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Dealing with Grief, Death, and Loss with the Edgar Cayce Readings

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Dealing with Grief, Death, and Loss
with the Edgar Cayce Readings
By Jacqueline S. Foreman

dead treeDeath. It is a topic that most try their best to avoid. They may feel that talking about it may bring it into their lives or that speaking about dying is disrespectful somehow. But pioneers like Henry Reed, PhD; PMH Atwater; Raymond Moody, MD; and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD not only spoke of death—they studied it for most of their adult lives. Raymond Moody coined the term NDE or Near-Death Experience in 1975 and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross created the five stages of grief that have become such a part of us now. Another person who did not fear death was Edgar Cayce and at times he gave readings to bereaved family members about their loved ones who crossed over. Here is an example:

"Yes, we have those circumstances and conditions attending the separation of the body and soul of [1408]. In giving that as would be helpful and constructive in the experience of each member of this family: As has been so aptly said, her life, her work, her love, is an example of Christian faith and fortitude. Hence for those that wait: It would be selfish to wish or desire conditions to be different. For in His wisdom He hath seen fit to leave—in the love as was manifested in the life—an example for each; in patience, in courage, in forbearance; in keeping a watchful, careful attention on the lives of each of the family. The body was so tired from the cares of the material world that the physical reactions were in the heart; that had been so ready to open itself to the needs of each, not only of the family but to all that knew, that even were acquainted with the body."
(Edgar Cayce Reading 1408-2)

This person is relaying to their family through Edgar Cayce that it was just her time to go, that her body had grown weak. It was not out of a lack of love for the family or a lack of concern. In fact, the concern was still there as she was "keeping a watchful, careful attention on the lives of each of the family."

This example demonstrates the following; first, Edgar Cayce was able to communicate with this spirit for the reading after her physical death. Second, it was important for the spirit to set her family at ease and to tell them they still were able to know what was going on. Finally, it shows that there is an existence, a life, a something after we leave this world.

Many people think you die and that is it, but what Edgar Cayce knew, what all of the other aforementioned researchers knew and still know, is that there is an existence after this life here on Earth. We might not know exactly what that is but we have seen glimpses thanks to the documented stories of Near-Death Experiences. Some are radiant, pleasant journeys; others are scary, hell-filled terrors. All leave the individual changed for life. Mr. Cayce summed it up beautifully in reading 1408-2:

"And may the blessings of the Father, through the love as shown in the Christ, guide each of you. Through the vicissitudes of life, through all the shadows, through all the disappointments, through all the sorrows, know He is near—and will hold thee by the hand. We are through."

Jacqueline Forman - blogJacqueline Foreman has been a member of the A.R E. for 18 years. She is a paranormal investigator, published author, genealogist, certified life coach, photo journalist, and talk show host. After working for a major corporation in New York City as VP of Public Relations, Marketing Communications, and Human Resources, at the age of 36, she decided to focus all her efforts on her first loves: genealogical research, paranormal research, parapsychology, psychology, and helping those in need with her talk show Your Mental Health Talk Radio, which airs weekly at 5 p.m. (ET) online at Blogtalkradio.com/yourmentalhealth. You can also listen to or download her show free on iTunes by typing the name Jacqueline Foreman into the store's search feature. In 2012, she will finish her BS degree in Forensic Science and Criminalistics.

Dr. Zahi Hawass Fired! Oops, He's Rehired—Again!

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Dr. Zahi Hawass Fired! Oops, He's Rehired—Again!
By John Van Auken

Zahi Hawass GizaYou and I take our democracy for granted, forgetting just how difficult it is to build and run this people-based form of government. But Egypt is just learning about how hard it is to govern by and for the people, and their many differing demands.


Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf fired Dr. Zahi Hawass as Minister of Antiquities on Sunday, July 17th, along with 14 other ministers, all of whom were considered to be too closely associated with the old Mubarak regime. Saraf was under pressure by the young protesters to remove these remnants of the old dictatorship. However, Hawass is not an easy guy to replace.

Sharaf's replacement for Hawass turned out to be unqualified for the job. Abdel Fatah al-Banna is not an archaeologist! Egyptian archaeologists complained that a "restorationist" cannot oversee archaeologists! Al-Banna withdrew his nomination on Monday, and the Prime Minister was forced to ask Zahi to return to work!

However, Hawass's future remains in doubt. The question is, can the Egyptian people forgive Hawass's relationship to Mubarak and the old ways?

A.R.E. has every intention of continuing its research in Egypt following the guidance in the Edgar Cayce readings and evidence discovered through nearly 50 years of searching for the hidden Hall of Records.

Zahi assures us that he is coming to our Ancient Mysteries Conference this October at A.R.E. Headquarters no matter what the situation is in Egypt. We are happy to hear that.



Update 7/25/11: Dr. Hawass said, "I am retiring to focus on my own work, as a scholar and a writer," adding he is looking forward to "living quietly as a private person, away from politics."

John Van Auken 72x91 2013John Van Auken, a director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, is an acknowledged expert on the Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient prophecies, world religions, meditation, and ancient Egypt. John conducts seminars in the U.S. and abroad, and is a tour guide to the many sacred sites around the world with A.R.E. Travel. He is the author of numerous books, including Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah, Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and From Karma to Grace. He will be presenting at several upcoming Virginia Beach Conferences including the Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference: Searching for the Ancient Records: Closer Than Ever Before from October 6-9 featuring Dr. Hawass.

Aura Charts

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Aura Charts and the Cayce Readings


Aura charts were given by Edgar Cayce as a tool to help individuals draw on past success and overcome obstacles in their lifetimes. They represent the past lives of the individual and include images of their journey on earth. Edgar Cayce gave over 40 aura charts readings for individuals.


Reading 5746-1 explains the symbols and colors used in the aura chart:

As we have given, an aura chart is the attempt to interpret the material experiences of individuals in their journeys through the earth; indicating, pictorially, as to that place in the earth of the individual activity, and—upon either the right or the left—the sources from which the entity came into activity in the earthly or material consciousness. About same is symbolized, in the signs of the zodiac, as to that portion of body which was stressed through that particular period of activity.

By color certain activities are also symbolized—for instance, black indicates the whole combination of all. For, to material interpretation, white is the absence of color, black is the combination of them all.

The dark blue indicates awakening; purple, healing; white, purity; gold, attaining. All of these and their varied shades indicate the activity; this applying to the stars as well as the sun or moon.

The sun indicates strength and life, while the moon indicates change—and in one direction indicating the singleness of that activity through an individual experience—the variations being indicated by the variations in the color.

Star—the white, purity; the five-pointed, the whole senses of man indicated as attained to activity—the colors showing the variation; the forms of six, seven or eight pointed indicating the attainments, - as do the seven stars in a figure indicate the attaining to the seven particular centers in the body.

As for the whole chart—the interpretation is more up to the artist—as to its beauty.


Edgar Cayce gave his own aura chart which was drawn by Esther Wynne (pictured). The lower images are drawn from Mr. Cayce's past lives on earth and the top section of his chart indicates what he could attain:

In the top put the all-seeing eye, the singleness—the eye—this rather large but balanced with the rest of the design or chart. The clouds would be about same in pink or purple, the blue and green—all indicated in the lights as from the cloud; with the cross, and this leaning just a bit towards the right. Here, under same, put the small white star. In the edge of the clouds, extending below the eye, put the gold eight-pointed star.

Members can read the complete details of the chart from Reading 294-206 in the member section.

My Spiritual Emergence

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My Spiritual Emergence
by Gordon Yumibe

“For all those who have or are suffering silently.”

There’s been a chapter in my life that I have kept hidden; it concerns my own mental health issues. I’ve wrestled with sharing this, asked for guidance many times over, and synchronistically received answers including a recent article published in the New York Times by Marsha M. Linehan, about her personal issues with mental health. I decided to share this in the hope of helping others.

When I was 35 years old, I suffered a month-long psychotic episode. There was no hint of what was to follow. I had been devoted to a spiritual path for 10 years. I had graduated from college with a degree in psychology and even worked on the psychiatric floors of a hospital.

Into the Light It was an acute episode: I remember going to a restaurant to talk to my employer, and as I walked out, everything changed. It was an uncomfortable, frightening world that I would inhabit for the next month. I seemed normal on the outside, yet on the inside everything had an intense Alice in Wonderland feeling. The lights chased me around the city at night and alien entities pursued me to inhabit my body. I took all of my savings and fled on a journey that took me from Washington down the coast to California. The people around me didn’t see this internal turmoil or know about my visions at night. Eventually, the energy which had propelled this episode started dissipating and I started feeling my life force ebbing away. Through a fortunate turn of events, I was admitted to a hospital in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to find medication to end this bizarre phase and I quickly regained my normal senses, but I was emotionally drained.

Edgar Cayce talks about health as a cooperative balance between all spheres of mankind’s existence. The mind, body, spirit, and soul all have to create a mutually balanced cooperative approach if inner health and equilibrium are to be achieved. All it takes is for one’s health start to slip before one begins to realize how fragile our physical existence really, truly is.

Over the next year, I began to feel grounded and returned to work. The fears of another episode seemed like a distant memory. There were some lingering effects including enhancement of my own psychic ability as I began to know what other people were thinking. I also worried that people would never take me seriously again. You know.... “the crazy one.”

Twenty years after the episode, several courses at Atlantic University were instrumental to my understanding. The course “Mysticism and Mental Health” helped me put another face on mental illness. Kay Redfield Jamison’s book, Touched with Fire, talked about some of our most noted writers and poets flirting with their own mental health issues throughout their most creative periods. There seems to be a link between high levels of creativity and episodic periods of mania. Christina and Stanislav Grof, MD explored the idea of a “spiritual crisis,” as emerging spirituality causes disruption to mental health equilibrium.

This concept fit with Laren M. Prato’s From the Inside-Out: Shattering the Mental Illness Myth about her time in a mental hospital and the lack of understanding from mental health professionals as to the true causes of some of these issues. The appendix at the end of her book outlined a new diagnostic category in the DSM-lV (the manual used by mental health professionals) called “Religious or Spiritual Problem.” This is a lasting legacy, possibly started with the the Grofs’ lifetime of work to re-educate mental health professionals about the very nature of this classification.

In the AU course “Transformational Astrology,” I was introduced to Jeffrey Wolf Green’s book Pluto, the Soul’s Evolution through Relationships, Vol. I, which touches upon some of the transformational aspects of this potent planet. I discovered that Pluto was in my Eleventh House between 1980 and ‘88 when I was in my 30s. It also opposed several of the planets in my chart, which may have been the catalyst for my spiritual crisis. According to Mr. Green, individuals with Pluto in the Eleventh House (house of Aquarius) are learning to break free of social structure and often find new methods of self-discovery.

A few years ago, I attended a lecture by Mirabai Starr titled “Spiritual Crisis/Emergence” in Portland. One of the program attendees strongly voiced skepticism about whether or not it was real. I remember publicly defending the validity of her work. That night, I dreamt of being incarcerated in a previous life because others thought that I had become too “otherworldly.” I realized that I am no longer afraid of what others think about me. That fear is gone.

Now, almost 30 years later, I have become grateful for that fearsome experience. For those of us who are more able to live and experience other dimensions daily, this may just represent the evolution of inner life. I am no longer living in a world just defined by time and space. This may represent a portal to help others evolve and know their own spiritual souls and the creative forces that link all of us with our Creator.

Gordon YumibeGordon Yumibe is a lifelong seeker with an interest in Jungian, Gnostic, and Edgar Cayce material. While he is a professional gardener by trade, he also has a psychology degree. In 2009, he received a Spiritual Mentoring Certificate from Atlantic University. You can find Gordon on Facebook.

2012: A Movie, A Miracle, and Me by Pam Bro

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2012: A Movie, A Miracle, and Me
by Pamela Anne Bro, PhD

Did you ever see yourself in the motion picture business? I never did. (Well, as a child, I used to pray, "Our Father, who are in heaven, Hollywood be thy name," but that doesn't really count.) Yet here I am, facing 2012, a movie, and a miracle. Let me tell you my story.

White Buffalo 2012In 1943, my grandmother, Margueritte Harmon Bro, wrote an article for Coronet magazine titled "Miracle Man of Virginia Beach," and spread news about Cayce around the country (members can read the original article in the online member-only section). Next, Mom and Dad, 23 years old, moved to the Beach and worked with the Cayces for nearly a year. They each received a reading. Their lives were changed forever. (If you'd like to know more of their fascinating story, read Harmon Bro's Seer Out of Season, recently re-issued by A.R.E. Press.)

At 16, I found and devoured There Is a River. Here were the answers to my question of how a good God could allow evil and suffering in the world. Cayce's readings testified that God was a loving God after all, giving us free will and lifetime after lifetime to grow to love God, self, and neighbor, and to come to know ourselves to be our unique selves yet one with all creation. We are co-creators and companions of the Divine!

In 1981, I became the 6th generation pastor in my family. I pastored a church for seven years, and then headed off to get my PhD. in women's studies. But God had other plans, for I ended up getting my doctorate in theology and anthropology. I eagerly headed off to the Lakota (Sioux) reservations in South Dakota to do my field work and practice mission-as-reconciliation: rather than destroying their culture and their dreams, we respectfully listen to the people and learn from them.

I loved the friendly people, the haunting flute music, the colorful powwows, the windswept prairie grasses. I sweated and prayed with the Holy Women in sweat lodges. I felt myself slowly transforming, becoming more conscious of my place in the web of life with Brother Eagle and Sister Mouse. I heard time and again the sacred story of White Buffalo Calf Woman who, centuries ago, gave to her nation many things. But most valuable was her gift of the sacred peace pipe, used to resolve conflicts in the tribe. And her promise—that when a white buffalo calf is born, the Fifth or Rainbow Race will appear, ushering in a time of peace and harmony—both personal and planetary transformation.

Then in 1994, a white buffalo calf, named "Miracle," was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. Was White Buffalo Calf Woman's prophecy coming true, I wondered? I yearned to find out.

WhiteBuffaloBut life took me far away from Indian country to the East coast and Yale University to preach and teach.

Later, back at Virginia Beach, the cradle of Cayce's community, I started Living Waters, a church embracing the Cayce world view, centered in Christ and committed to building understanding between different cultures and spiritual traditions. I often preach on tribal rituals, wisdom and prayers. This eases some of my longing to be with my Lakota brothers and sisters whom I'm sure I've known in centuries past.

In 2005, I lectured at the same A.R.E. program as Deepak Chopra. I was rising like a shooting star! But my star crashed back to Earth with a painful divorce and a near-deadly bout with breast cancer. I was devastated. Had God no further use for me?

Fast forward. A few months ago, I headed out to a gathering of local healers. Arriving late, I noticed that out of twenty chairs in a circle, only one was vacant. I took it. I was amazed to learn that right next to me sat Ethan Marten, director of the film project, White Buffalo: An American Prophecy. With his three brothers, his mission is to interview Native elders in both Americas to document the ancient prophecies now being fulfilled, in hopes of helping to bring the races together and heal our Mother Earth.

Since that initial meeting, several more white calves have been born and 2012 is fast approaching. Now I find myself swept up with the spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman, accompanying these four visionary filmmakers, whom I've surely worked with in past lives, to fulfill their sacred mission.

In my next blog, I'll share what our plans are for the South Dakota segment. (As a sneak preview, we've been invited to sit and consult with Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Pipe for the Lakota Nation.)

Until then, along with the brothers Marten, I'll be burning the midnight sage in eager preparation for the movie and some new miracle! Mitakuye oyasin, "All my relatives."

Dr Pamela BroPamela Anne Bro, PhD, is spiritual counselor for the A.R.E. Health Center & Day Spa, founder and pastor of Living Waters, (livingwaterssanctuary.org), author of WomanQuest: A Trail Guide to Life (womanquest.org) and anthropology consultant and "gopher" for film crew, WhiteBuffalomovie.com and facebook.com/whitebuffalomovie.


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