiential program coming to a city near you!

Special thanks go out to James Tyberonn for his vision, sincerity, and passion promoting Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. at the Earth-Keeper 2015 Star-Gate conference in Denver, Colorado. As the hosting spokesman of the four-day event, his focus on the importance of membership to A.R.E. resulted in the sale of 175 memberships! The inspiration of presenters Charles Thomas Cayce and John Van Auken; the enthusiasm of Pat Belisle; and the hours of support provided by Darlene Bodnar and the A.R.E. Rocky Mountain Region team at the event were also appreciated. The promotion of A.R.E. membership will continue with the next Earth-Keeper 'Crystal Vortex' Arkansas Gathering in November.

During months of April, May and June combined, new clients to the spa outnumbered existing clients for the first time in almost 20 years. New clients increased by one-third over those same months in 2014. Is it the new energy of transformation the A.R.E. has undergone in the past several years? Yes, we surely believe so!

The Health Center & Spa enjoyed a wonderful group of 10 people for the June Wellness Retreat this year. With age ranges between 20 and 79, and traveling from Alaska, Mexico and other points in the US, this group formed a beautiful, harmonious, joyful whole during this life-changing body/mind/spirit residential retreat program that the Spa is so proud and happy to provide. Go to http://www.arehealth.org/#!wellness-week/c4mb to find out more Wellness Weeks.

Wellness week Blog 07 2015

The featured July Special in the Spa is the Cayce Classic Facial for the Back, with $10 off the regular price. Clients with summertime skin issues on their backs have requested it, and we’re happy to provide! Our back facial procedure includes hot towels, herbal cleanser, Aztec clay mask, toning, moisturizing, and misting. While the mask is drying, your feet are gently massaged. The entire procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and is very soothing. You’ll find these classic facials a relaxing and restorative value to your body temple! Book an appointment online by clicking the “Schedule an Appointment” link in the upper right of www.AREHealth.org or call 757-457-7202.

Canada Tour 2015

A.R.E. 2015 TOURS

  • LAST CALL for Old Quebec and Montreal – Led by Patrick and Jane Belisle, August 10-16, 2015. Sacré bleu! Did you know that Quebec City was ranked as the 6th best destination in the world by Conde Nast travelers a couple of years ago? Ahead of its cousin Paris, France! No jet lag, just lots of fun and fellowship to be had!
  • China and Tibet – Led by John Van Auken, September 15-28, 2015. Walk the back of the dragon on the Great Wall of China…feel the peace and serenity of that past life as a Tibetan monk… This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is filling up very quickly, so get a move on and save your space!
  • New Mexico and Mesa Verde – Led by Don Carroll, October 24-31, 2015. Join us as we “walk the good red road” and tune into the sacred energies of Mother Earth in a land that long been an area of pilgrimage by those seeking the wisdom of the Native American cultures.


  • Cuba, the “Return to Atlantis” Tour– Led by John Van Auken, February 13 – 21, 2016.
  • Peru and Bolivia, Where Heaven Meets Earth - Led by Peter Woodbury with Andean Shaman, Juan de Dios Kucho, May 11 – 22, 2016, with optional extension to see and experience the Nazca Lines!
  • Ireland – Led by John Van Auken, July 10 - 24 2016!
  • PLUS… IN THE WORKS: Greece – Led by Charles Thomas Cayce, Fall of 2016!

If you would like additional information about any of our travel programs, contact our Travel Programs Administrator, Cheryl Bernath, at tours@edgarcayce.org or by phone at 1-888-273-3339!

Donate by July 31 to have your name or the name of an A.R.E. Woman you would like to celebrate included in our November Year-End Newsletter. Hazel Zachar and June Bro would really love for you to join them in celebrating the Women of the A.R.E. by making a donation in honor of any A.R.E. Woman of your choosing. Make your donation today: https://commerce.solutrix.com/are/aresecure/donate2011.asp

  • $10+ June Bro level
  • $100+ Hazel’s Friends
  • $1,000+ Unsung Hero level (for all the A.R.E. women you have known)
  • $10,000+ Gladys Davis and Gertrude Cayce level (they always cooperated for the good of the A.R.E., so they’re doing the same here)

Thank you for your prayers, generosity and ongoing support for this great Work!

Kevin J. Todeschi
Executive Director and CEO

A Search for God: Lasting Connections

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A Search for God: Lasting Connections
Deirdre Aragon


 In our growth in the group we will find that we have a new and broader hope in the meaningfulness of life.

Herbert Bruce Puryear, PhD
Covenant Lesson XI: A Search for God: A Spiritual Growth in Small Groups

I was first introduced to the A Search for God Study Group program in the late 1980s. My family had relocated to Kansas City and my mother joined one of the local groups. Since that time I have participated in more than seven study groups across the country. Each group was unique and the members have impacted my life throughout the years.

a search for god- little girlMy first study group quickly developed into a family. I learned to meditate, interpret dreams, and most importantly, I became fully involved with the work of the A.R.E.

This group was unusual; we participated in one another's daily lives. One of the members even looked after me one summer. I learned about the Cayce Diet, an array of health remedies, and I even had my first mummy food (it was prepackaged and not very good).

Over the years we spent holidays together, traveled together, and supported one another through life's turmoils. It was hard to leave this group. I was only 12 years old, and they were my family. I was old enough to know that each study group would be different and I would never find another quite like it.

open bookAfter settling into our new home in New England, we located another group. As I expected, it was different. This group met on Friday evenings and each meeting ended with coffee and pastries. Although we were not in each other's lives on a daily basis, each Friday we stayed up late discussing the readings and learning how to better apply the teachings in our lives.

In less than three years, we had quite a few people come and go in this group. It attracted souls in search of answers to very specific questions or personal dilemmas. One person longed to hear voices, another was looking to practice astral-projection and another was seeking help with psychic premonitions.


“For these brought helpful experiences to many, and these activities may be applied in the present in the building of cooperation.” (3639-1)

egypt sunsetRegardless of the visitors and transient people, there were a few core members. Personally, I met an “old friend” in this group—we had been together before and were fortunate to meet again. I received insights into my past lives in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. I made a soul connection in this group that I will never forget.

One of my most interesting experiences has to do with a group member who was diagnosed with breast cancer. This woman refused standard medical treatment and opted for alternative therapies. green feather graphicI watched her slowly die for months. I did not agree with her choice, but I respected her decision.

Some months after attending the funeral, I was in a local used-books shop in search of out-of-print A.R.E. books when something caught my eye. There was a note, in pencil, inside a book. It was my deceased friend's handwriting! Apparently her family donated all of her books after her passing. I purchased as many of her books as I could locate. I've been carrying my friend's notes for more than 10 years now. These books are some of my most valued treasures.

According to the readings, souls tend to reincarnate repeatedly in groups. Generally, when a group of people come together, they have been together before. The group may be working on unfinished business, or they sought each other out for another reason. Regardless of the intention, groups form to teach and to learn.


“And when these things are manifested in the mind and the hearts of the individuals of such a group, yea the world will feel the vibrations, yea the glory of the coming of the Lord.” (5758-1)

spiritual handsI have good memories and sad memories of the study groups throughout my life. I met my children's godparents through a group. I am still in touch with members who were there when I graduated high school. Some of these dear friends have made their transitions and others I have never heard from again.


These study groups provided much more than spiritual material—some became family, and others are just plain unforgettable. I am grateful to have had these experiences in my life. The lessons I learned from each group member are invaluable. I look forward to the study groups to come.


“From the beginning our souls have tended to travel together in groups, and the very act of traveling together for such long periods creates forces of attraction that help to maintain and build on these group relationships.”
John Van Auken
Past Lives & Present Relationships
Learn more about Study Groups or find one near you.

Deirdre Aragon Deirdre L. Aragon is a Laguna Pueblo Indian, who spent the early years of her life on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico. Her paternal grandmother and aunt, who were tribal healers, taught Deirdre the wisdom and teachings of her tribe. She was raised in a home where metaphysical principles and holistic healing were accepted and practiced as a way of life. During a near death experience when she was ten years old, Deirdre was given the “mark of the shaman” from the Spirit World. Accepting her abilities, Deirdre has designed several healing techniques based on her personal experiences and knowledge gained through various sources and is an active speaker. She participated in A.R.E. Search for God Study Groups since she was a child and she is currently working with the Edgar Cayce Oahu Team. Deirdre currently resides in Oahu with her family. You'll find her website Noble Minds, a companion on the path of enlightenment, online at Noblemindsllc.com.


Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. blog offers opinion pieces from contributors with a wide variety of backgrounds. These opinions are valued and create points of discussion. Opinions expressed in our blog may not necessarily represent the opinion of A.R.E.